“Changeling”: Learn More About It

November 29, 2008 at 1:18 pm (Uncategorized)

For those interested in learning more about the case that “Changeling” is based on:

1) A newly published book is now available, called NOTHING IS STRANGE WITH YOU: THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF GORDON STEWART NORTHCOTT, by James Jeffrey Paul. Mr. Paul conducted 15 years of extensive research for this book, which includes follow-ups on the people involved (including Sanford Clark).

If you choose to purchase Mr. Paul’s book, please use a vendor other than Amazon…Amazon dot com continues to sell (and therefore distribute) material such as magazines that promote animal fighting as a sport (dog-fighting, cock-fighting), a practice that 2 Black Cats believes is highly unethical.

2) You can view more photographs related to the case on the Los Angeles Public Library’s website. Simply follow these steps:

a) Go to http://www.lapl.org

b) Click on “Browse the Photo Collection”

c) In the “Keyword” box, type the word: “Northcott”. Leave all other boxes (fields) blank.

d) Click “Search” (or hit “Return”/”Enter”)

e) Results should appear quickly; there will be 121 records. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image; click on the link identifying the photo to read a more detailed description.
**Warning: Some photos contain material that you may find highly disturbing. The first photo on the results page contains such material. Don’t go there if you think you can’t handle it.**

3) J. Michael Straczynski (screenwriter of “Changeling”) is writing a book based on his extensive research of Christine Collins’ case that he conducted for the film. I believe it will be coming out in February of 2009, so be on the lookout for it!

Keywords: Christine Collins, Walter Collins, Changeling movie, true story, 1928, LAPD, Gordon Northcott, Wineville murders, murder, Angelina Jolie, Clint Eastwood, book, photograph, information, research, Los Angeles, crime, kidnap, child murderer


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