The Real Christine Collins (subject of the film “Changeling”)

October 25, 2008 at 7:51 pm (Uncategorized)

I decided to resurrect my blog in light of the opening of Clint Eastwood’s film, “Changeling”, because I am deeply disappointed by what I’ve read in the reviews.

The other day, the Los Angeles Times printed an article telling the true story of Christine Collins’ case. The following was mentioned in the second paragraph, in describing her:

“[Christine Collins] was also a professional woman who worked at the telephone company and apparently prided herself on maintaining a nonemotional, businesslike manner when dealing with men in authority.”

The full L.A. Times story can be found here.

I did an online search and found these photos of the real Christine Collins (from the L.A. Public Library Archives):

The L.A. Times story includes a clip from “Changeling”. After seeing this clip and others, I am disgusted. It seems to me that Christine Collins was a woman of professionalism and dignity, yet she is being portrayed in this film as a hysterical, screaming and crying drama-queen by Angelina Jolie. How dare Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie dishonor the memory of this strong and brave woman!

Christine Collins made a positive difference; she was an unlikely pioneer. One of the final outcomes of her suing the City of Los Angeles was the California State Legislature passing a law that requires law enforcement to have a warrant before a person can be incarcerated in a (lock up) psychiatric ward/facility. Because of Christine Collins, the cops can’t simply decide they don’t like your attitude and have you locked up in a psych ward to make you go away (and discredit you). 

A few important points of correction (of factual errors in both the film AND reviews):

1) The Collins case was not “Depression-Era”; Walter Collins went missing (and a different boy “returned” to his mother) in 1928. The “Depression Era” was the 1930’s (the crash was in 1929).

2) Christine Collins was not “working class”; she was “middle class”. She did very well for herself.

3) At the time of Walter’s disappearance, Ms. Collins’ ex-husband was in jail for his involvement in running a speak-easy.

4) When the police “returned” a boy to Ms. Collins that was not Walter, she said, “I do not think that is my son”. The police responded by telling Ms. Collins that, because of the months-long trauma that she had endured, her memory was likely failing her. This is a very important point. Christine Collins was not some weak, damsel-in-distress submissive female who allowed herself to be convinced by the police that the boy looked different because he had been “starving” (as she is portrayed in the film); rather, the police sadistically took advantage of her vulnerable state of mind. Any person who has been through psychological trauma–male or female–is vulnerable to manipulation by those in positions of authority. The point of the “Try him out” suggestion to Ms. Collins was that she would take the boy home and later, when the trauma and shock “wore off”, she would “remember” the boy as being her son. 

On a final note, here is a photo of Christine Collins’ son, Walter. Ms. Collins submitted this photo to the LAPD with the attached note (seen in lower left corner) in explaining how the boy they brought to her was not her son Walter:

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  1. A Reader said,

    I just wanted to let you know that the problems you cite are in the reviews, not the film. I saw it the other day, and

    1) It clearly states that it’s set in 1928, before the Depression,

    2) There are only a handful of scenes where Christine really loses it, the rest of the time she’s steely and determined and not hysterical,

    3) She is definitely shown as middle class, a supervisor at the phone company who is on her way up

    4) The point about her memory is also made in the film.

    You should be careful not to infer from badly written reviews that something is true in the film itself. In this case, it isn’t, four out of four. See it for yourself.

    • T said,

      I agree with your observations. The film was dated prior to the Depression. I too agree that AJ did a great performance and did not seem weak as much as normal frustration the real Christine Collins must have felt. As one who works greatly with State and local policy it is a wonderful experience to see that Film makers like Clint Eastwood dip into history to remind us of the strength of women and what they endured to give a voice to the populations like blacks, and women that were often silent by a legacy of oppression and corruption. If we can look past the lips and see into the story AJ and Clint Eastwood gave a voice to the past that many women today have forgotten about. Thank you for your insights and understanding of the film.

      • Swnsasy said,

        This movie depicted all that she was in person and her strong point of being as well as everything the writer of this blog said that it didnt. I am in law and I did not hear about this case and then I watched the movie and then read things so that I could see what other things may have been left out and the only thing was the “Mother” who was involved but what I saw is a strong woman and I know I am strong and trust me I break down and do cry as she did and as any strong female would she isnt some fake superman she is still strong. They made mention of how much money she made and you could see that from her being a single mother and living in the large home she did. Some people need to look at things before they get upset because I see NOTHING at all that the writer of this blog saw and I agree with those that replied to it.

      • cherbie75 said,

        i loved the film and think you have not made allowances for how filmmakers work or how artistic license is sometime needed

      • jaybe said,

        To Black Cats:
        On point one: This is true but the movie and actual events occurred in1928.
        Point two: Working class can include simi- skilled hourly(especially low payed) employees.
        Point three: As the records indicate (see letters) Christine Collins’s husband was in prison for five burglaries. He died in prison.
        It is not know if Christine owned her home,rented or it was her parents house,etc.
        In the time of the movie people usually only had one or two sets of cloths. Thus they were well taken care of.

    • "Yoru!Yoru!" said,

      Hello ,
      this is to the main blogger:

      your impressions or findings of Ms. Collins don’t seem to come in conflict with the portrayal in the movie in my opinion. Year is clearly stated, Ms. Collins’ house & clothes clearly show that she’s doing ‘well’ for herself. Most importantly being emotional (esp. in a situation like this) or confused and in disbelief ,(when subjected to a manipulation by the police, the one organ of authority that she is trusting her entire investigation with) is natural. Honestly, I think Jolie and Eastwood did an amazing job conveying her struggle to show respect to the police as such but not succumb to their abuses. Keep in mind that at that time women in general did not have outlets to speak out through, they were taught to be timid and accommodating by society itself. she was a brave woman in the 20s, and certainly evolving from one who allows herself to be bullied to a determined and outspoken person is a sign of exactly that. it’s also a sign of great emotional depth and courage. i think jolie pulled it off, even though her acting, her faces, her reactions were pretty much the same throughout the movie. i don’ know if it’s to her credit or Eastwood’s since he is an AMAZING director. She’d fall a little,then get up, the fall more ,again get up like in real life,it’s not a drastic change from vulnerable to iron-minded. well, all this aside, i can’t believe what freaks exists in this world…

      • alan kaye said,

        I just saw the movie tonight and I was a little confused by your critique of the movie. Clint Eastwood is very good @ telling a story the way it happened. AJ was terrific and all the comments made are correct – I first stated “she must be making good money with the phone company – based on her home and dress.”
        Anyway, great movie and thanks for giving the chance to talk about such a tragic time in our history.

      • Janet said,

        I just saw this movie adn thought it very well done… and I thought how composed CC (Angelina Jolie) was and very dignified, so I am at a loss as to some of the critic for the movie with regards to the hysteria that was mentioned as being over the top. I thought it was well done, and showed Ms Collins to be a well mannered lady who was way to calm in such dire circumstances. Great directing….. one critique if you will, they never showed her follow up with the lady she told her son would come by and check on him…

    • Brenda said,

      Exactly how I saw it also. The movie was dead on.

      • Brandy said,

        Ok everyone we all kow AJ has big lips, that’s her. There was no distraction from the movie and honestly they made her look horrible in this movie and she did look like somebody from the late 1920’s. She played that part very well.

      • Jessie said,

        I agree. Eastwood and the entire cast did an excellent job on this movie. Wish there were more like it. Such a tragedy though.

    • lydia williams said,

      The simple fact that christine collins was raised in an era when women were to defer to mens judgement, bow their heads, and remain meek and mild mannered is a very important part of this movie experience. What woman, finding her child missing and not knowing their whereabouts, would not occasionally break down into hysterics and tears?? However, for the better part of the movie, Angelina Jolie portrayed a woman who used everything she had inside her to fight for what she believed was right. Christine Collins wasnt a superhero……she was a mother who was told not to believe what, in her heart, she knew to be true. She was a woman who stood up fpr herself in a time when “womens rights” were far from the rage.

      • J Wyatt said,

        I have no memory of any women forced to be “meek and mild and to defer to men’s judgment”. The facts are the LA police were violent and corupt. All citizens were threatened by such condtions. You are painting the past with feminism propaganda.

        I knew husbands and wives, neighbors and family, aunts and uncles and they all treated one another with polite deference and respect. My grandmother worked her entire life at the phone company after her hus and died. she had the huge craftsman home, larger than the movies, with more children she raised herself. the women had careers, some kept house, all were strong members of community. The idea all women of the 20th century were oppressed is hollywood fiction and feminist propaganda.

        To get caught in webs of lies by people in power harms anyone, not just women. she won her lawsuit.

    • Reader said,

      I agree. If my son was missing and then I found out that he was murdered I would be just as upset as Angelina Jole gets in the movie. I can imagine the real Christine getting just as upset. When your child is missing and no one is missing and no one is doing anything about it. For get professionalism, you’d lose it too. The movie does a great job at portraying a mother’s desperation especially when the man believed to have killed him doesn’t admit it. She was strong and a fighter with a pure love for her son.

    • CB said,

      I’ve seen this movie twice, the second time being only a few hours ago. I think that Angelina Jolie did an excellent job in her portrayal of this mother who was totally mistreated in the handling of the disappearance and murder of her child, and further victimized after the LAPD tried to cover their own mistakes. This woman handled the matter with grace and dignity, but you could also see the resolve and determination she had to see that her son’s case didn’t get thrown on a drawer somewhere to be forgotten. Clint Eastwood did a fantastic job. I give the movie 2 thumbs up, and pray that I never know this kind of pain.

      • DD said,

        I couldn’t agree with you more. I finally just watched the Changeling and it was magnificient. I ended up looking up information online about the Christine and the collins case and I came across this blog. I had to read it twice, the movie the original poster comments on, is not the movie I just watched. Perhaps when they first typed this review, they only saw snippets and not the movie in it’s entirety and assumed the rest.

      • Danielle Pike (@daninz77) said,

        I totally agree, I think this blogger has it wrong. a woman can be a strong and indepedant woman, but they can still cry when their child is taken from them. Im not a fan of angelina jolie, but I think she did a pretty good job with this movie, and clint eastwood, did a good job directing it. infact the movie seems to be pretty close to what really happened in real life.

    • simply simonds said,

      I totally agree with you. This film was heartbreaking to know it really happened. Especially at a time in our history when things were “simple, carefree and trusting”. I agree with all 4 of your points.

    • gary said,

      I tend to agree with the author here who says that the issues here are not with the film but with the reviews. I have seen the film several times and the person who the owner of this site describes, a woman who is hysterical, low class….etc….siting mistakes, is off. The film clearly shows the year and the way Ms Collins lived, mddle class, not working class. I did not see Jolie become hysterical in the film, really, but she acted, I believe, as any mother would in her position. Simply because it is stated that she was professional and such does not mean the woman would be emotionless. I think the owner of site is being much too hard on Jolie and Eastwood and agree with most of the others here, that things were done appropriately.

      • mia said,

        all i can say is that god made his dastion to let gordon kill walter collins but all i can tell you is that when i get older i will surh every were to find that dear little boy.GOD BLESS THAT LITTLE BOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pnina said,

      I watched this movie last night. Nor did I find Mrs. Pitt (AJ) to protray Mrs. Collin as hysterical, weak, or affluent.
      I did see her as a hard working and deeply concerned mother.
      I, too, decided to look the information up regarding the validity of the story. I found it to be 100% accurate. I am was deeply moved for her. G-d rest her soul.

      • mia said,


    • keri said,

      yes i also agree i just watched this movie and AJ did a PHENOMINAL job she put herself into somebody else shoes entirely as i have never seen her play such a role as to keeping her composure as well as she did for such a traumatizing role. Most of the movies Ive seen her in she was very abrasive and spoke her mind I could definately tell right off the bat that she was playing a woman that held herself highly and profesionally as she did and how strong she was, I would have absolutely lost my mind if someone was trying to convince me that I already had..and tried to convince me that, a boy I should know is my son or not was and that i was dillusional!? omg..that part made me mad just watching it. just wanted to put my insight as to her actin was incredible..kudos to AJ

    • tracy said,

      I saw the movie the other day and i felt based on the time, it was shown to truth. Yes Christine was strong, But life then was what it was. Her feels, I felt were true. What else could she have done. She showed strength to the level she could based on the times. I am very appreciative of her strength and bravery.

    • Pearl said,

      yeah …. i agree …. AJ has performed so well in this movie and no where she was shown weak or helpless…. when they showed her in the Mental asylum there as well she was shown strong and firm on what she believed… the sobbing or the cries she had in the movie, was not her weaknesses …. it was a mother who did that … she acted very well and the movie is made so real …. I loved the movie and is an excellent movie…. i think they portrayed AJ as well as her child Walter …exactly as shown in the pics above…. I know I am late in watching this movie but the truth is ,.. that the movie is awesome and it really scared me to hell … wht can happen to a child….!

    • muz said,

      i agree

    • O said,

      read the blog and the reply above and have to agree with above about the movie. she was portrayed as a brave successful woman. in the movie the corrupt people are trying to make her look crazy but she was obviously not. i don’t blame her for never having stopped looking for her son. what parent would.

    • susan said,

      I agree. I think that Jolie portrayed Christine Collins as emotional as any mother would be that went through something as she did. Probably less emotional in fact. My child was taken by the state of Texas twice because he is disabled and they wanted to institutionalize him but I went to court and got him back. There was about a month where I did not know where he was and if he was alive. Believe me, I was very emotional and wanted to really lose it. I almost went and checked myself into a psychiatric hospital. The movie was great and the acting was even better.

    • said,

      I thought this was Jolie’s best performance. Now being a mother, she could feel some of what this woman must have felt. It was well written and clever. The woman in the movie was portrayed as strong and collected. But to think she did not have moments of a break when being mentally tortured while dealing with the greatest loss and pain ever is not realistic or human. I usually prefer movies that lay out all the details and horrors-otherwise I am not so into it. But this film was honest with taste and kept me glued to the television-or should I say flat screen? It was one of the better movies I have seen in a long time and my heart went out to this woman, child, and the other victims.

    • Just me said,

      You’re definitly RIGHT! The film was very nice, and I don’t love Angelina, but she did a very good job!

    • M said,

      Thank you!! That’s what I wanted to say because this article seemed to me very unfair and far away from the movie I saw!

    • Joseph Hamilton said,

      I completely agree. I can guarantee you that even if she was a hard working, steely woman, she had some hysterical moments. Anyone who loses their child is going to have some “moments.” Plus, Angelina Jolie did not act like so much of an idiot as you describe her to be. I feel, he and Clint Eastwood got the point across pretty well.

    • said,

      You took the words right out of my mouth!!!!!

    • lauren said,

      You right, i am not agree with the analysis from this blog.

    • Thomas said,

      Exactly! This writer infers that they have not seen the movie,but are judging it by reviews. It was very well made, only the part of the killers mother was left out along with a few other minor facts. Overall, an excellent presentation of the story… and quite riveting!!

    • michelle said,

      I completely agree with you, I just saw it and she was not out of control and hysterical. She was strong, determined, ready to fight and willing to do whatever to find her son

      • Chris Carbone said,

        I am disappointed that I waited so long before watching this movie. The movie was superb and Angelina Jolie did a magnificent job. It is a devastating thought that this strong woman, Christine Collins, still held onto the hope that her son might still be alive. A parent should have outlive their child, yet I can’t imagine anything worse then living every single day, until she died, not knowing or accepting the truth. Such a strong, brave, courageous woman who probably lived everyday, looking at every child, every man, living with a small glimmer of hope…tragic.

    • Erin said,

      Ohhh shuuut uuuup. You sound pretentious. Who cares.

    • Bean said,

      Excellent points. I thought the movie did a wonderful job

  2. Lassie Bone said,

    One more comment. The problem with casting AJ is that she haunts you on the screen, almost that everything seems to be about AJ and her looks, her lips, her everything so you kind of get distracted from the story.

    • ooh said,

      Nothcott was helped by his nephew, Sandford Clark, and his mother.

      • Terra said,

        but Sanford was declared innocent. He told the complete truth.

    • karen said,

      is this true, that the boy did not exist? that would explain why at the end, when that missing appeared and said walter was among them plus other boys. he said that they were coming after him, if that had been true, then someone should have asked the boy who helped the killer if they caught the other boys that escaped. if there was no boy, then sorry, mr eastwood, but that was a mistake on your part. this an iintelligent women, the police who did their job corectly and all the other supporters. why did no one ask the question of the boy t hat they had in custody. simple, did or did you not catch the boys that escaped????????????. if there was no boy, then mr eastwood should have not ended it the way it di. made that mother and everyone appear sorry “stupid” . that would be the first question to ask of the boy who was suppose to have helped this killer. either way, story either not true to the real story or it not true but made the viewers left with, well, what is that. left you with come on ask the damm question. and then at the end, it had the nerve to say this poor mother never gave up her search, well of course not , but if someone would have asked the question. i am sure that was not the case, because she was a smart women, so that leaves mr eastwood at fault here. those last scenes were, well nonsese then. why would you have scenes like that when you know that i would hope someone would question. ask the question, were the boys caught or not. if no one went after them then again why put those scenes in , no matter what it comes up short.

    • Rachel said,

      I thought just the opposite! Every movie Angelina is in she pouts her lips extra and makes herself look ridiculous but in this movie she seems so normal. The red lipstick actually downplayed the bigness of her lips and made her look perfectly old fashion! She did a great job! For the record I am not a big Angelina fan, she is a over actor

      • Kelly said,

        I am not a fan of Angelina Jolie, but I just watched the movie last night and have to admit she did a great job. As a matter of fact, the reason I am so late in watching this film is because she was in it, but I am glad I finally did watch it I found it to be entertaining and from what I have read about the case Clint Eastwood stayed true to the events that happened except for the information about Northcott’s mother/grandmother.

      • Kay said,

        No she doesn’t. You, as well as everybody else with a negative comment about her looks, are OBVIOUSLY jealous. She’s a gorgeous woman, with amazing lips that suit her face perfectly. Her talent by far surpasses her appearance, which does absolutely nothing to “take away” from any film she’s in. Shut up, and stop making females look like whiny, jealous brats who have nothing nice to say about a better looking female.

  3. Carol Roche said,

    Thank you for such an honest rendition of a bold, strong and determined woman.

    • Lindsay said,

      There was a real boy.

      And besides, even if there wasn’t… Clint Eastwood didn’t write the script. Yes, he was the director. But that doesn’t mean he can change the script entirely.

  4. Teri D'Amico said,

    This movie was worth seeing. I have to agree that it would of been a better idea to cast Ms. Collins with somebody else than AJ.

    I would see this movie again :).

    • Roxanne said,

      I just watched the movie, and as much as I like AJ, I think her beauty was a bit distracting. Someone like Maggie Gyllenhal would have suited more of a look from that time. The emotional AJ did do a fantastic acting job as always.

      • Brandy said,

        Whatever AJ was UGLY in this movie they down played her hard in this movie for this part.

    • A said,

      Im sorry to have to say that I can’t agree with you that someone else would have made a better Ms. Collins! AJ played a great part and was dead on with how women were supposed to act at the time. (if this is about her lips/ looks its seriously ridiculous)

      • Louise Kleen said,

        i would like to say that i just got done watching the changeling and loved it for all it ws worth and it even made it more chilling to find out that this sort of thing happened in our police stations it chills me to the bone. As far as AJ protraying Christine collins she was spot on aside from her lips and we all can look past all of that, She was spot on with everyting. i am a single mother of a wonderful 31/2 year old and for this to happen to her it really chills me. but at the sametime renews my faith in the people knowing that they were cheated and it really sang to me.

  5. Kathy said,

    I saw the movie last night and found it to be very moving. I did spend a lot of time looking at AJ lips, but I couldn’t imagine someone else paying that role with such conviction. She played a very gripping role. I loved the authenticity of the outfits she wore and how strong she was. I loved the fact the Clint Eastwood directed this – it was great. I’d recommend it and also go see it again. Maybe they should have had Brad Pitt play crazy Gordon. That would have been right up his alley and make for great fodder!

  6. conni said,

    I saw the movie yesterday and found it well done and very thought provoking. I did a little surfing about the cases just to fill in the info not completely covered in the movie. I wonder why the movie did not mention that Northcott’s mother was also involved? One thing I have been unable to find out was, whatever happened to nephew of Gordon Northcott, Sandord Clark,?

    I do have to agree that AJ’s lips seemed to take over the screen a lot of the time. I’ve never cared much for her as an actres but thought she did a good job with this on.

    • Swnsasy said,

      I also wondered why they did not speak of the mother but what we have to remember about movies is that they have to edit and the cost of things and if we go through and read about the mother it doesnt say much so taking her out was just cost effective I think.

    • ooh said,

      wiki Christine Collins … Clark was in a youth facility for a while but went on to lead an exemplary life.

  7. John J. Pierce said,

    As you know, there’s considerable mystery as to whatever became of the real Christine Collins. I did some research at The 1920 census shows her living with her husband (shown as Conrad, a motorman for the Pacific Electric) and young son — so the movie had it wrong about the father never having seen the son. Christine didn’t have a job then, but by 1930 she was a supervisor for the telephone company. and lived in a rooming house. There are entries for a Christine Collins on the Los Angeles voter rolls through 1954, but no listing in the state death index. (There was a Hazel Christine Collins who died in San Diego in 1987; she was born in 1893, which is about right — but in Minnesota, and our Christine was born in California; her father came from Ireland and her mother from England.)

    • jdgremsjr said,

      Christine’s husband was Walter Collins Sr. and was in prision at the time of her son’s disappearance

    • jdgremsjr said,

      and according to wikipedia she died in 1964

      • Dario said,

        “I think AJ did a good job in explaining the father’s absence. ”
        AJ is just an actress -_-U

  8. Marzan said,

    I did some research on Christine Collins as well and found that she has died in 1996 and that means she has died at the age of 96.
    I got to admitt I was also distracted by AJ’s lips a couple of times and the whole time the movie was playing, I found myself wondering, how can someone act so well…I admire her acting…really.

    • Shannon said,

      Hello. I know it’s been awhile since any of you have posted but I just watched the Changling last night when I rented it. As most of you did, I did do some of my own research. I’ve always liked movies that are based on true stories but as with most movies, there are always things that are left out or are changed for a more dramatic interpretation of events to keep the audience interested. First off, I did find out the death date of Ms. Collins. Christine Ida Dunne Collins (1891 – 8 December 1964). So she was actually anywhere from 72-73 years old when she passed. I wonder if it would ever be possible for the bones they had found at the ranch to be examined now since our technology is so much more advanced to get definite answers as to who all were actually killed. And I would also love to have a definite answer as to whether Walter actually did perish. And if he did, I wonder if his remains will ever be found. And on the subject of Angelina Jolie playing Ms. Collins. I’m undetermined as to how I feel about this. I don’t dispute that AJ did a great job at the role because I believe she did. But I do think it might have been possible to find another actress who suited the role better. I guess that is really all I have left to say.

      • dan said,

        i also just rented this movie wow it was moving im glad to have finally watched it i had no idea it was so good honestly i would have liked closure as well but nobody would have more than Ms. Collins. also i cant imagine anyone playing this better than AJ whoever was distracted from her lips also must have been distracted by the bright yellow cab among every back drop being shades of white and grey.

      • ASHLEY said,


  9. Jamie said,

    I also wanted to point out that, yes, the movie deviated slightly from the real accounts. However, if you read all of the original newspaper articles, you would most likely become very confused. I believe the writers simplified some of the movie so as not to have their audiences scratching their heads and trying to figure it all out, which would have completely ruined the movie. The movie is two and a half hours long as it is, and adding all the other details would have just made it too long, too confusing, and have taken away from the intensity of it. I absolutely loved this movie, and have already seen it twice. I have never been a fan of Angelina Jolie but I think she did an absolutely phenomenal job in this movie. In fact, I do not think they could have chosen a better person to do the job. I believe all the characters were very well casted.

  10. katie said,

    To all who brought this story to light, THANK YOU!!!!!!


  11. Sue said,

    I was mesmerized by this movie for the story, for how briliantly it was directed, for how well acted it was. I just came home, and here I am surfing the net to find out more about this woman’s story. Thank you to those who posted some of the additional details. I think AJ played the role extremely well….the character came across as strong, steely willed, but human. I was glad also that Eastwood chose to not delve too deeply into the serial killer part, that would have overly sensationalized the plot….the way the story is crafted, you see the resolve of this woman in the face of literally living through hell on Earth. It was masterfully done.

  12. Alih said,

    I just saw the movie, the only things I did not care for were AJ very dark eye shadow, when in the real picturs the real character seemed to wear NO eye shadow at all. That dark dark shadow made her look very galm and not at all like a real down to earth mother! I did NOT care for the super red lips! This was not a piece about a super sexy actress mom, it was about a regular mom, and they had PICTURES of the real person……..why make up the character to look like a wealthy movie star. That bugged me and I had to force myself to look through it. I think AJ did a good job, I think she nailed the character. Had they gone with a bit of REAL LIFE looks like C.Therone does, real life looks when they have a picture of the character, I think the movie would have been an A++. Clint E said that AJ is hurt in this busniess by having one of the most beautiful faces on earth, and I ask……WHY THEN DID HE ALLOW HER TO BE PAINTED UP TO LOOK LIKE A MOVIE STAR MOM? If they had gone with more simple makeup and a more down to earth wardrobe, he could have taken away AJ and let us JUST SEE THE REAL CHARACTER.

    • ooh said,

      I suspect AJ’s make up was accurate for the TIME. Choice of lipstick colours would have been few and red was fashionable – look at pics of the real CC above and you’ll see has dark lipstick on. For us NOW, red lips, cloche hats and a fur collar evoke sexy, smouldering etc. Look at real pics – real CC has dark (I suspect red) lips, cloche hat and fur – this would have been normal daily attire for the time.

  13. Kitty said,

    I saw the movie last night and thought AJ (who i really never was a fan of) was fantastic. I was totally mesmerized by her performance as I was the whole cast. I do admit I was distracted by th those gigantic lips which were painted a bright red!!!!

  14. Paula said,

    I saw the movie last evening and I personally thought AJ did a remarkable job and quite franklyu should be nominated for and academy as well as Eastwood. Let’s not pick at the lipstick or the lips or for that matter the wardrobe let’s concentrate on the real issue here and that is her portrayal of the character and for that she gets an A+ from me. The movie was compelling and also I think we should concentrate on just how corrupt the police were back then and do we really think a level of corruption is not there in this day? If we believe that don’t we open ourselves up for trouble again?

  15. Amanda said,

    I saw the movie last night with my mother and I found it to be a Fantastic account of the story of Walter and Christine Collins. It was brilliantly done. AJ did a remarkable job and Eastwood did also. Thanks to all who had a part in the movie and for bringing us the finished product. I have begun my own research into the story and feel that the movie was well done. I disagree with those who were so concerned with AJ’s looks instead of her portrayal of the character. They have missed the whole compelling point of the movie if all they could see was the shallow perception of AJ’s looks.

  16. jh said,

    this movie was excellent..for all who did not see it GO!!!!!!! love aj great actress!!!!!!!

  17. Jess said,

    I thought the film was beautifully done and done with grace and accuracy. I read up on the case the day after I viewed the film and everything seemed to be right on target. The film tells the timeline and I don’t think ever mentioned taking place in the depression.
    And I think Angelina Jolie did a fine job of portraiting Christine Collins. If Christine Collins was as you said she was which was a woman that was very professional and middle class, she did a fine job of making it seem just that.
    The film was touching and I wanted to read more as soon as I left the movie theatre.
    And who cares about how skinny Angelina was in the film, that had nothing to do with anything.

  18. Sonya said,

    Please tell me if there is a book relating to this true story. I have yet to see the film, but I am intrigued by the storyline.

  19. Gordana said,

    I just saw the movie, fantastic!
    A.J. did great job.
    The red coloured lips were to much red 🙂 but, ok… in that time perhaps red lips were on mode.
    I see that there are differences between the film and the real story, but that’s normal… I don’t mind.
    I was just hoping that the boy was not dead…

  20. Emma said,

    I think Naomi Watts would have delivered a far more real, touching and unselfconscious performance. She’s a phenomenal actress who is also beautiful, but you’d never catch her ‘doing’ a beautiful face, in the way that Angelina Jolie or Keira Knightley do. That’s not to say I had trouble with Angelina Jolie’s performance the whole way through, but for me it was really only pockets where she shone – like the line where she says ‘what more can they do to me?’. But more often than not, I can see her acting, rather than be involved in the character’s story. I felt there lacked enough genuine motherly warmth from her towards Walter in the beginning – apart from the scene where she carried him to bed, it just seemed as though she was acting the devoted mother – something missing. No real connection between them – and he was a lovely little actor – unassuming, unshowy. She even did the angry panting that she did in Mr & Mrs Smith – something to be avoided. Girl Interrupted she excelled in and blew Ryder off the screen, but apart from that…

    As far as the make up aspect goes – I agree. I understand that perhaps they used it as an embellishment to her determination and self-control, but it did detract. If a mother had been up all night frantically worrying about her son, the last thing she’d think to do is carefully paint her face. I was also unaware that they allowed inmates of psych wards in the 1920s eye make up… As an actor, you do actually have a say in these things. She could have said that it would be a little incongruous for her character to be wearing eye make-up in a mental institution. Ultimately, it’s the director’s call and if you turn up on set looking different to how he envisaged your character to look in that scene, the make up girls are fully equipped to alter your appearance there and then – there’s enough waiting around for tracking and lights to make no difference to the time scheduling.

    Honestly, my main problem with the film was the direction actually. I loved Million Dollar Baby and others, but I found this a little clunky in form and conventional in terms of shots and time spent labouring certain elements of the story. However, it is still worth going to see. Not least because it’s a gripping true story, but also because there are some excellent performances from the other actors – in particular, the police officer handling the Northcott farm case, Northcott’s young cousin, the boy who managed to escape the farm at the end, the Code 12 former prostitute in the asylum and Northcott himself, although there were moments where he overdid it a tiny bit. But perhaps I’m being a pedant…

  21. Katie said,

    Why is it so hard to find more about Christine Collins? When did she die? Why does it look like she vanished from the face of the earth?

  22. windy said,

    While I greatly admire your feminist views, I do not believe that the film portrayed Christine Collins as a stereotypical,hysterical, empty-headed woman at all. There were scenes where she was crying, as to be expected in her situation, but I’m of the opinion that she was portrayed as a very strong, level headed, independent woman who deeply loved her son, and was not afraid to stand up to authority. I think that all involved in this film did an outstanding job, including Angelina. By the way, I am also an adamant feminist, and I can see why you would infer such things from the previews of this movie. However after seeing the film I believe you are wrong, with all due respect. You are of course entitled to your opinion, this is only my opinion. I did enjoy your article, though.

  23. Camille said,

    The color of lips tick, the place of her cap or the dress that reflected the time period are stunning characteristics in movies to bring light to the period. But where are the reviews for the compelling reflection on how the truth is revealed and the underline corruption that was spotlighted. When I saw this movie for some reason I thought of the last 8 years. All political correctness aside, I wondered while watching the film has this happened recently, meaning a complete fabrication, the blame being laid on the wrong person, innocent people caught in the middle and mothers left without their children and hope. As they say life imitates art or the other way around…yet this movie brings a tremendous light on the apathy and insufficient nature of authority when left unchallenged. How like the lord of the rings parity, the one who holds the ring wants to possess it alone…same for power I guess. Remember the scene when the police commissioner stated that he just wanted to make this problem go away and how the mayor and everyone else for that matter just wanted to quickly make all of it go away like it was a bad dream….wow a bad dream….that was so unmistakably real… I guess fiction in some ways can make us look at our inner most fears, big lips, corruption, red lip stick….missing accountability and corruption…. Just thoughts of an overzealous or genius director..or the truth in a light that in shallow enough for us to bear. Women have been imprisoned, children have been slain and the men, they suffer fear as well and have to hide behind the pride of manhood and the fear of rejection, embarrassment and shame. While the women and the children suffer this pain for them and carry on…yes carry on … I guess. Time for a change of perspective one could say, maybe a leadership change to not only account for the hidden language of the lost but the evident leadership of women and even children. From the mouths of babes speaks truth and from the womb of women breaths life. From the seeds of men are our essence and yet we somehow never see how all three are needed. Maybe one day when we write these blogs on movies we will contemplate the true essence and message of the movie instead of the color of lipstick the main actress did not choose to wear but under contract agreed to wear because the director said so.

  24. Melanie said,

    I had to leave early and missed the epilouge .Will someone please tell me what it said. Thanks.

  25. someone said,

    hi, i just saw the film last night and AJ was at her best even though i think julia roberts will do better for this role.

  26. Victoria said,

    Quickly wanted to add that I am surprised by your comments, “…I am disgusted. It seems to me that Christine Collins was a woman of professionalism and dignity, yet she is being portrayed in this film as a hysterical, screaming and crying drama-queen by Angelina Jolie.”
    ….my impression of the movie was the exact opposite to you. I felt she was portrayed as very strong, professional and one amazing women… keep in mind this was in 1928, times were much different… plus she lost her son and was dealing with all of these issues on her own. My goodness, since when does some crying make someone seem like a drama queen.

  27. Stephanie said,

    I personally thought Angelina Jolie was the perfect choice for this role–she has that tall, skinny look that was so popular back in the twenties, as well as the fair complexion and dark hair. I really cannot see anyone else playing the role with such haunting remembrance and class.

    The real Christine Collins has been very hard to track down, and from reading on other websites, I have seen that she is mistakenly listed at Christin Collins in some places, which changes the direction people should go when looking for information on her.

    Overall, this was an amazing movie and I cannot wait to see it again. The flashback scene from Northcott’s nephew or whoever he was was disturbing.

  28. Tiffany said,

    Also I did forget to add is that the movie did seem to focus a lot more on AJ then the actual story. For instance the movie posters and covers are of her face mainly her lips rather then a scene when the movie first started of her walking with her son or anything else that could have been shown as a poster for the movie other then her lips. Overall a good movie though

  29. Bryan said,

    I hope you saw the whole movie and was not going only on reviews. If so, you may rethink your assessment once seeing the movie. The way AJ played the role seemed a good balance between what was expected of women at that time and the determination a mother would have for having her child back. After all, the real Christine Collins took this child whom she knew was not hers home for a time…for any actress, it would be a difficult task to balance an action that defies logic (taking home a child that one knows is not hers) and bringing out the obvious strength the real Christine must have had given the full outcome of the situation. Saying that, CC was not depicted by AJ as a weak, submissive woman, but as an inwardly strong woman facing a seemingly impossible obstacle. It was further obvious that the strength came from the simple love for her child. As a man, there were many times in the movie that I was surprised; because I don’t know if I would have been as level headed in this situation as it was played. Also, as a man enchanted by AJ as a woman and an actress, her beauty went unnoticed compared to her riveting and compelling performance.

  30. Claudine said,

    Who cares who played what role. I don’t judge the actors I watch movies to be entertained. But I will say Angelina did a great job because this movie touched me and I was very saddened at the story….I was really hoping Walter was found, and when he wasn’t I guess I knew why. So, so sad and thank you to the creators for sharing this very sad story.

  31. Sherida Childers said,

    Excellent, excellent film! I was very intrigued by the story and I applaud Clint Eastwood for bringing it to light; it needed to be shown. Like the others who have written, I have never been an Angelina Jolie fan, but I think she did a remarkable job protraying Christine Collins. I thinking picking her character apart is unproductive and nonsense. The story was great and I’m thrilled that I watched it and learned. If we do not learn from history, it will only repeat itself.

  32. Gabriela said,

    I just saw the movie (in Spain has just opened), and I think that Jolie is not a good choice. The story is well written, but her looks are getting odd: that enormous mouth, all in red. It distracts you all the time from the story.
    Melodrama is great in Clint’s hands, but, alas! he should had chosen Lili Taylor or another actress instead of Jolie.

  33. Julie said,

    Ok … so the little boy who confesses to the murders and tells on the adult murderer, I can’t remember names … but here goes: Nearing the end of the movie, the boy who escapes and finds his way home tells the story of how he escapes. He says that Walter helped him escaped but he never knew what happened after that. He says that the murderer and the little boy who is the accomplice go after all of them in the truck once they find out they are trying to escape. The murderer never would tell Christine Collins whether or not he really murdered Walter. So couldn’t the investigators find out from that little boy if the other boys who tried to escape made it … or NOT? Seems like after the boy who was found told his story they could’ve ask the other little boy whether the other escapees made it or not. Anybody else wonder about that from watching the movie???

    • sue said,

      Your took the words right out of my mouth, I also just finished watching the movie which incidently I thought was done really well and AJ was very good. Anyway why didn’t the police talk to the nephew again and why didn’t Christine make them. It seems that maybe all that side of it was maybe not really known. I mean wouldn’t you want to talk to the nephew, he would of had to remember about it

    • Stuart Bennett said,

      Very interesting point. The boy who showed up 5 years later said Collins helped him escape but doesn’t know what happened to him as they went their own ways. If this is true why wasn’t CLARKE (NORTHCOTTS NEPHEW) questioned about the boys who escaped. The film potrays Northcott and clarke going after the boys. Is this true or just added to the film. Very interesting point

      • Michelle said,

        I just watched the movie for the first time last night. It was very good in that it stirred all of my emotions as a mother and a woman. The fact that Northcott asked Christine to come to the prison where he would tell her if he killed her son was confusing to me. I assumed at that point in the movie they would finally go back to the nephew and ask him about that particular incident. Had the nephew come forward with that information, Northcott would not have had the opportunity to use this against the grieving mothers.

        Not sure if they could even use the nephew’s testimony given his age but, I just wish there was a natural reference to this point in the movie.

  34. Irma Geddon said,

    I have read a few blogs in which people have complained about the film’s ‘whiny’, ‘hysterical’ weak-little-woman portrayal of Christine Collins, and I have to say that nothing could be further from the truth, and in fact it’s actually quite offensive.

    Throughout the film, Jolie’s character was portrayed as dignified, strong, independent, able to express her views to men in authority forcefully and intelligently despite their refusal to listen, and even ballsy at times. Yes there are one or two scenes in which she loses it (over a period of years, no less), but given the circumstances, that isn’t portraying her as a weak person; it just means that she wasn’t portrayed as a stone-cold, heartless super-human.

    There were times in the film in which Jolie’s character was sort of crushed into silent defeat by those in authority around her – her first exchange with the head psychiatrist springs to mind – but in no way are we expected to infer from this that her character is weak. Exchanges like that are in the film to illustrate the mindset of the men Collins was up against; how they firmly believed women to be over-emotional and hysterical and much less logical than themselves, and how the men felt their positions of power and their gender put them above question.

    The film assumes that the audience is intelligent enough to know that Collins is unquestionably, undoubtably reasonable and logical in her assertions. So these scenes don’t show her as a weak hysterical woman, they show that the men in authority wielded a power that they felt should be unassailable by any woman, regardless of the logic and rightness of her case. And it shows how damaging the impact of their pig-headed, power-tripped chauvinism could be, even on strong women like Collins, and on the very community that they were charged with protecting. I think that to most viewers, Collins doesn’t look weak because of these scenes; rather the LAPD looks tyrranical.

    Just think about the scene in which Collins runs to meet her son at the train and the detective guy shrugs and sighs ‘women’. Or the scene in which the incarcerated prostitute explains that you’re damned if you try to behave sane and you’re damned if you don’t, because either way you’re just a woman and a nuisance. These scenes are in the film to make a point about Collin’s situation, one that people who think she’s portrayed as weak and hysterical clearly didn’t pick up on. It’s the point that Collins isn’t the over-emotional, whiny, unreasonable creature that the LAPD and the shrinks (and a minority of the audience, apparently) assume, in their chauvinism, her to be.

    Ths strongest of people – male or female – would break down now and again in Collin’s circumstances. The real Christine Collins no doubt had moments when the horror, injustice and oppression of the circumstances overwhelmed her. To say that Jolie’s very balanced portrayal of Collins is ‘whiny’ and ‘hysterical’ is to be enormously disrespectful to Christine Collins.

  35. Irma Geddon said,

    … Also, to respond to this: “4)When the police “returned” a boy to Ms. Collins that was not Walter, she said, “I do not think that is my son”. The police responded by telling Ms. Collins that, because of the months-long trauma that she had endured, her memory was likely failing her. This is a very important point. Christine Collins was not some weak, damsel-in-distress submissive female who allowed herself to be convinced by the police that the boy looked different because he had been “starving” (as she is portrayed in the film); rather, the police sadistically took advantage of her vulnerable state of mind. Any person who has been through psychological trauma–male or female–is vulnerable to manipulation by those in positions of authority. The point of the “Try him out” suggestion to Ms. Collins was that she would take the boy home and later, when the trauma and shock “wore off”, she would “remember” the boy as being her son.”

    …Yes the police do say that Walter Collins, as a young boy, would have changed physically due to his ordeal. But it IS also clear in the film that the police took advantage of her vulnerable state of mind – they talk about the trauma she’s been through, etc. It’s made clear from from her first meeting with ‘Walter’ onwards that Collins is not ‘convinced’ by anything the police say, but she agrees at the start with them that perhaps the trauma has had some effect on her. She is not made to look weak-willed and submissive.

  36. Jim said,

    Angelina Jolie played this role from her heart, she was amazing and so believable. I cried so much at the sins of man, I hope this film will inspire the seekers of truth to lead us to victory over the powers of evil.Mrs Collins i salute you and will keep you in my prayers. Peace.

  37. clang said,

    I watched the CHangeling just yesterday..

    i think it was one of the movies I’ve been waiting to see.I wasn’t excited before watching it because i saw the trailer and i thought it was like a 1953 film with a AJ lead role..but while watching it i became a part of the story and i keep crossing my fingers that her son is not dead nor missing..but in the end though walter is still missing what AJ said was fantastic.Hope..she gain hope that day that she could not find in those years..

    With the film i don’t know if the plot or the story is exaggerated but..if its really exactly how it was portrayed we should be amazed how strong she is..btw about the crying thing i think if she doesn’t cry in the movie..i think it wouldn’t have this feeling of regret..or sadness that the audience want to have.That’s all.Thanks for reading my comment.

    For ms.collins..

  38. Vicki said,

    I just saw the movie and it inspired me to look up the real story. I do have to say that another actress would have been a better fit as Mrs Collins. I know others on this forum have said it is silly to focus on how AJ’s lips, face etc.. distracted from the movie as that is the fault of the viewer being small minded. I disagree. A movie is supposed to draw a viewer into the story and keep him in the story. That is the job of the movie maker. I feel the movie makers failed in this as I, as a viewer, kept drifting in and out of the story – distracted by the lips, the facial close ups, the quivering tears and above all – that stupid hat. I agree with the person who said that AJ portrayed Ms Collins as being weak. I would say the movie showed her as becoming stronger throughout the movie but did not show her as being a strong woman initially. I am not kicking AJ for this – but if the goal was to show her as a strong woman it did not work. Again, that is not the fault of the viewer or the viewer’s intellect. A skilled movie maker is able to show the viewer what he wants the viewer to see regardless of the viewer’s education or background. I just don’t think AJ worked for this role most of the time.

  39. Sue Frett said,

    My friend and I went to see Changeling with a total open mind. Having seen Million Dollar Baby which was directed by Clint Eastwood we thought we may be in for something very special. We were not let down. We thought AJ played the part of Ms Collins to perfection and should be nominated for an Oscar for her performance. The story was thought provoking and we both left the cinema saying that it was probably one of the best films we had seen in 2008. We walked out of the cinema feeling so sad that people could be so unkind to each other never mind young children. AJ’s performance bought us to tears. Congratulations to Clint Eastwood for brining this story to the cinema.
    Sue -Kingston upon Thames, Surrey England.

  40. kathleen said,

    I’m watching the movie right now and thought i would take a break. Does anybody know who and what became of the boy the cop told her who was her son. He played along and must know who he really is?

    • Stuart Bennett said,

      The kid knew all along, he was playing along with it because he wanted to go to LA to see an actor or someone. He thought after his dad left him at the bar he would do this when the police turned up…or did he, at the end of the film as he is getting on the train he says that the police made him do it and say that he was her son. CAPTAIN JONES as an individual really annoyed me… in the film, played well, but type of person i could hate and dispise

      • angela s said,

        Wrong, wrong, wrong, Arthur birth mother died when he was nine years old, he then started living with his step mother, he was living on the road for a month before the police caught him, then they started asking him about Walter Collins, at first he denied, but then he went along with it because he wanted to get as far away as his step mom as possible and hoped to meet his favorite actor Tom Mix.

  41. Melissa Reyes said,

    In 1933 Arthur J. Hutchins, Jr. wrote about how and why he fooled the police, the real missing Walter’s closest friends and even Walter’s dog and cat in 1928. Hutchins’ biological mother died when he was 9 years old and he had been living with his stepmother, Violet Hutchins. He said that he had pretended to be Walter Collins to get as far away as possible from her. After living on the road for a month he arrived in DeKalb. When police brought him in, they began to ask him questions about Walter Collins. Originally, Hutchings stated that he did not know about Walter, but changed his story when he saw the potential of getting to California.

    After Hutchins confessed to the hoax, he was placed for two years in the Iowa State Training School for Boys in Eldora, Iowa. Eventually, he expressed remorse for what he had done to Christine Collins and wrote, “I know I owe an apology to Mrs. Collins and to the state of California.”

    After Arthur Hutchins became an adult, he sold concessions at carnivals and eventually made it back to California as a horse trainer and jockey. He died of a blood clot in 1954, leaving behind a wife and young daughter, Carol. According to Carol Hutchins, “My dad was full of adventure. In my mind, he could do no wrong

    • Elizabeth Finch-Howell said,

      Carol Hutchins thinks her father was ‘ full of adventure and could do no wrong’!!!!!!!!!!
      It was a terribly despicable thing for that stupid kid to do which completely stopped the search for Walter Collins. Carol Hutchins should be ashamed to even TRY to
      make that little creep some kind of hero.

  42. Melissa Reyes said,

  43. Melissa Reyes said,

  44. Sumayah said,

    I actually did think that Christine Collins (in the movie) was portrayed as being a bit weak at times. She was a major pushover at times and it made just want to get up and talk some sense into her. I know things weren’t always in her control, but she could have done a lot more (in the beginning, after her son disappeared) instead of just sitting around and only speaking to the police in the meek way she did.
    I don’t know; I personally enjoyed the movie very much, and I do understand that this happened in a completely different time (in which women weren’t exactly given the opportunity to speak up and be independent), which is why I sort of knew why Christine in the movie didn’t do more at the time.
    She wasn’t “whiny,” though, that’s for sure!! She does break down a few times in the movie but that was completely understandable.
    Otherwise, I give this movie an A-. Very well directed, and Angelina Jolie was amazing in the role!
    P.S. I completely agree that the red lipstick and make-up was horrible. Seriously, if you’re in a mental institution, I doubt you have access to eyeshadow and mascara!

    • Genevieve said,

      You have to think of the times. Today, women take their equality for granted. Women had the vote for less than 10 years at the time of the story. Remember Frances Farmer. She was an outspoken, beautiful actress who won a trip to Russia while a child from an essay contest. She was repeatedly thrown into mental institutions for talking back, getting drunk and not obeying her mother. She ended up getting lobotomized. Women were second class. They not allowed to be disrespectful to men, and men determined what “disrespect” was.
      Christine Collins, like most women of that time, would have learned to know her place. She was to be pleasant and obedient. Even “Mad Men” shows the dismissive way men treated women as recently as the 1960s.
      As good as AJ was, its true – her lips are distracting. But people did dress formally. Ladies always worn hats and gloves. Since Christine followed the movies (betting on Oscar win), her fashion style and makeup might have been influenced by Hollywood stars. Those stupid hats were popular and so was smoky eye shadow. Emotional outbursts were frowned upon and going out ungroomed was unthinkable. AJ’s portrayal of Christine Collins seemed very much in keeping with the social and cultural norms of the time.
      Young women today probably can’t conceive of the dismissive way men treated women regularly.

  45. Sue said,

    With reference to comment #35: My thought on the scene at the train station where Christine said, “I do not believe that boy is my son” – I felt that right away, although she probably DID begin question her own sanity in her stress and grief, she was also beginning to question the actions of the police, although she didn’t know why they would be doing and saying those things. But my feeling at that point in the movie was that her motherly instinct kicked in and she was concerned for the safety of the boy and what might happen to him if she did not agree to take him home.

  46. Gwendonlyn said,

    The fact the you are talking about AJ’s clothes and her lips when the story is about a missing boys murdered, definitely sheds light on the miscast… in addition, AJ is not a good enough actress… clearly. If she was, you would not have noticed her lips or her dress at all. Take Julia Roberts in Erin Brockervich or however you spell it. Julia is beautiful, but did anyone notice in that movie? Or were you more compelled by the injustice of people dropping off like flies with cancer due to a corporaton? If AJ was an an “amazing” actress in this film…. she would not be the subject at all… i mean where is Walter?


  47. Lucelio Garcia said,

    O filme A Troca, nos revela uma tristeza constante pelos fatos reais ocorridos com Christine Collins em 1928, fatos que ocorrem infelizmente, com inúmeras pessoas no mundo todo. A música do filme é suave e sublime, contrastando com a dramaticidade do tema e dos atores envolvidos. Uma história triste, muito bem contada, independentemente da veracidade dos fatos ocorridos e que foram transcritos de arquivos judiciais da época. Mostra também que a figura materna não mede esforços para a realização da justiça. Trata-se de ótimo filme, divinamente dirigido por Clint Esteawood e interpretado de forma magistral por Angelina Jolie.

  48. leslie smith said,

    I thought that the movie was well cast, thought provoking, and truthful. I have to disagree with you. I though that AJ’s performance was one of her best to date and I will go as far as to say that she should seriously seriously be considered for the Oscar this year. She is usually not my favorite, but I thought she portrayed this woman with many dimensions. She definitely showed a level of control and professionalism. but it would have been absurd and not believable if she hadn’t been emotional over the situation. It complemented her persistence. Also the facts that you say are missing, are actually mentioned in the movie. CE did a great job directing it and it was well acted all around.

  49. Inga Osman said,

    Hi there, I saw the movie tonight and i have to say, that I didn’t notice AJ’s lips in the movie, I thoght she did it very VERY well,
    she was been my one of my favorite for a very long time and i have to say this is one of her best ones
    the story is heartbreaking, and i think everyone should see it before you judge it. CE did a fantastic jop on it 😀

  50. Evis said,

    After seeing the movie, I’m suprised to read that Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie “dishonored” the memory of a strrong and brave woman! The movie definitely shows a woman who loves her son and does everything to get him back. Angelina just shows what a mother feels fo her son, LOVE.
    And for the points of corrction, one can tell in the movie that she lived in the middle class and that the story didn’t point that much in the direction of the depression. If you really are looking at that kind of corrections, you just want to find trouble.
    I do oppologise for my english, I’m from Sweden

  51. Melissa said,

    I saw the movie last night and I loved it! I mean as much as a mother can love a movie about another mother’s child going missing. AJ did a wonderful job and I don’t think it was whiny or submissive at all, she was strong willed and she fought so much that she was placed in a nut house.

    Now about the movie vs. facts…don’t any of you know that these types of movies ALWAYS say “BASED ON A TRUE STORY” because there has to be creative freedom to a director otherwise, it’s a documentary about Christine Collins. So yes the movie does deviate from the facts a bit because let’s face it, everyone involved is likely dead and can’t account for everything.

  52. Paulo Sousa said,

    I see the movie today, in my opinion is a excelent movie and very sad too , I believe that Angelina Jolie made a perfect interpretation as Christine Collins, it is hard believe the problems that Christine collins had and the worst to know that the police were against she, the final of the movie I don’t like , because I did hope some more happy, but it is the real world, I hope that God bless Christine Collins and her son and all the mothers of the worlds that passed for the same problem. I am from Brazil and I am learning the english yet , I hope all people here can understand my letter.

  53. Jefe Brody said,

    Hola desde España!
    El sabado noche vi la pelicula junto a mi mujer y debo decir que me parecio una gran pelicula. La actuacion de AJ es increible, ademas de la direccion de CE. Ciertamente, es un drama, pero el suspense esta manejado de una manera magistral. El retrato del asesino es admirable. I hope to seeing it again soon!!

  54. roel said,

    the movie is i think well done.thought provoking and emotional. the only thing that reminds me of AJ is her lips,she totally immersed herself to the role, without really trying to noticed her beautiful lips, i can beleieve she is the real christine collins..captivating performance i must say. a high caliber actress. i feel the movie deep done in me. love it

  55. adam said,

    i don’t see why casting angelina would be an issue. a good-looking lead, a big name doesn’t detract from the authenticity of christine. in fact i think angelina was excellent. of course she had to overdo the more emotional bits but all in all, the woman she was acting as didn’t come across as meek and vulnerable at all. she seemed determined to find her son despite having the police tell her that she was losing her mind over what had happened. i enjoyed the movie and all i saw was really good acting. not because of all the crying and wailing…all actresses can cry in was the underlying courage and persistence that i felt angelina had shown very well and rather acutely might i add.

    take a second look at the bits when it showed her STILL trying all means to find her son after the case was deemed closed. the ’10 minute beak’.

    my 2 cents worth. she deserves and oscar for this. never thought she was an actress…i mean come on..tomb raider she pouted and pranced around in hotpants. in this one, she acted. i don’t think this movie was in any case, an injustice to the real hero, christine collins

  56. Rafa said,

    I would like to think all of you for bringing so much important information about the movie. I saw it yesterday and it really impressioned me. Today I started searching for some true facts of Christine´s life and this blog was a big help!

    Angelina was great! Out of question! She could pass emotion and anguish, and everybody in the movie theather couldn´t take their eyes out of the screen.


  57. Neelam said,

    The film is one of the great movie jobs. But when one makes a movie for a real story isn’t is a good job to present the real main characters, be it at the begining or end be it the photograph or the sketch, whatever available, as a tribute.

  58. Faith said,

    Wow!I really felt strange when I saw their photos.It kinda gave me the creeps.

    And I must day this,the movie was great!And the actors were supernatural that my classmates and I cried at the entire movie.

  59. Barry said,

    I was totally captivated. AJ is great, Clint is great. Thankyou you guys for following your passion and blessing us through the story of a resillent woman.

  60. Andrew said,

    I have seen the movie recently and plan to see it a second time. I’m really impressed by the courage of the real character, Christine Collins. AJ mastered the role in depth that you will be moved by her interpretations of the helplessness and perseverance to find her missing Walter. The whole cast is in fact brilliant, not to mention Eastwood, my longtime idol.The upright pastor and the detective who helped to reveal the serial killings; The convincing lawyer, Captain Jones, Chief of Police. The doctors and nurses in the horrible mentally asylum. You name it. Don’t forget that the boy actors’ performances are really great. The appearance of AJ should not be the focus. The movie has come to a suitable balance and doesn’t seem like as long as 2 and a half hours for me. The scenes in the court and the final verdict. Though the movie changed some details to make the movie more entertaining and smooth, I think many audiences like have a strong motive to search for more information on the Real Christine Collins. When so many audiences are motivated to know the truth, the movie can then be called success. At last, I do enjoy every review in web.

  61. Eric said,

    i just saw the movie and i thought it was fantastic. The whole cast was good and aj definitely nailed her part. after watching the movie i wanted to know a bit more about what really happened and this helped a lot thanks.

  62. Cara said,

    I just watched the movie and thought it was one of the best movies I have seen, my favourite so far of 2009. I thought Angelina Jolie played the part of Ms Collins exceptionally well, though I do admit I got distracted by her large red lips. Nevertheless, she deserves her Oscar nomination. Well done to Clint Eastwood too. Though the film did go on for quite a while, I was so caught up in it, I didn’t even mind about the time. I also wanted to know more about the story and reading this has helped me too.

  63. Krista said,

    I thought AJ played the part well. And from the comments made in your blog, I already knew all of these things from only seeing the movie. I knew that it was set in 1928. I knew she was clearly middle class. And I know that she was a very strong woman, afterall look at all she did. I don’t believe that having some scenes where she is crying (who wouldn’t be crying), mean that she is not a strong woman. If anything, it means that she is a strong woman with a very big heart. I never once thought she was hysterical. It was only the police who betrayed her as being “weak”, AJ or her acting did not portray her as being weak. The police were trying to make her feel weak, but I knew this didnt mean she actually was weak.

  64. sigelm said,

    I agree with Reader in every one thing (s)he said. While reading your blog, I acctually formed in my mind point by point, what I later found that (s)he had already written. So I will just add my vote here to that. Also, I think Angelina was a very good choice here, she played the part very well and I never got an impression that Mrs. Collins was anything but a calm, rational lady, more together than 99% of human population.

    (What bothers me though is the leaving out of the killers mother, who was not only participating in his crimes, but was also convicted of the murder of no less than Walter Collins.)

    But I thank you for caring for the real people. And thank you for these fine photos.

    However, our main concern should not be related to the fiction but to the real life. Here’s what interests me:
    1. Why do people live in the killer’s house even today? Why wasn’t it split for evidence and all the ground dug up for every little part they could have found?
    2. Why wasn’t Mrs. Collins exhumated by now and why don’t we have some DNA check on hers remains and remains found on that farm? That applies for the parents of the other supposedly killed children too. Walter did not have brothers or sisters, but the other kids probably did and probably they are still wondering what happened to their siblings. So why wouldn’t they and the world get the closure? A murder case never grows old, as far as I know. Is it legal not to run any tests where that could change everything? They don’t even know how many children were killed there so I presume there are several murder cases in LA, which files stand open since 1920s.

  65. nikki said,

    I dont think doing DNA today is an issue,Christine is obviously dead as are most other characters in the story probably.Possibly there are no living relatives of Christine and Walter,they should be left to rest in peace.

  66. MarianK said,

    The film has just opened in Australia and I saw it yesterday, having looked forward to it for a while. I wasn’t at all disappointed.

    When I saw the trailers, I found the premise bizarre. If the story hadn’t been based on fact, I would never have accepted idea of a mother being forced to accept a stranger as her own child as being even remotely credible.

    The period atmosphere was great – albeit a little too tidy and clean. And the scenes in the telephone exchange with the roller skating supervisors were worth the price of the ticket alone! I also hadn’t been aware that Los Angeles once had trams. Why, oh why did so many of the world’s cities get rid of them, including my own?

    I agree with another poster above that the script was slightly flawed by overlooking the fact that the murderer’s accomplice could have verified to the authorities if all the children who escaped that night got away. It seems that this was inserted into the story just to make little Walter a hero. However, that’s just a small criticism and didn’t affect my overall enjoyment.

  67. Nelson Gouveia said,

    He terminado de ver la pelicula y me parece una de las mejores historias llevadas a la pantalla grande, la mejor actuacion de Angelina desde Girl Interrupted y una de las mejores direcciones de Clint Estwood, enfatiza el problema real que es la corrupcion, el sufrimiento de una madre en una situacion tan desbordante como esta y por supuesto como los medios de comunicacion dominan y manipulan las “verdades” segun la conveniencia de la tendencia politica.
    Por otra parte me desilusiona mucho la opinino de ciertas personas que escribieron en este Blog diciendo que esta pelicula desonra la Imagen y vida de Christine Collins, solo una madre sabe lo que se sufre al perder un hijo, solo una madre sabe cuando perder los estribos y desesperarse por encontrar a su hijo desaparecido, Angelina lo ha hecho muy bien, el mensaje de la pelicula es el mismo que el de la historia real, sencillamente solo una madre sabra entender y comprender la fuerza de una historia tan desgarradora y bien tratada como esta.

  68. catherine-Anne rector said,

    Whilst I thought this a fantastic movie by Clint Eastwood and Angelina did a great job. I have a few questions.
    In the beginning it said it was a true story. Should it have not read based on a true story?
    I wondered why the question was not asked and represented int the story to the boy who was apart of it if he remembered the night the 5 boys escaped and what happened to them. This would have helped Christine Collins. In interviews it said Anelina met Christine but how old was Christine when this took place. I wonder about the dates and the accuracy. GREAT movie and sad as well

  69. Michael Rowden said,

    To catherine-Anne rector –

    Chrstine passed away in 1996 according to several reports I’ve read recently so I doubt AJ met her or knew about her before she was approached with the script.

  70. nicole said,

    Casting for this movie could not have been done any better then if the real people were to play the parts themselves. AJ is so wonderful and she shows how extremly talented she is. Not only did she caption the emotion of the mother who has just lost her child, but she captured the courage of this woman who most have been scared to death during these times to fight against such “Evil” and take down the whole police force and the next in command.
    I think AJ bought hope into our hearts as we watched this movie and moved us when another moms child came home and showed joy for that mom.
    AJ’s character was flawless……

  71. kim ellis said,

    just seen the film and i thought it was excellent. i knew what the film ws mainly about and then watching it, what she went through and the awful murders and not to mention the so called police, i was gripped the whole way through. thought it was a perfect cast. and like most of you after id watched it i went straight on internet to find out more, which i have NEVER done after watchin a film. once again thought it was superb A+++

  72. Eddie said,

    I can’t freaking stand Angelina Jolie!!! I am rareley a fan of her films and when she speaks publicly I usually want to squirt her with a water pistol.

    That said….Angelina Jolie was absolutely perfect in this role. I don’t think anyone could have carried this role any further than AJ did. As I related, I’m no AJ fanboy, I generally dislike her work. In this case I am completely suprised as to how perfectly she portrayed this character. I can find no fault with it and she deserves an Oscar.

  73. Kay said,

    Just saw the movie and I loved it. Being a mother myself it was very sad and I think AJ played it wonderfully. She was not weak or timid, but a strong, confident woman who stuck with it at all odds. I hope it was some comfort to her when years later the other boy was found and said that it if wasn’t for Walter, he himself would probably be dead. Walter was a hero. Thought it was a terrific movie and will recommend it to everyone.

  74. Linda said,

    I loved the movie Changeling, however I’m still very curious why the movie never mentioned Gordon Northcotts’ mother Sarah. After all, she did confess to assisting him in the murders. She was sentenced to prison and he was lynched. So, anyone curious why that important part was left out of the movie?

  75. Viesta Morrison said,

    I despised the movie Changeling , Angelina did a horrid job on the depiction of the real Christine Collins, all I could see were endless tears and red clown lips. I have to add, I got a great deal more from reading sites on the real Christine and her son Walter then I got from watching the movie. I am appalled that this movie is up for an award, or the movie itself, it was leading, questionable and took away from the realities of a strong woman such as the real Christine Collins, her bravery, her fight for reality, the love of her missing son and the animals that took her son away from her. How dare Angelina even think she could fill this role! She needs to stay home on Academy Award night, for she will once again walk away empty handed, an award should be given in the name of the real Christine Collins and her legacy for bravery on never giving up when you know you are right! ! !

  76. happy said,

    I think that Angelina Jolie did a wonderful job and she deserves an Oscar for her role. (I am normally not a fan) I loved the movie and she was great I don’t think anyone else would have been able to play the role as well as she did. Christine Collins must have went through hell and AJ made you feel that.

  77. RICK JONES said,


  78. lavanda dolce said,

    I’m not a fan of Angelina Jolie at all…however, she did FANTASTIC in this movie. It was so moving and her portrayal was probably as close to realistic as anyone could imagine. Yes, the movie indeed portrayed her as having a good income and respectful in her career…and even offered a promotion on the day her son disappeared. I don’t know where the author got her views…she obviously did not watch the movie as it was FANTASTIC!!!

  79. Anne said,

    I did like the movie-was very moved by the story. I also was surprised when I did some research on the internet after watching the film. I too wondered why Northcotts mother(or grandmother as some reports state) was not mentioned in the film. She confessed to helping in the killing of the boys too.
    I have to admit, I was a little distracted by Jolie’s lips. But I ultimately liked the movie.

    It appears that Christine Collins may have died in 1996 in Lafayette, CA. Although, she seems to disappear from records in 1954.

    Sanford Clark, Northcott;s nephew, eventually returned to Canada, married, had kids.Seems to have led a decent life, in spite of these horrible events.

  80. Zenobia said,

    I just watched the movie with my twenty year old grandson, and though the haunting face of AJ does stand out, so does her fine acting. I had no idea that the story was based on a true and historical event. I cannot think of some other acror who could have carried it better, though some might disagree.
    When I think that many were treated or shall I say, mistreated this way in days that are not too far off for some to remember, it is a terrible thing.
    I enjoyed this movie immensely.

  81. Donna said,

    I just watched the movie and was very moved by it, it didn’t bother me AJ was casted as Ms. Collins, the main story line was made about corruption in the LAPD, there is still corruption in police departments and our judicial system, it always does my heart good when I see someone get justice, because it doesn’t always happen.

  82. Brittany Marshall said,

    first of all, i dont think it should matter what or who plays a certain roll in a film, if it did, then im sure some people would say that orlando bloom should be in every film ever made. the fact is, this movie still was very touching, and personally i loved it and immediatly wanted to know more. my heart was still racing after the movie was ended. what i cant get my head around is that this story was based on true events, and not the kind of “true events” like in the STANGERS, or something like that. THIS WAS REAL. I think christine collins deserves endless respect for her will and hope to find her son. i hope someday i can be a mother with as much love and passion as she had. Wonderful movie

  83. amanda said,

    Maybe you should watch the movie before you make comments about how it was wrong. Everything you said about how she potrayed Mrs. Collins was incorrect. She was a very strong woman in the movie and lived in a very nice house. And she never believed that was her son.

  84. necole said,

    Give me a break people about AJ’s lips…she did a wonderful job playing this part.she really meant it and felt it in her gut….

  85. Anne said,

    Excellent and very, very moving movie… I have to laugh about the comments about the lips above, as I tended to see them a lot myself! However, well done Angelina Jolie… I am surprised and pleased to learn that you can act so extremely well! Keep taking this kind of role and you will go far…

  86. Dixie said,

    ~~The L.A. Times story includes a clip from “Changeling”. After seeing this clip and others, I am disgusted. It seems to me that Christine Collins was a woman of professionalism and dignity, yet she is being portrayed in this film as a hysterical, screaming and crying drama-queen by Angelina Jolie. How dare Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie dishonor the memory of this strong and brave woman! ~~

    Shame on you – secondary motivation is rife within all your editorializations. Gee, methinks you dislike Angelina Jolie to a disturbing degree! That said, let me share that as a likewise professional woman who lost a child, “histrionics” and many dramatic tears go with the territory. There is nothing – I repeat, nothing like a mother’s grief suffered over the loss of a child – especially the theft of one followed by the loss of it. You should be ashamed of your description of AJ – she portrayed the grief I felt following the abduction and death of my own dhild in an incredibly authentic manner. Additionally, there were the added influences in how husbandless or single women were treated – not only in the workplace, but in life in that time. Mrs. Collins had no other option then but to “play along” initially – and, to her credit, she bravely decided to fight the system. Oh, I know that area as well – as the first female Account Exec for one of the “Big Three” TV broadcasting companies. I had it tough in the 70’s – I can’t imagine the late 1920’s for professional-minded women. Bravo Christine Collins. Bravo Angelina Jolie. Bravo. And Clint? Kudos once again. You honored – not dishonored – the memory of Christine and Walter Collins, her incredible loss, and the specific grief of never knowing the true circumstances surrounding her son’s death. These events were portrayed as accurate;y as possible via Mr. Eastwood’s movie “Changeling,” and Angelina Jolie’s heart-wrenching depiction of a mother’s grief set within the parameters of the ridiculous societal state of affairs and filthy legal system of that era in Los Angeles and across the USA.

  87. Jennifer said,

    needless to say, i just watched the movie, or why else would i be here? like others i was intrigued enough to want to know more about Christine. sadly, what i found was more about pretty much everyone BUT her. upon reading others confusion on this point and putting myself in Christine’s unfortunate shoes, i sincerely suspect, and it would be my instinct as well, that she “disappeared” herself. a name change and a relocation and wa-la. shes “gone”. imagine the potential for personal danger she might have been in after this case came to light. some high-powered individuals had to answer for their misdeeds, and after years of manipulating the system to suit themselves, i would imagine they might seek to silence Christine once and for all. this possibility having been said, it is no wonder to me that she “dropped off the earth” (not to mention the toll being in the public eye takes on someone) im sure her “disappearance” was by design, and based on everyone’s inability to dig up anything on her…i applaud her mission accomplished! if anyone ever earned the right to fade away and live a peaceful life, it was our Ms. Collins.

    my one and only point of contention in the myriad of interpretations presented here was Christine’s reaction to meeting the impostor child. she knew that boy was not her own. period. i do not believe for a second she was lulled into believing that with some time she would get to re-know the boy as her true son. i also do not believe she bought into the BS! that in a 5 month period of time her son would change so drastically that he would no longer be recognizable to his own mother! the police captain “got her” when and ONLY when he said to Christine, “the boy has no place else to go.” what mother wouldn’t reach the immediate decision to take the child, knowing he was not her own, and care for him until her own son was found and the impostor child could be returned to his own family. that gesture in no way suggests to me she was even remotely entertaining the notion that the impostor child might be her own. she was simply willing to care for a seemingly homeless child. any mother would do the same. this is NOT weakness on Christine’s part!! it was maternal instinct!

  88. Eileen said,

    I just saw the movie and I have tremendous respect for the ARTISTIC LICENSE that Clint Eastwood and Ron Howard take in the film. How nice that they do not demote the stature of Christine Collins by depicting her as the wife of a speakeasy jailbird. AJ was marvelous…not a simpering wimp, but determined and as graceful as can be under untenable circumstances. Christine Collins would be proud of the depiction and the film.

  89. Brenda Lachman said,

    Of course I did not know the real Christine, but I’ve seen Ms, Jolie in different roles as an actress, and in diverse stages of her life and I have to say she delivers a magnificent performance; voice, movements, her eyes; the way she looks at her son, police, doctor, the Presbyterian Pastor, even the murdered at the end are totally different from any other character she has done or even her own personality.
    I am amazed to read how many people were “distracted” by Ms. Jolie’s lips, when she is delivering a outstanding performance.

    I really don’t think it was a mistake casting her for this role. Worth mentioning is also John Malkovich, I reacognized him for the voice, he was really good as well.

  90. heart breaking said,

    What a heart breaking story and i think the movie was very well put together so what if some of the story was missing most of the facts were there……all the parts were played very well, it was fantastic!!! you people that critize the actors oh her lipstick was distracting people what is wrong with this world….it is not about the acting so much as the story being told……the heart breaking story of those children and everyone involved what a shame so sad…….how people can still be negative after watching that….shows you the kind of people that are out there……have a heart…….listen to the story that is being told….so what if she was poor middle class or rich we are all the same no matter your money……she lost a child in a horrible way i could not even begin to imagine such a loss…..and all those children to be killed the way they were….hopefully one day they will or can do some DNA testing to find out more…as far as im concerned all the actors involved did an awesome job and they couldn’t have picked better actors to play the roles well done!!!!

  91. Daniel Nguyen said,

    Very good movie and great acting by all. There’s a technical flaw (goof) in the movie, though. When that lady was being punished in room 18, by having jolts of electrical current running through her bod, she was held down by others, with barehands. That’s a no no, because the current would pass through her body and onto them.

    • gerpsych said,

      But ECT had not been invented at that time. It was 1934 in Europe and 1938 in USA ( Ten years later)

    • Snoglydox said,

      No necessarily; if they were standing in grounded water with bare feet…most likely.

  92. NINTI said,


  93. Benicia said,

    i was wondering if anyone knows what happened to the boys that ran away from the farm. i heard that one of them appeared five years later. but how about the other’s, were they captured. i was wondering what is the name of the boy that appeared five years later. or was this a made up part from the movie. tks for any replies.

    • Alyssa said,

      His name was David something he was the son of a family in the jury of the case of Walter Collins. If you watch the movie Changeling you will see that Walter collins, and Jeffrey Winslow attempted to escape. Gordon NOrthcott or the”boy butcher” heard them because they were making alot of noise becuse they found a messed up part of the coop. Walter and Jeffrey got out and got David out. Then they saw a light flick on and Northcott came after them with a 12 gauge! It ran out of bullets because it only had 2 Sanford Clark a 15 year old being kept against his will at the ranch to help kill the boys was sent to get some more. It hit Jeffrey in the leg and Walter came back for him to see if he was ok. Jeffrey was caught and we don’t know what happened to Walter. We do beleive thugh that he was caught also and killed along with jeffrey. What happened to David was he walked and walked for days unil he found a train stop. He hitched a ride and a women let him stay with her but he never told anyone what happened at the ranch. He always thought tthat they (northcott and clark) were outside his window. He heard about the case on the radio and was found by police through Clark who was suppsed to be transported to Canada. He identified 20 boys that he said northcott forced him to finish them or northcott would kill him too.Sanford identified jeffrey winslow and walter collins as 2 of them. David returned to los angeles where he was from and told the police his story. he was returned to his parents after that. Christine collins always had a feeling that Walter was still around somewhere. She never stopped searching for him until her death in 1974. Northcott was hanged October 2nd, 1930.

      Even the saddest stories have happy endings. The ending to this one is that they were reunited in heavan and will be together forever.

  94. ria said,

    i just watched changeling last night and believe it or not, i did not see angelina jolie. what i saw was a heartbroken, pained mother who was looking and kept on looking for her missing child. i did not notice jolie’s face, lips nor makeup at all. for me, she did justice to the role. what mother would not be hysterical if her child went missing and then most likely had been murdered?

    i was very absorbed with the movie and the story, i felt like my heart was being torn away, shredded and finally powdered down into tiny bits. i am a mother too. if the same thing had happened to me, i don’t think i would be as calm as christine collins was. she had no closure. and although in her mind she knows that the worst thing had happened to walter, her heart still has every bit of hope that somehow her child was alive and well only afraid to come home. the movie made me feel hopeful too.

  95. Ron said,

    Outstanding movie and Jolie did a tour de force performance.
    …..and folks, lipstick was very popular back then and red was what they wore. Make-up is NOT the actor’s choice although they may weigh in but in a period piece like this you wear what they tell you to. The boy showing up 5 years later is true according to some historical data.
    Eastwood is a great director…if I have a criticism it is that interior shots were often too dark for my liking.

  96. Julie said,

    I just finished watching “Changeling”. I found the movie to be very intriguing! I do not believe the movie did any disservice the the actual story or to Christine Collins. I know that Hollywod is known for embellishing stories or for leaving out key facts and/or events. Hence, the reason I decided to look up the story for myself. It was definitely a movie worth seeing!

  97. Christine said,


    The movie was remarkable and Angelina Jolie portrayed the part wonderfully. I can’t believe everyone is talking about the lips and makeup. Angelina is a beautiful woman. Talk about being persecuted for being beautiful and talent overlooked for it! She can’t help that she has full lips. She was dressed and make up applied for the times the movie portrayed. I am a big fan of the 20’s, 30’s & 40’s and red lips were part of the women’s culture along with the hats and stohls. Even the poorest woman wore her best hat and coat and red lipstick in public.

    I think she played the part better than anyone else could have and Clint Eastwood made a good decision to cast her. She obviously won over any other actress who tried out for the part. I am also very glad that Clint Eastwood decided to make this movie because of its importance. History tends to repeat itself so it is a good reminder of what could happen again.

    It also showed the power of one woman and the difference that she made. I know Christine Collins is a much stronger woman than me because I would find it very difficult, due to the grief, to even be able to breath again if something ever happened to my child. However, she stood strong and fought the whole police department. I can’t even imagine!

    So I say….HATS OFF to Christine Collins for her strength and determination, to Clint Eastwood for making this movie and bringing this story to our attention, to Angelina Jolie for her dynamic portrayal, and to everyone else involved in this film. Good job!

  98. sarah said,

    I’m sure Clint Eastwood did’nt want to include every little detail that actually happened if he did how long do you think the film would be ? Also it is a film not a documentry so not everything should be the same. Everyone who was in Changeling did an outstanding job especially Angelina Jolie and Clint Eastwood is an awesome director!

  99. Ignorance is Bliss said,

    I totally agree w/ the comment below. This movie was superb! And Angelina Jolie was perfect for the part.

  100. Casey said,

    i really liked this movie it was not anything wrong with it, i thought. AJ was great in this movie!!!!

  101. Joe said,

    I jut saw the movie and felt compelled to dig up what info I could. I too agree DNA testing should be done as well as a complete teardown/unearthing of the chicken farm. Seems there may have been as many as 20 children brutally rape/tortured and murdered and for that there can be no statue of limitations. I live near that pig farmer in vancouver that raped those sex trade workers and their farm was examined for months by the very best technicians for find as much dna as possible. It’s just the right thing to do as people need closure.

    The movie altered from real life though as it was suggested that Walter helped the boy who was found 5 years later escape and yet no mention is made of this in real life. So although one of the boys escaped it likely wasn’t Walter that escaped with him unfortunately and it may not have for that matter been 3 boys that made it to safety but rather just the one.

    I am so glad however that this story was brought to life. Kudos to Clint for doing this. In the last few years he really has proven himself as a gifted director and a human being that has earned my respect.

  102. Alicia said,

    I just watched this film last night, after reading some of the reviews I am a little irritated. Everyone has the right to their opinion…so here is mine….most people are writing very negative things about the story line, actors, really all of it. Here is what I think (like it matters lol) ….. Yes Angelina Jolie is known for her body, lips, sex appeal…but if you watch the extras on there she did everything she could to not have that attraction to her..she knew Ms.Collins was a professional women and did everything in her power to stay in character so she would not loose it, also keep in mind Angelina has went from drug head, loser to super mom…..peolple can change and I think she has a bad rap for past situations….and you can tell in several parts through the movie that that was her real emotion showing through (if you have children you will understand) It took her weeks to get that movie outta her system. I think she did an amazing job she did scream allot BUT honestly i dont care how strong a women you are if your son was kidnapped you would not be able to hold it together…you really think the real Ms. Collins sat there calm and all through the whole ordeal..nope….a good actress or actor can make the audiance feel her pain, happiness, whatever through the screen and she managed to do that…so GOOD JOB ANGELINA I think Ms. Collins would be very proud that her sons story was finally heard …and no all the details cant be all exact ..if you read further into this case Ms. Collins did not have friends family, really anyone except her son and co-workers…so who is there to really tell the full story..the LAPD….cause they did such a great job to begin with…huh….anyway thats my soap box….WONDERFUL movie!!!

  103. Bobbi Knights said,

    What a fantastic thing that a movie has made so many people actually search for more information. It is sad that the Jones character appears to get his just reward in the movie, however, in real life he was reinstated to the LAPD and retired with full pension years later. The judgement Ms. Collins won in court was of course NEVER paid. The bad guys still win it seems.

  104. Cortney said,

    Saw it over the weekend on DVD (AND watched the bonus material) and thought it was great. I was hesitant at first, only BECAUSE of Angelina Jolie being in it, but the sets, props, costumes, and direction brought everything together beautifully. The fact that the writer was able to consult actual documentation from 1928 with the help of a contact at City Hall is fabulous. I am glad they made this movie because I had never heard of Christine Collins in my life, and now that I have seen it I can’t stop being amazed by her character and strength, and telling others to see the film 🙂

  105. Aurora said,

    I just finally saw “Changeling” and was incredibly intrigued and could not tear my eyes away from the screen. I thought it was beautifully crafted and executed. Due to the mystery and compelling nature of the real story, I am curious as to whether or not there is a book about these happenings. If anyone has information pertaining to that i would appreciate it. Thank you!

    • 2blackcats said,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and posting your thoughts!

      Please see the post “Changeling: Learn More About It” (right now it’s the most recent post on my blog) for information on books, etc regarding the actual Northcott case.


  106. Liz said,

    I have to say that this was a very good movie. Yes the casting could have been better, but overall it was a good movie. It’s not about if AJ’s lips were distracting, it’s about a courageous mother who never gave up and that was the highlight for me.

  107. DaLeeta said,

    I saw the movie last nite and found it VERY good! I did not see the mother the original blogger saw in AJ! I think she did an OUTSTANDING job portraying Christine. Any woman whose child is missing would freak out like that unless you are Casey Anthony! AJ did not take away the fact that CC was an professional woman filled with dignity and pride at all. I could see that from the get go. And I do not for a minute doubt that CC did not have some screaming fits along the way. Look at what this woman went through!
    I am not that big of an AJ fan but in this case I think she did an outstanding job!

  108. Linda Hayton said,

    I see many have commented on AJ’s lips and eye shadow. Dark lipstick and dark eyeshadow was the fashion then, even for “housewives” my aunts all wore it. It was authentic to the times not just for movie stars, but then all the women wanted to look like a movie star. I think the reason some things were changed, such as the reference to the father leaving, if you listen to what is said, she said a box, a cell at Folsom prison, she very well may have told her son this rather than tell him his father was in prison. We don’t know if Ms. Collins had been interviewed long before the movie was ever made, perhaps for a book. Does anyone know what happened to Walters father that I found was named Walter JS Collins, why conrad? lots of people who did not like their names changed them. Dumping women in mental hospitals was common, they sometimes suffered from PMS or menopause and were dumped there. Thank God for women like Christine Collins or who knows how many of us would still be discarded in this way

  109. Linda Hayton said,

    In answer to what became of Sanford Clark, he grew up a decent man with a family, lived a good life. He could have gone the other way and it just goes to show you that these criminals who whine, “my childhood was bad” give me a break, how much worse could it have been for Sanford Clark and he turned out to be a good man much loved by many. Did he suffer for his part in it, no doubt, how could he not, but he found a way to live with what happened to him, after all, he was as much a victim as the boys who died, he had to watch knowing at any moment it would be him. I am sure this must have haunted him his whole life but he did not let it break him.

  110. Clovernova said,

    I think that the character played as christine collins was exactly everything you said you thought it should be.

  111. Lisa said,

    Just saw the movie and found it gripping. I do wonder why they chose to glam up Angelina though. She’s gorgeous even without makeup and after seeing the pictures of the real Christine, the perfect makeup and eyeliner seemed overdone and incongruous with the times. AJ seemed to “pitch-up” her voice to make it a little squeaky and meek until the end of the movie, which also seems like the wrong affect. I wonder if Clint chose to “soften” the real Christine to make her more sympathic, which would be disappointing as it would be an affirmation that hollywood (Clint!) doesn’t know what to do with strong women characters unless they are deemed physically appealing.

  112. marie said,

    I just saw the movie….very gripping. Well-portrayed by Angelina. I am not normally a “fan” of AJ, however, she did such a good job in this film, I almost forgot it was her playing the role. As far as her playing a hysterical woman……I couldn’t disagree more. As a matter of fact, I believe she held it together and maintained her dignity and self-composure more than many would have under the circumstances. If she had not “lost it” at all during such an unthinkable situation, she would have come off as cold. For her to have broken down a time or two was absolutely necessary for her to remain “human”, and from what I recall, this did not happen in public or in front of the press, at least from the way it was portrayed. Well done, Clint. Brava, Angie!

  113. Amanda said,

    I’m only 13, and yet I definitely enjoyed this movie, it was really great and brought a lot of thought to my mind. After watching it, I wanted to do some research to see what really actually happened. The sad part is, I never really found out. Basically there were like about 20 different stories, mainly they were the same except a few details. But those details just happened to be the very important ones. Like Northcott’s mother, they never mentioned her in the movie, but they said that in real life she helped kill the boys with her son. Her name was Sarah Louise Northcott or Sarah Louisa Northcott, sorry I can’t remember which one. But either way all the stories were very confusing, yet all of them were also very upsetting and unbelieveably tragic.

  114. Pave said,

    It’s interesting to me, the lens through which post-third-wave feminists view the portrayal of a women in an entirely different period of societal construction as being “weak” or “hysterical.”

    In today’s world, a woman speaking softly to a man in power is considered to be cowering or weak-willed; during the time period in which the events occurred, however, that was the conditioning a woman would have. We are so fortunate that today we have the freedoms to speak much more freely, and yet, we still on occasion will encounter those who think it unbecoming to our femininity. Through out the film, we are given glimpses of this conditioning – in the “hospital,” in particular, there is a moment Christine Collins shares with the prostitute, in which she comments specifically about language for a lady.

    Despite her upbringing and social conditioning – and traditional behavioural mores of the time – Jolie presents Collins as a woman who is certain in her determination, who not only is fighting a corrupt political system, but also a tide of condescension, scorn, and slanderous attacks for going against “acceptable” behaviour for a woman in the late 1920s.

    The steely resolve, underpinned by an incredibly emotional undercurrent fighting against not only the crushing mental strain of losing “the only thing that matters” in the disappearance of her son but the tide of naysayers and societal standards speaks volumes about Eastwood’s direction and Jolie’s choices in acting. Of course, to any woman who has lived in today’s world, there are aspects that will seem to be meek, because that would have been in keeping with how a woman in 1928 would have realistically responded to a man in power, no matter her own strength of conviction and personality.

    I actually respect all those involved with allowing that characterisation to stand, without creating a 21st century woman in period clothing.

  115. lizel said,

    I watched the movie last night. A great story, its fascinating when a director such as Clint Eastwood brings stroiues like this to life and exposes issues that have long been forgotten by the public. I loved Angelina’s performance however, its true that her beauty can be distracting during the course of the film, in my personal opinion another great actress that is amazing and would have fit the part perfectly would have been Maggie Gyllenhaal. Clint Eastwood said he took on Angelina because she had the “face” of that particular era, I believe Maggie is the essence of the 1930’s. She is a pictoral of that time and space and would have been just as mezmerizing.

  116. DaLeeta said,

    Bravo Pave! VERY WELL SAID!

  117. Joy said,

    I thought Angelina Jolie did an amazing job as a woman who had lost her child. She never seemed to me to be hysterical nor a weakling. I say she did a fantastic job of acting. I cried more than she did.

  118. Suzanne said,

    You wrote, “How dare Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie dishonor the memory of this strong and brave woman!”

    If it weren’t for this movie, Christine Collins would have remained a very distant and faint memory in the minds of the very few who are old enough to have heard the story concerning her son, Walter. This movie is responsible for bringing her story to light and giving her a voice that will now resinate for generations to come

    The story and the script came about because he received a tip that the files concerning this remarkable case were to be purged and destroyed. Had this happened, had these documents been incinerated, I’m sure none of us ever would have heard about Christine and Walter Collins.

  119. kirsten said,


  120. Michele said,

    I loved this movie.I think AJ did an outstsnding job!!

  121. Carlos said,

    Cuando encierran a la protagonista en el manicomio, la enfermera les advierte que no hay, radio, ni tv., pero resulta que las emisiones regulares de tv. comenzaron en 1930 y no en 1928, época en que se desarrolla la película

  122. Mary Shearer said,

    Yes, I agree with most everyone else – this review is way off!!
    The movie was fantastic, and Jolie was astonishing!!! She is a very loving mother, and one could tell that she used that to evoke true emotions in the movie.
    I was shocked that such a thing had happened!! I had never heard anything about this before, kind of like “An American Crime”. Both of these stories are more horrifying than fiction!

  123. Christi said,

    I was interested enough by the movie to get online and look up the true story. I did however find myself thinking they should have gotten someone else to play Christine Collins. I like Angelina Jolie and think she is a great actress, I just thought her “smoldering glances” were out of place on this film.

  124. Eleni said,

    I was so intrigued with the movie and its story that immediately on its ending, I surfed the internet to also find out about the real Christine Collins. I read about the character of the real Ms Collins and I must admit, I personally feel that another actress would have done more justice to the Collins’ character. The whole film was an endless fixation on the boldness of colour used to show Ms Jolie’s lips…. I just think it’s a pity that AJ was made-up so much because looking at the pictures of Christine Collins, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The film was excellent and very moving. John Malkovich was excellent in the movie. It was a very well-made and moving film.

  125. Suzanne said,

    I wanted to post a follow-up to my earlier message.

    It would have been impossible for them to do a movie that included all facets of Christine Collins’ life. If they did, it would be an epic longer than Ghandi. This is probably why they decided not to go into detail about her husband’s incarceration.

    Before her son was kidnapped, Christine Collins’ husband had been sent to prison for robbery in 1923. Christine wrote many letters to the board of prisons, the jail Warden, and others through the years to plead for her husband’s release. She said her husband had been the bread earner of the family, that she was working as hard as she could to support her and her son, and that her nerves were frayed. Her letters are so polite, kind, and heartbreaking at times.

    After Christine Collins’ son was kidnapped, she continued to write letters to ask for her husband’s release because she needed him to help her through that terrible time. The Los Angeles Police Department, not wanting to show an ounce of kindness or compassion toward her, wrote a letter to the State Parole Officer dated June 30, 1931 recommending that Mr. Collins not be granted any leniency.

    Mrs. Collins’ husband died in prison on August 16, 1932, from Yellow Atrophy of the Liver. His illness onset on July 17, 1932. Nobody told Mrs. Collins about her her husband’s illness. Therefore, she wasn’t able to see him before he passed.

    In one letter after her husband’s death, Mrs. Collins mentioned she had no money to bury her husband and asked that he be buried there, at Folsom. She also requested they place a nice bunch of flowers on his grave for her.

    You could easily make two movies about Christine Collins. One about the struggles she faced supporting herself and her son while her husband was in prison and the other about the cruel mistreatment she suffered at the hands of the Los Angeles Police Department when her son was kidnapped. She has to be one of the strongest and most courageous women of the 20th Century. I’m hopeful this movie will guarantee her place in history.

    Let’s all say a little pray for Christine and little Walter tonight.

    • sara said,

      You have to remember this movie is not just based on events that occurred to the Collins. this movie was made to open our eyes to the gruesome and horrible events that took place in wineville riverside in a chicken coop. these young boys, these poor young innocent boys, what they went through is heartbreaking. i cant imagine how terrified these young boys were awaiting a gruesome death. just hoping and praying that someone might find them and save them. All these boys wanted to do was just go home to were they felt safe. I cant even imagine how terrified their parents were frantically searching for their sons, its hard enough to loose a child from a normal death, but to live the rest of your years on this earth as a parent whose child was brutally murdered, that’s just all kinds of sad. my heart goes out to all of those families and children who didn’t deserve the tragedies that were given to them.

  126. Vanessa said,

    I watched this movie at the weekend and thought it so very good – on that note I must say that although I do like AJ in the movie as she put so much emotion into her part, there were scenes that I thought her “looks” did not suit the role she was playing.

    What I believe everyone has to remember is that this movie was “based” on actual events – I know it left me thinking that in her time, Christine Collins would have to have gone through hell to do what she did – I know I understood that it would not have been exact, but at the same time bought to the front the achievements of Christine Collins – no one in their right mind would ever defame or minimize the life of this woman on purpose.

    My Mum was a psychiatric nurse and told me about the electric shock treatments and the padded cells that women were subjected to and how bad it was – so all you critics out there who believe Christine Collins was not portrayed in the best way by AJ, if not for this film there are many, many people who would never have heard of Christine Collins – me for one!!!

    • gerpsych said,

      The “electric shock ” treatment had not been invented at the time that she was in hospital. It was 10 years too early.

  127. kat said,

    i think that this story is beautifull and twisted. i’m only 13 so i missed some bits with the flashback from sanford clark. a mothers love for her child is forever lasting, even after knowing that she didn’t have a child to love anymore, mrs. collins kept fighting because she knew what it would be like for another mother to loose her child in the same way. thanks to her bravery it didn’t happen, the murder was caught and hung. some of the earlier comments state that her MAKEUP is off! one question for those people, DOES IT REALLY MATTER!!! the movie holds the memory of mrs. collins, not the memory of her makeup.

  128. A Troca com Angelina Jolie | A vida como a vida quer said,

    […] e mulher que trabalha, fica difícil não sentir certa empatia com a situação que a personagem Christine Collins vive: trabalha arduamente como chefe de um setor na área de comunicação (no final da década de 1920 […]

  129. Henry said,

    NO commmment I SAY WWWWWWWOW!

  130. Jennifer said,

    I just saw the movie for the first time…growing up in Southern Calif….i never even new about this story and how close it was to home. It scares me to think that back then they had the same problems in the Police Force as we do now. This movie mad me really stop and think of how far back our we need to look how much our country has been messed up….dont think we can blame the last eight years anymore…..all actors and actresses in this movie were amazing. Good job Clint for making another movie that moved alot of people

  131. Brenda Brown said,

    I completely disagree with the person who said AJ and Clint Eastwood portrayed Christine Collins as a screaming drama queen…my impression was that she was a very sane strong and determined woman. She was far from a screaming lunatic and I was very moved by the movie and find it sad that they never found the boy and that no one is clear as to what happened to Christine Collins. She would have been so honored to know a movie was made about her story. That is the least that could have been done for this poor woman who lived her entired adult life searching for her one and only son. What a sad movie and sad story. May she and Walter RIP.

  132. Sharon said,

    I watched it on DVD 3 times and each time I am captivated. I want to know more about the story. Any books out on this? Only thing, after seeing the real Christine Collin’s picture… I wish they chose an actress closer to her looks, but with AJ’s acting ability. Great movie, nonetheless!! Even my kids, ages 18 and 9 sat at the edge of their seats.

  133. TONY said,


  134. Olly chaperon said,

    heyy everyone,
    Just finished watching this movie and am still drying my eyes.
    As a mother my heart aches for this women ,even though she has moved on to greener pastures. how does a mother ever over come the guilt of leaving her children their children to provide for them been there as a single parent of three, and thank god i never found myself loosing my my children as this women did. i commend Clint on his work he always manages to bring forward movies that touch the very soul of a person especially women. . Clint if u ever read theses comments i would very much like to meet u and feel your soul my suggestion would be to invite some of us women to your home for a real soul get together i’m sure you will get some great input and maybe another awesome movie……
    i for one have some experiences to tell. please email me at i am presently wring a book especially in the interest of women and their lives.
    love ya olly

  135. debra said,

    I just watched the film 3 nights ago, it was a tough movie for me to watch, b/c i have a 3 year old son and the scenes of Northcott waving an axe around made me feel sick. I’m glad you posted about how Ms. Collins really was, maybe that wouldn’t have made people fall in love w/ the character so Eastwood chose Jolie and directed her in that fashion. I studied acting and have done a lot of live theater and it seems to me they were getting us to get more into the character by making her more lovable than proper?? I haven’t stopped thinking about the boys and all the children that get snatched every day, i won’t watch this film again it was too hard for me but I’m glad I know about it and what Christine Collins did. Oh and I live right by where she lived.

  136. destini said,

    I just watched this movie last night and found it compelling. I thought AJ was nearly un-recognizable. (which was good) I didn’t focus on her lips as so many others did and I personally do in some of her roles. She wasn’t as asthetically pleasing either. I’ve read many comments on her red lipstick. Women back in those times didn’t leave the house without being composed. (this would include making up her face)
    For example: My grandmother never leaves the house without lipstick. It’s just something that was customary of the times. Regardless of her mental state, she would have remained as classy as she indeed was. The “real” Christine Collins was clearly not as fetching as Angelina is, but like I said she didn’t seem as beautiful either. I was reminded that despite her media ridden family life, she’s is indeed a talented actress. I feel like she’s definitely versatile and becomes the character she’s playing. This film was riveting. I’m sad there isn’t MORE I can learn about this TRUE STORY. Some things were left out, but for the most part it stayed true to the truth.

  137. rachel said,

    Does anyone know where Christine Collins nee Dunne went to college or school? Being a manager for the phone company she must have had a decent education. Any insight is welcome – thanks!

  138. melody said,

    I really believe they should have found an actress more suited for the role of
    Christine Collins, The movie was about a mothers heartache and torture, It was
    not about a model with big lips. I think Kathy Bates would have been a better pick
    and would have reached a bigger audience .

  139. karen said,

    I think that AJ did a tremendous job! I think that the movie was made very well, and of course almost no movie is perfectly like real life.

  140. hagen miller said,


  141. LOVE JOLIE said,

    I would like to say that this movie was done exsquisitely. I would also like to add that i love angie(as i like to call her) and i know that over the past few years she has not done the best movies and i being a HUGE fan will be the first to admit it but for you to make such blatantly wrong critiques about the movie are both ignorant and just plain stupid. maybe you should see he movie again or period cause sounds like you are a little lost as to what happened and also even if you were correct which you are not movies do take creative licence with true stories Hench the reason the term is “Based on a true story” and not”a play by play of what actually happened 80years ago becuase i was there and have first hand knowledge of what took place”. Yes angie has big lips get the f**k over it and watch the movie i love her lips and they didn’t hardly distract me from what was going on in the story. get over yourself and cut up your blockbuster card your a disgrace to us all p.s. netflix wants its membership back you have been ***DENIED***

    Soku M.

  142. Mirzah said,

    When I was watching the credits and saw who directed it…my reaction was…NO WONDER! It was him who directed the movie!

    Clint Eastwood indeed did an excellent job!

    To the rest of the cast and crew, you deserve the highest appreciation.

    My family and I were glued on while watching it.


  143. natasha parsons said,

    i disagree with any negative comments posted about angelina jolie and clint eastwood. AJ played Christine Collins excellently. Her performance was so real and as a mother i felt her every emotion as being real.

  144. natasha parsons said,

    My family and i too were glued to the movie. We live in mira loma by wineville and see the house where the murders took place daily. Since seeing the movie driving by the house gives us a whole different emotion. Clint Eastwood couldnt of done a better job telling this story I LOVED IT AND SO DID ALL MY CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. SaneWoman said,

    I don’t think a lot of you know what a strong woman is. For one, Angelina Jolie is definitely a strong woman. She’s an ambassador for the United Nations! She has tons of children. She’s successful and famous in her own right. Secondly, her portrayal of Christine Collins was excellent. I don’t think she was a cry baby or that she overacted the trauma. The woman’s child disappeared, the police were not very helpful and in fact locked her up when she insisted the boy brought to her was not her son. I’m sorry but I think any woman and definitely any mother would cry and cry. And then to sit in court and be feet away from the last person to see her son alive and possibly his murderer. I am sure you would be emotional and if not then perhaps you shouldn’t have children. And if you think Clint Eastwood did a poor job you’re an even bigger idiot. And as for Angelina Jolie’s “smoldering glances” and such, that is your own perception of her. I thought she did a wonderful job and I hope they all win awards. She has great scope. I imagine she’d have to maim her face for you to take her seriously. I think she was the perfect one for this role. Watch the movie!

  146. Lois said,

    I saw the movie and I am not a fan of Angelina’s but I am a fan of Clint Eastwood. I was prepared NOT to like it because I don’t like her; but I was surprised that I really enjoyed the movie. I think Angelina protrayed Mrs. Collins as a strong lady dealing in times where women did not have much say in things.

    I cannot believe what the LAPD did to this woman!!!

  147. Lisa said,

    My earlier comments about Angelina in the role still stand. I think the role would have been better suited for someone whose looks weren’t a starring role. I found myself thinking that Angelina was “acting.” Although I am a fan of Angelina, I thought she was fantastic in “A Mighty Heart,” Her entire performance was devoid of facial expression and her huge lips were distracting. I think this was one of her worst acting roles in a long time although I thought Clint did a wonderful job with the movie, even if he omitted some crucial facts such as the role of Northcotts mother in the murders.

  148. Lisa said,

    Also, be real, if Christine Collins looked even remotely like Angelina Jolie, every male in a 1,000 mile radius would be pissing themselves to help the damsel in distress. I think Joan Allen would have been a good choice for Christine Collins…great actress.

  149. michelle said,



  150. Miss said,

    I thought the movie was great, and I thought A.J. did an amazing job on playing Ms. Collins character. The story was so depressing though, and I believe that we should have been taught this story in our history books during school years, another thing to show how messed up our society was, and especially what the police had the power to do. But I also believe the movie was spectacular, and I’m glad to see that this tragic story is finally being heard and receiving the recognition it truly deserves.

  151. Moonchild Diva said,

    I think Angelina Jolie did a wonderful job portraying this mother.

  152. Jennifer said,

    I am amazed by this true story. As a parent, this is my worse fear. AJ portrayed this character, this woman, with such integrity and compassion and truly brought her back to life. All the people involved in this story – good for you! You have brought attention to how corrupt and evil this world can truly be. By watching this movie, I have a much greater appreciation of every hug I receive from my kids. This was a very moving story and one that would have disappeared if not discovered by “the perfect individuals” who by working together, brought it all to life. This is a true story that has prevented so many women from being thought “insane” and so many parents from crying desperately for children that may never be returned. Let’s all hope and pray that Walter did make it and lived a good life, even though, without his mother. I would like to believe Christine and Walter are together now – finally together.

  153. kellie mellamphy said,

    I saw this movie last night and I thought it was really moving. AJ portrayed the character really well. But when did Christine Collins actually die? Also there’s one thing I don’t understand, did gordan stewart and his nephew actually snatch Walter from his home because in the movie it said that Walter never wanders away from home so I was just wondering how Walter ended up in the hands of gordan stewart northcott..

  154. Nina said,

    To clear things up about the fate of Christine Collins, I am posting the comments of two readers on the online article of Frank Girardot entitled “The fate of Christine Collins” posted November 3, 2008. (

    Marie said:

    There is a Christine I. Dunne living in Seattle, Wash. in the 1910 census. Her father was b. in Ireland and her mother was b. in England. Christine told her son Walter that his father was in Seattle to explain his absence. (Oakland Tribune 4/11/1928)
    There is a Christine D. Collins who died in Los Angeles on 12/8/1964. (age 73) Christine is misspelled as Christin.(Rootsweb)
    November 18, 2008 6:37 PM

    Chris said:

    Marie is quite correct,

    Collins’ maiden name was Christine I. Dunne. I have been trying for sometime to figure out why she was not coming up in the death index. When I saw the misspelling of Christin Collins, mystery solved. It links to the SS death index, under the name of Kathleen Collins. Collins noted in a letter that this was one of several aliases that she used after the high profile trial.

    Curiously in the early 1930’s Collins was staying with a friend her family in Oakland, having first met them in Hawaii in the early part of the century. She was staying there in order to be closer to San Quentin Prison, in order to question Gordon Northcutt.

    Collins’ was listed as staying with James C. Borton in the 1930 census. Borton was a friend of her father, Frances W. Borton. Borton took in Collins because he and Borton were members of the Knights of Pythias, a fraternal organization.

    Good job Marie, you helped solve the mystery!

    November 20, 2008 7:24 AM

  155. Derek said,

    The Movie made by Mr Eastwood is fantastic and is a great reminder of the past and how we should take time to review the past to know haw to cope with the future but I have a question, What ever happened to the other inportant characters in the story, the boy from the ranch who opened the entire case wide up. Did he end up living somewhat of a normal life after what he had been through. What about the police officer that went on his gut feeling and interviewed the boy for the second time and took the boy back to the ranch where they discovered the truth. And most of all what happened to the minnister, the movie sayd that he remained doing his radio program for the rest of his years but did he ever right about the event and is he still living? Any answers to these questions would be great.

  156. Shelly said,

    All I have to say is that it is a movie BASED on true events. It is not a documentary. Movies are dramatized to pull in audiences. The complaint about Angelina playing the role is understandable…but think of film as a business. The leading lady needs to hold some form of sex appeal even if that sickens some people to admit. To be perfectly honest, the film wouldn’t get as much attention if someone who actually resembled the real Christine Collins portrayed her. I do think they could have played down the red lipstick though…

  157. Krystal said,

    Just because a woman is strong does not mean she doesn’t have feelings…I am a very strong, determined woman and if my daughter went missing all of my composure would not be held. Especially if someone else was sent to “replace” my daughter, there would definately be some screaming and hysterical moments involved.

  158. MOR said,

    really these moviee is a hit !!!! also thank you to all for bringing these story to a movie beacuse these things cant be kept as a secrect we all have to be aware of the real things that had or are happening in our country or world!!!!

  159. davonn said,

    Mr. Eastwood and Ms. Jolie is not at fault if you felt that the movie, in your opinion, was presented falsely. Also, you mentioned that Mr. Eastwood and Ms. Jolie dishonored Ms. Collins. Dishonor Is too grave a word and i belive that when they made the movie they have huge amount of respects for the woman and her story and they would not go this far just to dishonor her.

  160. nari said,

    Christine Collins was a brave woman, who many woman should look up to

    After all the police put her through she kept fighting

    that is what i call a TRUE mothers love

    i wish all mothers are like her

  161. Moonlitewalker1 said,

    I read most of all the posted comments which are well written and fair. Some were not fair at all over a couple of things. However, the most amazing thing was the originator of this blog. This person says they were “disgusted …” and that Angelina’s portayal of Ms Collins was, “… hysterical, screaming and crying drama-queen”. The blog author needs to go BUY A CLUE and stop showing such insecurity over God knows what. On a different note; I agree that CE should’ve filmed AJ with just a little less make up as that would have probably been more close to the real Christine Collins. But, AJ did an amazing job in acting for this role and I found her portrayal to be pretty damn good!

  162. looney lucy said,

    I just watched this movie and quite frankly everyone is missing the point. We live in a society of powerful people and if you get in their way they will put you away just as they did with Ms. Collins in the pysch ward for no reason. Her child went missing !!, who can indure that? And for Norcott he definetly did not deserve to be alive after confessing he killed childern for what? He was sick, no cauntious what so ever. I understand that you can do so much but when you plea for your son’s sake that the child they found is yours, and tell the captain of the police department of circumstances decides to be neive about it…come on!! Your Life deteriates longing for an answer to why is my child not with me today?

  163. matt blais said,

    she is not portrayed hysterical at all, are you high? have you watched it? she is stoned faced and determined the whole movie…

  164. Carla said,

    I think Angelina did a great job in the movie I never found her to be over the top. She is portraying a woman who’s son had disapeard! I would have been an emotional wreck if it were me!! Yes, the real Christine was a very strong woman indeed, but don’t think that she never had her moments when she would have broken down in tears over her loss and maybe even became somewhat hysterical, I’m sure she would have. I don’t know anyone who loves their child who wouldn’t. If those moments didn’t exist in the movie, than I would not be convinced that Angelina was playing the role of a mother who had lost her son. The movie was great, gut wrenching but a good movie. And I can’t think of anyone who could have played a better leading character.

  165. Lisa said,

    All I kept thinking through the whole movie was how horrible it would be to have to go through that. Not only did her son get kidnapped, but then she was discredited and abused by the police. It just goes to show what positive effects feminism has had on our society… yet we still have so far to go! Images of Brittany Spears gone mad run through my mind. We may not lock women up in insane assylums w/o consent anymore, but we certainly skewer them through media coverage.
    This movie was excellent. I though Angelina did a great job. I thought she was compelling and real, and her wardrobe and make-up only added to the beauty of the movie as a whole.
    This was an awesome movie, I cannot say enough about it, there are so many different elements to comment on…
    I’m not sure if anyone noticed but not only were women treated poorly, but the children in the movie were also treated horribly…

  166. Poola said,

    Okay…you are so wrong about everything.

    1. It was depression-era. A large part of the murder trial took place in 1929 and the chicken coop murderer was hanged in 1929. And one could argue by “case” they mean the search for her son which lasted her whole life so…there ya go.
    2. She was OBVIOUSLY middle-class in the movie. She had a huge house!
    3. The movie didn’t even really touch on her husband, just that he ran away from his responsibilities, it wasn’t really that important to what the movie was trying to portray.
    4. She DID allow herself to be convinced by the police that maybe it was her son. Why else would she have taken him home? What you said happened and what you are saying isn’t true are the SAME THINGS! You said she wasn’t some

    When the police “returned” a boy to Ms. Collins that was not Walter, she said, “I do not think that is my son”. The police responded by telling Ms. Collins that, because of the months-long trauma that she had endured, her memory was likely failing her. This is a very important point. —– WHAT point? That’s exactly what was portrayed in the movie. She wasn’t convinced, OBVIOUSLY, but she didn’t know what else to do in that situation. In real life, she said “that’s not my son.” and was convinced/talked into taking him home to “try him out.” and in the movie she said “that’s not my son.” and was convinced/talked into taking him home to “try him out.” You are saying the exact same things.

    LASTLY, Angelina Jolie and Clint Eastwood had it exactly right! She was extremely unemotional throughout the entire film. Yes, she cried sometimes because HER CHILD WAS MISSING! Even the most nonemotional women who were concerned with acting in a businesslike manner when dealing with men in authority would have cried a little/freaked out a lot if their son was missing and no one was helping her. No one is saying anything bad about Christine Collins, she WAS portrayed as a strong, businesslike, unemotional, brave woman. She was also a mother and I’m thinking they had people who were more expert on the subject than you.

    Did you know Christine Collins? Were you alive during this time? Were you involved in the case at all? I’m really wondering what makes you SUCH an expert on this. Please tell me.

  167. adriana said,

    omg i saw the movie changeling and thought it was amazing!! angelina jolie did a fantastic job playing christine collins! she is an amazing actress. im only 12 years of age and this movie made me cry! lol

  168. Samantha said,

    I think you should really see the movie…again. Your points are way off base…at no time does any scene support your claimns about Angelina protraying her as a “drama queen”. The film does a nice job showing Christine as a strong, smart mother and worker. She is shown as a hero and someone who fights for what is right. It is a shame that you look at strong women who cry as drama queens. Please remember that she lost her son and then given a fake son – I think being angry and crying would be an appropriate response. It doesn’t take away from her strengths – just makes her a real person and not some robot you would like to believe!

  169. Taylor said,

    I would just like to say that the comment about Angelina portraying the image of Christine Collins in a negative way is so wrong.
    In the film, the law & police force put her in the position to look psychotic to the public but she never played the weak-hearted easily deterred character you’re claiming she did. Don’t forget how she fought her way through mental institution she was put in & did not let them make her crazy; she learned. She got out. Eastwood showed the courage & willpower Christine must have had to survive the disappearance of her son. Never did he make her seem small & naive.

  170. Esmeralda Martinez said,

    Good movie. I didn’t know it was based on a true story. I watched ithe movie 2 nights ago and I enjoyed it. I would see it again, and again.

  171. luisa morales said,

    i watch the movie and its a really really good movie it sad about what happened to her son. and who ever took her son is a dead beat

  172. Billie Sue Collins said,

    I’m glad I could find a picture (if in fact it is her). I have several photo albums from my ancestor many who do not have any names with them. I do know that because of my family tree that I have some relatives that settled in orange county and Los Angeles amont other places. I’m curious to see if I have a connection.

  173. whitesapphire912 said,

    no matter what type of woman she was, upper class, lower class, middle class, a woman that cryed all the time or even never cryed at all. any woman that cant find her child will freak. she may have been a strong woman but that doesnt mean that she cant cry or yell at a person that is telling her that a boy that was given to her was her son when it wasnt. walter was only gone for five months, when they said ‘they found him” no child changes that much to the point that she wouldnt be able to tell if it was her son. so as a mother i believed that christine had her moments and angelina jolie did her well in this movie

  174. MICHELLE said,



  175. Tina said,

    I just watched Chageling. Wow! It was such a heart breaking movie.I think that did a wonderful job on the movie! I did a little research just to find out some information.I was pretty suprised at what I found.I found it on . It even shows a picture of Gordon Northcott after his arrest.I went to Amazon to find if there is any books on this story and I found :Nothing is Strange with You: The Life and Crimes of Gordon Northcott by:James Jeffrey Paul.The Author researched for 15 yrs so I do want to read his book.I think it would be interesting!

    As I was watched the movie I felt so bad for Chrstine Collins and what she went through.I also feel bad for Standford Clark forced to kill for Gordon or he would lose his own life.In the website above I read that Gordon sexual abused him,beaten him and made him kill.So Sad. This story is sad all away around!

  176. lori rodriguez said,

    i love that movie !! my mom bought it for me and i was happy cause i been wanting to see it.
    i started crying when Gordon was capturing the kids and killing them.
    that story touched me . Christine Collins is a brave lady. after all the things she been through. i don’t know how no one believed her . but i was so happy when they killed Gordon thats what he gets.

  177. Dulce Delgado said,

    my question is, why didn’t they question Gordons nephew,Sandord Clark, if Walter was captured? According to the movie he was with Gordon that night so he must have known what really happened. It was just an amazing movie. aj did a phenomenal job, I don’t think she was hysterical. A mother would have reacted the same way or probably even worst.

  178. Carla said,

    l didn’t even hear about this movie and it just popped out at me in the video store so I rented it. I had no idea what was going to happen in the movie, all I knew was what was written on the back of the movie case, that a woman’s son disappears and the police bring back a boy who isn’t her son and insist that he is. I had no idea about the murders. But I thought the movie was so great, Jolie and Eastwood did an excellent job, so I went out and bought it too.

  179. Kelly said,

    I, TOO, feel that Angelina Jolie was cast appropriately for this role. Her face is haunting and I think was pivotal to showing the strength of Christine Collins throughout this ordeal, thus a perfect focus for the director. KUDOS!! The period costume does help suggest subliminally the time and underscores how very tenacious the real Christine Collins was in those years, as well as providing a time line for the rest of us.

    All the pictures I have been able to find of her always show her in a hat. Just think of how we, as a culture, rely on outward affects such as clothing to make us feel pulled together when we are screaming and unsure on the inside. I suspect she was no different. I once watched a movie portrayal about a REAL LIFE cancer patient (feat. Sarah Chalke) undergoing mastectomy in her early 20’s. On the day of her surgery she makes sure to comment that wearing her lipstick into surgery is the only thing that makes her feel whole, like a real woman. Routine feels safe, when the world as we know it is falling down around us. So, lipstick and red lips aside, I think the movie hit home and resonated with every single person here, which is evident by the fact we are all searching for more information on the story (NOT ANGELINA JOLIE). To me, that means they were successful in shedding light on a story that gathered dust for decades and almost incinerated before being shared with the rest of us.

    Point is, the story hit home, touched all of us on a deeper level, and for that I am grateful. The movie was wonderful and if you’ve read anything about the journalist who discovered this story and made it into a film, he researched for a year and incorporated actual testimony into the film. He worked very hard, as did Clint Eastwood (who also visited the actual Wineville Northcott ranch) to bring this courageous mother’s story to the public once again. Fantastic job all around, actors, directors and all. I don’t think they could have picked a more haunting face than Anglina Jolie for this role, and it has obviously worked. Now, when we see her maybe we will also remember Christine Collins, lest we ever forget her true courage in taking on the corrupt LAPD in 20’s/30’s. An honorable movie for a very remarkable mother.

  180. tanya said,

    I watched the movie tonight and thought it was fabulously directed and All the cast were brilliant AJ played Christine with such dignity.Well done CE.The saddest part is that the real Christine never found her son.

  181. nathan said,

    For people who wanted to know what happened to Sanford Clark later on in life..this is what wikipedia has to say.

    Sanford’s older sister, Jessie, became suspicious of the letters Sanford was forced to send home from Northcott’s ranch that assured the family he was well. She went to the ranch and stayed several days. However, she became terrified of Northcott, left and told authorities her brother was in the country illegally.[19]

    Sanford Clark was never tried for murder, but was sentenced to five years at the Whittier State School (later renamed the Fred C. Nelles Youth Correctional Facility). His sentence was later commuted to 23 months. After his release, he was deported back to his native Canada. Clark’s son, Jerry Clark, credits Clark’s sisters June and Jessie, associate prosecution counsel Loyal C. Kelley, and the Whittier State School for helping save Sanford from Gordon Northcott.

    Clark served in World War II, and then worked for 28 years for the Canadian postal service. He married, and he and his wife, June, adopted and raised two sons. They were married for 55 years and were involved in many different organizations. Clark died in 1991.

  182. LILIANA LEDEZMA said,


  183. steve Knows said,

    I dont agree with your comments at all about showing Christine as whining and crying I thought AJ did a very admirable job. It is apparent that you have some kind of biased towards here. I would have to say that its seems man in the film industry have also felt that here performance was admirable. Also have to comment that after seeing the above pictures of the real Christine I think angelina Jolie did a wonderful job visually portraying the deep intenseness of this womans look both with the sadness in her face and longing in her eyes… I thought the film was beautifully done and also I did not believe parts of the film. I have to say after placed myself in california in 1928 with a strongly male dominated society that believed women were second class and unintelligent it made perfect sense. I understood how the arrogant police in the film would think a mother could be tramatized and not remember her own child so in the end i found it believable. So i did enjoy the film… its just my unbiased and truthful opinion

  184. Sammy Pike said,

    I saw this film tonight and i think that AJ played her part damn well. She portrays collins as exactly what she should have! Professional, doing well forherself and very together. The phone conversation between collins and the police officer, when she is trying to prove that the boy (Arthur) is not her son blew me away! She stayed so together and polite! Besides, to whom wrote the first comment on this page even strong professional and well looked upon woman cave especially if their children are involved. AJ did collins justice!

  185. angel said,

    I believe the movie was Great… I think your reading too much into to it. There isn’t any producer that gets the real life to a T. even titanic was a little off but it was a great movie

  186. shenika said,

    what true story movie have you seen that told the whole story and had all of there facts
    Right. NOT ONE…your missing it. Aj did an excellent job everyone who worked with the making
    Of this movie bravo. Love the red lipstick.

  187. Erica said,

    Look, the movie was not trying to be exactly like the real deal! AJ is not supposed to be dressed up to look exactly like the real C.C.! I wasn’t distracted by her lips not once in the movie, and I don’t know why everyone else was. Personally, as long as it’s not just terrible, I don’t care about make-up. And I think the dark eye-shadow was to kid of give her eyes an exasperated, devistated look because she lost her boy! Just my opnions.

    And, AJ was not “hysterical” throughout the whole movie. She actually was very strong. But ANY MOTHER would be a bit vulnerable if they lost their only child. I can assure you that probably the real C.C. was a bit hysterical, too!

  188. Krystle said,

    I thought the movie was great. AJ did an excellent job and I was really moved by her acting.

    Praises to Mr.Eastwood as well for coming up with another gripping film. 🙂

  189. ILoveLA said,

    I couldn’t disagree more with the OP. I’m not even an Angelina Jolie fan and I LOVED the movie. I’m a stickler for details and historical accuracy, and I think the film did a great job of portraying this true event. The theme that was constant throughout was how Christine Collins never stopped looking for Walter, never gave up, never stopped making phone calls, etc. Based on what I’ve read about the real Christine Collins, I think the movie did an excellent job of getting across her commitment to finding her child. It also portrayed her as a strong, intelligent, independent, self-sufficient woman at a time when women just didn’t do that!

  190. PJ said,

    I disagree with you on the comment you made about Jolie portraying Christine Collins as a hysterical, screaming woman. What?!! That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    Not a fan of Jolie at all, but I have to give her kudos for a wonderful performance – I thought she played Collins as a quiet yet strong woman.

  191. TIERANEY said,


    She played Christine Collins! She played her sooooo well, I didn’t notice “her” at all. I am a fan of her work but fan or no fan, you can’t take her incredible acting away from her… And to Clint Eastwood… I mean, need I say more? The cast was FANTASIC… I’ve watched the movie about 10 times already.

    I LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!!

  192. Nanzaa said,

    i saw the movie last night…its a good movie..worth to watch…even if it based on true story but They did really good job…I still admired Ms. Chirstian Collins..her strong and brave! Credit to AJ for her very well acting.. Thx for yr info..The movie really good too…

  193. Sally-Anne said,

    WRT the write up on your site, I unfortunately disagree with you on your statement. I think the movie was quite well portrayed, and not once did I think the movie showed Colleen as a hysterical, screaming and crying drama-queen – she did, after all, stick to her guns.

  194. Sally-Anne said,

    Apologies, I meant Christine, I was busy doing 2 things at once!

  195. reader said,

    i think AJ was perfect for this roll..
    even if she had big lips
    there really is no exact look alike to christine collins but AJ did a great job
    yes she was a strong women
    but if this had happend to you
    how would you react
    no one knows the real truth as to how she reacted
    truth gets twisted along they years
    even as a stong women
    shes allowed to loose it .
    wouldnt you ?

  196. flash said,

    All I hope is that the F__KER who killed those kids is burning in hell!!!

  197. Katie said,

    To number 33-Julie, I didn’t rea all of them so I don’t know if anyone commented to not, but they DID ask the boy who escaped if the other 2 got away or not and he said he didn’t know. That he never saw them again.

    I think everyone in this film did a really believable performance. I felt like I was watching it all happen right before my eyes to as it really happened. I was drained by the time it was over and very sad. I have never been a fan of AJ but I thought she did a fantastic job in this part. Had she not, I wouldn’t have been so moved by the whole thing. It is still haunting me. A job well done by Clint Eastwood.

  198. NIkky said,

    Creo que en la pelicula retratan una mujer que lucho siempre, y no se dejo abatir por el contrario dio pelea y logro modificar las leyes que en ese entonces habian en los Angeles, ella con su fuerza hiso muchos logros y cambios que hicieron de la muerte de su hijo una luz de esperanza que se vio muy bien retratada en la pelicula, el trabajo de Angelina, el director entre todos, sin dejar de exaltar la actuacion del complice del asesino, gordon northcott, el chico impecable!!! aunque creo que en la vida real fue la abuela/ madre la complice no el sobrino….. me encanto creo que le hiso justicia a la verdadera Cristine

  199. RINIE said,


    its 8:22pm

    im in australia

  200. cate said,

    I watched this movie last night and it was incredible. Some people think AJ should not have been cast in this role, but i disagree. No one could have played this role better, with such passion. She is very powerful in this role. Not everyone focuses on her looks. This movie moved me to do more research on the actual story. Fantastic movie, and fantastic performance by AJ.

  201. Megan said,

    I agree with the first comment. I’m not sure how you interpreted Christine Collins as being portrayed as hysterical in this movie, unless all you really saw were the clips, because that is the exact opposite of the approach clearly taken on her in the film Changeling. It’s clear that she is a very strong woman, staying as composed as possible for a mother who has not only lost her son, but is being told some other boy is her son, all the while time is being waste in what could be the search for her real child.

    You can tell how smart she is being portrayed, because anyone who knows the era realizes how unfairly and easily women were dismissed and considered to be overly emotional during that period of time, but she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. When she initially calls to report her missing son, she is told that nothing can be done for 24 hours and she is clearly distressed but calm. When the “reunion” is taking place, she is asked if the LAPD has handled everything well (clearly hoping for good press) and she immediately tries to mention that the 24-hour waiting period seemed wrong. From the beginning she is labeled as someone who wants what’s right and isn’t afraid to speak up or put herself out there.

    Even when placed in the mental ward, and told she could be set free as soon as she signed a waiver admitting this boy was her son, she refused to do so and take the easy way out.

    As for the scene when she is actually “reunited” with “her son” her first reaction is that there has been a mistake, and she says so. It was easy for me to tell that she was not being portrayed as some weak and submissive female when she agreed to take home this other boy, so I’m not sure how you got to this point. She was portrayed as being in shock that this supposed joyous reunion had been a tragic mistake, and when she confronted the issue, the chief of police makes it clear that he isn’t interested in a fuss being made, especially in front of the press. It did not seem to me that she was being convinced that her son was really this boy, but that she was so shocked by the mistake she agreed to bring him home and get out of the press’ eye. What would you do? I felt her pain, like what would I do? I may have done the same thing, considering the time period. When she deals with the authorities, she tries to be as persistent as possible, but because of the time, women didn’t have the power we do now. She often has to apologize and assure the men she’s dealing with that she isn’t trying to skip out on her motherly responsibilities, or trying to cause a scene. That isn’t her being portrayed as weak and submissive, that is the the era and how women had to act on their genius to get their voices heard without being labeled as the “emotional hysteric.”

    I enjoyed the flick! Still cannot believe its a true story.

  202. sarah l said,

    This story really moved me.

  203. Kelley said,

    Well, Angelina has big lips….and you’ll always look at them….but she was freaken perfect!!! Of all the stories I’ve researched, it’s as accurate as you can be from a film stand point. I think it was bloody brilliant. They focused of the largest points of the story and, as mentioned in comments before, was easy to follow and would have been far too long of a movie otherwise. Reviews are never a reliable source when you wanna know what a film really holds. Everyone enterprets differently. I’ve watched twice and plan to watch it again! It’s good stuff. I think she’s portrayed as quite a strong and powerful woman. Bravo, Mr. Eastwood. And good show Angelina!

  204. gocha said,

    Cieszę się, że mogłam obejrzec kolejny film z A.J. Temat rzeczywiście bulwersujący, wydawałoby się , że literacka fikcja. Ale jednak nie. Pociesza to, że prosty człowiek bez koneksji może zdziałac tak wiele.

  205. gleem said,

    Just saw the movie tonight on DVD. After having seen photos of the real Christine I am a little perplexed as to the message Mr. Eastwood is sending us.
    The movie was all about the pursuit of truth. The real Christine was a very plain, almost homely woman. AJ is a one of the most glamorous women in the world today.
    I can’t help but think Eastwood really sold out to business over truth or art in his hiring of AJ.
    My choice would have been Frances McDormand.

  206. nina said,

    the movie itself was made beautifully. i would have to say that it really touched me in a very special way. although, i think someone else would have been better for the role of christine collins. angelina jolie is a great actress but i think that this role just didn’t fit her completely. i guess i’m just so use of seeing her with guns and bullets. and no they did not depic c. collins to be hysterical. but overall, i liked the movie. it was really good!

    p.s. can’t believe that the story is historically correct. it’s still creeping me out.

  207. robert said,


  208. Jamie said,

    I just watched this movie the first time tonight and I loved it. I thought AJ and the other cast were amazing. I was reading other comments and disagree about AJs make-up and such. I thought for the time it was appropriate. Women back then wore the bright red lipstick and such. And who cares about make-up anyway she did a great job. She should win awards for the performance that she did. When I watched the movie the story was so heart wrenching already, then u add Jolies acting to it and it pulled you in more. I would like to know what happened to the boy that helped crazy guy kill those kids. I would be torn about that. On one hand he did it. The other you see a crazy guy killing kids, you know right away that he would do it. So if he was threating your life u know he wasn’t lieing and you know he would not hesitate to kill you too. That was nuts to me. Anyway in conclution, I am sorry that these things happen in the world. It sadden and scares me. I feel for that woman and the parents that lost their children even though I know most of them are gone. The movie was great and I would recommened anyone to see it. LOVE IT!!!!

  209. Dale White said,

    Liked the movie…only had one issue with it and that was at the end…Why in the movie did no one go and ask the nephew, Sanford Clark if they had recaptured ther boys the night they escaped.

  210. Shelley Paterson said,

    Very well done ..kudos to the cast and directors for depicting this story that can hit so close to home ! Whats up with you women focusing on AJ’s lips ..was the story line not good enough …..hellooo

  211. Joanie said,

    I must be enthralled with this story if I can’t stop thinking about it. I watched it last night, woke up for an hour last night and couldn’t go back to sleep and then ended up having a nightmare about my own children. First thing this morning I grabbed my coffee and got on Wikipedia. As a mother, it tore me apart with empathy for all mothers that have had to live this hell. In regards to the movie and the cast, I believe it was well done. I was captivated throughout the entire movie. I was in it, from a mother’s point of view. The corruption of the LAPD was horrifying! Throughout history we see this struggle for power. When will we learn we are all created equal and each of us deserves equality? Sad but true the world can be a frightening place. I take comfort in the fact that Christine and Walter are together now and happy. We are the ones left with the sorrow. Thank you to Mr. Eastwood and all involved for bringing the story to light in such an eloquent representation. Its stories like this that help us appreciate each day with our loved ones. If Hollywood does nothing else it does that!

  212. Sleepless In Dallas said,

    PS …can anybody help me find her please reply………………….I just have this image of her crying and worried about me..I have to tell her Im ok

  213. ive said,

    CW looked like a character from the Great Gatsby!!!

  214. Sabrina. said,

    Hello. my name is Sabrina. Soy de Villa de Mayo. Argentina. The film is very good. But to me that there should be no hidden things like the father of Walter and mother of the murderer. The movie made me reflect and realize how little I value my family sometimes. The truth at the time the police was a shame. Very good site. Greetings from ale a friend interesting in a movie and me.

  215. monica said,

    the movie is good but they did not tell about walter collins enough they only told about LAPD. And Ms.Collins in the scary prison thank godness they found all the people who was involved or in the children who got killed by that gay man

  216. Carennedy said,

    The movie was very well done and Angelina did an amazing job as a strong professional single mother who was foremost a lady. Many times we interpret things with a contemporary veil and forget the time period. A middle class professional lady of the 1920s would have respected authority and been lady like. Angelina did a great job of showing how a professional women would have reacted at this time.

    This was a horrific event that no one would have remembered if it wasn’t for this movie and these people. Yes Angelina is gorgeous but she is also a very talented actress who gets more credit for her action then her heart wrenching dramas.

  217. Jéssica Tamiris said,

    História INCRIVEL.

  218. Annemarie mariani said,

    I’m not interested in any other comment about the movie. All I can say is that i am obsessed with this story. I think that Angelina Jolie did an OUTSTANDING job. She captured my heart. As a result, all I can think of is how much Christine Collins suffered at the hands of the LAPD. I solute Clint Eastwood and all involved with this production.

  219. ila said,

    i know everythings been said already, i just wanted to agree,

    the film is amazing, and the story, is the worst true story i’ve every discovered, i thought i was watching a horror movie for the first half.

    jodie’s lips ARE really distracting! made worse by horrendously loud lipstick colours. she acted her best….and portrayed an incredibly strong woman, but – A J is limited because of her looks which are not my cup of tea but they are in your face. Maybe they chose her because she does always have a coldness about her – which the real christine seems so have something like…more profressionalism and confidence despite such a bullying and distructive police force to the highest level…i would not have thought any person, male or female could take that amount of atrocity from society, mainly police doctors and nurses who all seemed to be murderers and torturers in the disguise of uniforms. i’m very shocked to find out this is a true story, what a woman. what a woman.

  220. karla said,

    Me pareció una exelente pelicula y es admirable la valentia de la sra. christine collins ya que hoy en dia con tantos secuestros y con tanta inseguridad en el pais es realmente impresionante el valor con el cual hoy en dia los padres enfrentan el secuestro de sus hijos y que muchos de estos secuestros no se dan a conocer publicamente ya que debido a la falta de recursos de muchos padres de condicion humilde sinplemente …no se hace nada al respecto .. considero tambien que esta es una pelicula que le recuerda a las autoridades de todo el mundo en general no lavarse las manos ….hagan su trabajo como debe ser y combatan la corrupcion , trafico de menores, trafico de mujeres, . Pido a dios en verdad y de corazon que todos los niños secuestrados dia a dia regresen a sus padres y que ya no permita mas tristeza y dolor en el mundo …escuchanos dios y dales paz al corazon de todas las personas que no han recuperado a sus hijos…. soy madre de dos hijos y no puedo imaginar estar sin ellos. dios los bendiga a todos .gracias por este espacio

  221. Andréia said,

    Eu nunca tinha ouvido falar sobre esta história, confesso q comecei a assistir o filme por causa da Angelina da qual amoooo como atriz porque é a melhor de todas além de um ser humano incrível, assim q vi o filme até eu até o último instante acreditei q ela encontraria o seu filho, e eu tive esperanças até o fim q ele apareceria, qdo acabou o filme corri até a net para procuar saber sobre a história e confesso a todos que estou muito emocionada até agora por ter constatado q ela veio a falecer sem nunca te-lo encontrado..e me pergunto será q ele sobreviveu ??? Eu gostaria de saber se ele relamente viveu e porque nunca voltou. O Sofrimento de uma mãe pela perda de um filho do qual se faz um funeral já é algo q nunca se esquece e nunca se eapaga..Agora uma mãe q perde seu filho ede uma mameira que nunca mais volta a ve-lo (seu corpo) deve de ser algo como morrer em vida se pedir para morrer e não conseguir. Deus relmente é tão grandioso que só mesmo Ele sabe confortar quem merece e quem precisa….Angelina Jolie é um anjo que apesar de toda fortuna q tem, a cada dia e a cada vez q respira ajuda quem precisa. Num mundo tão maldoso, tão cruel, e a cada dia mais sem fé.. ela com sua alma tão pura e verdadeira nos traz a cada dia interpretações maravilhosas em encenações q só mesmo ela consegue fazer. Nenhuma outra atriz na minha opinião é tão pura, sincera e tão humana qto ela. !!!
    Andréia- Brasil

  222. SIMPLE said,

    I just watched the movie. It is such a touching story. After the first few scenes, I forgot about AJ’s lips. What a sad story. Too bad Christine Collins had to experience such a tragedy.

  223. Jennifer said,

    I was so touched by this story, it brought tears to my eyes. I thought the film was GREAT! Angelina Jolie did a wonderful job, I don’t understand the bad commenting on her acting.

  224. Maiya said,

    this was a good movie however, its disappointing that she never did find her son. But I don’t think she was hysterical throughout. There were a few moments where she lost her cool but over all she was very calm. And if you had lost your son and were going through this you have to believe there are going to be moments where you don’t have all the strength to fight tears and anger. And Angelina portrayed the internal battles Ms. Collins must have been going through very well.

  225. jackie said,


  226. jackie said,

    hello, I am from the Netherlands so excuse me for my english.
    I saw the movie last night and I am more interested in the story then the acting of AJ or whatever. After I saw it ,I directly surfed on the internet because I want to know all about this story and I have a few questions can someone help me?

    -Why did he (Gordon Northcott) kill all those children? were they also sexual abused?
    I read that he did it together with his mother!! (wasnt in the movie)Why did she?

    -His mother served just 12 years in prison.What happened with her after that and couldnt she answer the question if Walter was one of them?

    -I read somewhere that they found maybe some remains of Walter Collins did they buried it or did they saved it somewhere and if yes isnt it possible to check the DNA ??

    -In the movie the boy who escaped from the farm is coming back a few years later says he was sure Walter Collins was one of them because Walter helped him escape. Did this really happen?

    -What became of Christine Collins in the years untill her death in 1996?! did she married and have children again?

    -I love movies based on true crime stories like Zodiac,Changeling does somebody know more good movies based on true stories?

    thx jackie

  227. Kathy said,

    I liked this movie, but agree that AJ was not the best choice. I felt she did not connect to the audience she was playing to and for some reason, seemed ‘detached’ and ‘aloof’ in this movie. I think she underacted at times. And I am also disappointed in Eastwood’s direction. As stated in another post, this movie was very ‘clunky’ and not seemlessly directed.

    For more about this case, you can look at Wikipedia. Supposedly Northcott was sexually abused. And he sexually abused and tortured the children he killed. He and his mother were very close, it was said that she would ‘do anything’ for him. It is very possible they had an incestuous relationship.

    His mother was old when she was convicted. She died in 1944, only about 4 years after being released. His mother confessed to killing Walter Collins (in order to avoid the death penalty). There is speculation that she confessed to ‘protect’ her son.

    Little is known about Christine Collins, it is on the internet that she did marry again and had another child, but who knows if it’s true. This site says she died in 1935:; other sites say she lived until age 96 and died in 1996.

    There is a book out and you can get it from Amazon, it’s called “Nothing is Strange With You” and its by James Jeffrey Paul.

    Try “A Stranger Beside Me” the story of Ted Bundy.

  228. Kathy said,

    And another site with her ‘supposed’ date of death:—ch.html

  229. Christopher said,

    Although I just saw this film on DVD (not in a theatre), I have to say it was very well done. I agree that Angelina Jolie is a bit of a distraction in most parts, of course because of her attractive features (which helps to make her a Hollywood star!). I do think, however, she did a great job with her role. I went online to research a little of the case about Christine Collins & Gordon Northcott (the convicted killer), and would also like to point out that in the film there was NO mention of his mother’s involvement (Sarah Louise – possibly his GRANDMOTHER!!), or at least her knowledge of her son’s actions. I read that she had at one time claimed that SHE killed Walter Collins (later recanting her claim) – (

    When making a film based on true facts and actual accounts (especially when concerning this type of material), I’ve always felt that ALL facts regarding to the case should be presented and left to the viewer to determine what had actually happened, almost as if we, the viewers, were a jury (that’s how murder cases are done!). I guess that is considered “poetic license” not to include every detail or characters in film (just the arm chair detective coming out in me). I suppose in the end it would make for a much longer film. All in all, I was intrigued – nee – gripped by the film because of it’s base in reality and very well done acting, directing and production.I have always felt there should be a major film about Lizzie Borden, because the only film I can remember regarding this fascinating unsolved case was made for T.V. in 1975 (with Elizabeth Montgomery as Lizzie – *brilliant job!*). It was a GREAT film, very well done, but I would love to see a feature film with ALL known facts presented!

  230. Liza Renee:) said,

    “Changeling” is a phenomenal movie. Miss Jolie portrayed the character of Mrs.Collins as if she knew her. Although I would have enjoyed it more if Mr.Eastwood stuck closer to the original story. Overall amazing movie seen it more than 3 times and have cried my eyes out to a point where I almost thought that I was not going to be able to cry any longer. I’m 14 and if I can leave a review like this it must be a terrific movie that must be seen. Oh and by the way I hope you older ladies and gentlemen who continue to critique the film purely on her lips, grow up and see her for the real masterpeice of an actress she has turned out to be. And her lips are beautiful the deep red was suiting to bring color into the scenes that would be practicly grey without the eye grabbing attention:)
    -Liza Renee

  231. Dede said,

    I just wanted to add that I am SO so so glad CE decided to leave the pedophelia out of the movie. Anyone who knew it was based on a true story KNEW those poor boys were also abused so Thank You C. Eastwood for not offending our intelligence and delving into “that area.”

  232. andrea said,

    the movie wasnt showing that christine collins was a crying drama queen
    it jus should that she was very concerned about her son like any mother would
    the movie was awesome and i really enjoyed it.

  233. Jocelyn said,

    I just wanted this movie last night. I wondered throughout the film why Angelina Jolie played the role so quietly, almost to the point of seeming stupid, when this woman was obviously smart and confident. I understand now, from your description, that the real Christine Collins was a woman who was reserved. This explains a great deal. I don’t know where you get a description of hysterical and dramatic from? I think we saw two different performances.

  234. Luz said,

    I obviously didn´t read all comments, i skipped some of the recent ones, but I just want to point out some facts: the makeup was typically 1920s/30s, this means dark eyeshadow and red lips. Not only Hollywood stars wore it: my grandma used it as well, and she was simply a seamstress and housewife. if you look at regular women pictures of the time, you´ll see this is true, just as big hair in the 1980s or deep eyeshadow and pale lips in the 60s. Also, the real Christine Collins seems to have had a pretty good taste when it came to choosing her clothes. This has never had necessarilly anything to do with fancyness or wealth.

    AJ does a wonderful job as Christine Collins, and if you really come to think about it, she looks really thin and her skin is made to look aged thru the whole process of seeking her lost child. She just happens to have very distinctive features, so the red lipstick and dark eyeshadow is far more noticeable in her than it would in, say, the girl next door or even Kate Winslet, o give a famous example.

    Greetings from Argentina

  235. nayra said,

    I’m so sad for what happened with her in her life…he’s just trynig find her son, so what is the point she was right.. the other boy they gave the her wasn’t her son…

  236. CamDaMan said,

    That movie pissed me off so bad, I think there should be have been more people locked up in jail, not just “fired” with a slap on the wrist, the Chief, thrown in jail, that J.J. Davis captain, thrown in jail, that doctor paid to say the boy looks like his mother, thrown in jail, the doctor at the psychiatric ward, thrown in jail. And I would have made that boy killer suffer longer than 2 years before hanging him

  237. Helen said,

    I thought it was a great movie and AJ played it really well, i don’t know where you got the idea that she was hysterical. Crying is normal when your childs missing, but for the rest she seemed like a confidend and strong woman. If she wouldn’t have become angry or if she wouldn’t have been crying she would have seem cold, so bravo to AJ, well done!

  238. Brittanie said,

    So to Clint Eastwood, freaking brillant! This man never fails to amaze anyone who actually watches the movies he creates and directs. Million dollar baby with Hilary Swank and now Changeling with Angelina Jolie. I do not believe there is another actress besides MAYBE Reese Witherspoon who could have come close to the performance Angelina delivered. As always despite anything going on in her personal life, Jolie brings to life a character no one really knew about and makes her story one that will never disappear from your mind. Congrats to Angelina, and Mr. Eastwood! Brava, and well done!

  239. Sarah said,

    I actually think they did a very good job at portraying her. she seemed very strong and determined. she did get emotional and hysterical at times but who wouldnt? even with all that she remained on track and continued to fight. even when they told her she could be released from the hospital if she would just sign a peice of paper that said she was wrong and that the boywas hers, shes still refused. she would have rather stayed in the hospital then to admit something that was untrue and not ever know what happened to her son.

  240. danielle said,

    just want to know if christine collins found her son..

  241. danielle said,

    actually i cried a lot while i was watching that movie..
    its so sad that on that time, cops dont listen on what collins’ said..
    im so sad for her..
    and so sad that she never found her son after all what she did..

  242. Jackie said,

    Well, according the the co-defendant and eye-witness (the young boy who helped kill the kids) the Collins boy was among the dead. If they have found remains and there are still family of Christine Collins alive, they can test the DNA. If there are no remaining family, they would have to exhume her body and I doubt they would do that!!!!

  243. Kyle said,

    I know some of you have referenced some facts, but I was wondering if anyone has definitive answers.
    – Did Walter die?!
    – If Walter survived, why wouldn’t he come forward? Perhaps when he was younger he was scared, but what about when he was older?
    – Have the remains found on the ranch ever been tested?
    – Did Gordon Northcott do this alone? (Other than the boy he forced to help)
    Ultimately, I thought it was a good movie; however, I just need some closure. If anyone has any definitive facts regarding the whole movie, let me know.


    • ooh said,

      Unknown if Walter died but probably did. I wondered about the remains too but I suspect the location was built over well before DNA testing came in. Yes Gordon had other help … his mother!!!

    • angela s said,

      Gordon Northcott mother admitted to killing Walter. So no he didn’t survive.

  244. Jessica said,

    I saw the movie last night for the first time and was intrigued by the story so decided to do some follow up research and came across your posting. I do not believe Angelina Jolie played a “hysterical, screaming and crying drama-queen” but a quite typical woman in that era that was reacting upon her missing son. I actually made a comment to my husband about how “calm” she appeared because I am certain I would have handled the situation differently, first, by not agreeing to take the “returned” boy in and quickly enlisting the help of family, friends, neighbors, teachers, doctors, etc that could help determine my case. Overall I think the film was wonderfully portrayed and I believe I got a great sense of who Christine Collins was.



  246. Giulia said,

    I agree that while the story was well done, Angela Jolie was a silly person to cast as the mother. Her looks were a distraction and made the whole thing seem fake when actually it was a good rendering of the story. The occasional factual error, and there were some, were forgivable as artistic license. With better casting of the lead, the film could have been great. As it was it was good, not great. How about someone like Edie Falco as Christine Collins. Now she would have come off as one tough cookie.

  247. searchgirl said,

    Scuse-me , I am french and scuse-me again for my very bad english . I’ve One and only one question : Walter Collins has been found ? I am very sensible and this real story touch me ; I want to know if this boy has been found ! Thank you very much

  248. Jackie said,

    For those posters who aren’t familiar w/ the French language, the term “sensible” means “sensitive”.

    To date Searchgirl, there has been no claim that Walter was ever found. Personally, I don’t think he survived the situation at the ranch. C’est sur qu’il est mort!

    • angela s said,

      google Gordon Northcott, it explains more, his mom helped him on the ranch killing those boys, and she admits to killing Walter.

  249. ......... said,

    I want to know why people think her lips were distracting. I have seen the movie about a half a dosen times and never onces looked at her lips…I think it was a ammazing and moving story and i went out and bought it cause i thought it was a good movie. I found the part were she was put into the mental institute really hard to watch cause it was sad cause she didn’t do anything…

    p.s what happened to her son was he ever found?????

  250. Jackie said,

    I think that Angelina Jolie is a mediocre actress at best. Luckily, with this script, it was foolproof. The story is real and the plot is meaningful. One way or the other, Walter Collins didn’t die for nothing. She got a lot of things changed because of the situation, namely the institutionalization of citizens by police. Good for her!!!

  251. Sierra said,

    Omg the movie is great i wonder if walter ever did escape or got killed by the dude
    but still it was great and the boy who got his foot stuck if it wasnt for him mrs.colllin would have never got hope

    i also think if walter’s dad stayed walter would of gone to the movies and not been captured

  252. Jackie said,

    What if she hadn’t missed the street-car?? Did she hate her boss for holding her up on the street that day? Did she hate the woman who was sick, causing her to have to work on a Saturday? There are a lot of what-if’s. You can live your life focused on that!!

    • ooh said,

      Apparently in real life she was at home when he was taken Jackie.

  253. Rachyl said,

    I don’t know why everyone keeps criticizing Angelina Jolie’s performance in this movie. Has anyone seen A Mighty Heart? She does an equally impressive job of portraying a strong woman in extreme distress.
    As for the movie, I personally loved it. And in the real story, her husband didn’t leave, but was in prison, which is why he was never around, and was also a focus of the investigation into her son’s disappearance. The majority of the rest of the movie comes from the facts of the real case (with the exception of the role of the murderer’s mother in the crimes). Walter Collins was never found for the rest of Christine Collin’s life – and, although she was awarded just over $10,000 from the court proceedings, Jones never payed up, and she spent most of the rest of her life taking him back to court for failure to pay.
    If you want more information on the real story, just google “Wineville Chicken Coop Murders”. should come up with plenty of hits. It’s a crazy, disturbing, and very sad story…

  254. ooh said,


  255. Claudia Carlsen said,

    I had no expectations when I rented this movie. I knew nothing of the tragic story behind it. At first I was drawn to the character as seeing only Angelina Jolie, but once I concentrated on the story as it evolved, I was really drawn into the character of Christine Collins and never thought again of Angelina. To me that is how I determine whether an actor is good or not is in the actual portrayal. Her lips? Never gave them a thought at all. Her looks. Never thought about that either. That’s just exterior stuff.

    The real thing that impressed me was how in control of herself Mrs. Collins was during this agonizing period. And remember this goes on for years and years, not just a few months. For me it would have been agony and I probably would have sworn and yelled at the police in terrible frustration. What a terrific presence of mind she had. Yes, a very strong and amazing woman. Tears or confusion do not constitute weakness. And the fact that she was able to keep working during this time is surprising to me as well. It seems to me that she coped very well in her suffering.

    I also like John Malcovich’s portrayal of the pastor. I was impressed by the pastor’s concern for a woman not of his congregation. And I was also impressed by his commitment to reveal the corruption of the police department. I am surprised that he was not persecuted himself. How much of this was true I wonder? Was the pastor really like that? If so, he was very strong in his convictions and was portrayed very well my JM. This gives me reason to hope that not all good people say nothing, not all good people allow evil to triumph, neither citizen nor pastor. This movie goes far in convincing me of the importance of doing what is right no matter the personal cost when we see an injustice being done.

    Once the part of the murders came up, I just thought, Oh my God! How awful to have to find out about your son being abducted, abused, and probably killed. How can a person live with that knowledge for the rest of their lives and never have closure? Just a day at a time I suppose. Dreadful outcome, but I’m glad they found the killer. I never cried while watching the film, because I was so engrossed by Christine Collins’ character. And if that one detective hadn’t gone against the grain, they might never have investigated the murders properly. I marvel at how just one person made such a difference and helped unravel the entire corrupt system. If each person played their part in life, one can imagine how much more fair it would be.

    I think I better stop here. It’s turning into an essay. Fantastic movie. I want to see it again. Thank you for this opportunity to comment.

  256. Claudia Carlsen said,

    Further to #207. Robert, that is astonishing that your dad and uncle weren’t harmed by this man. What an incredible story! That your family actually knew this man who killed children from other areas. What a shock it must have been when the story came to light. Thank you for sharing how close to home is came to you.

  257. JD said,

    I just saw the movie and seriously I think AJ did a great job… from wat I have seen in the movie Christine Collins is a mid-class woman who is strong and in the whole movie I barely see her being hysterical, screamin, drama queen as u described in ur blog. I dont noe whether u have seen the movie or not, but clearly this movie nor AJ or Clint Eastwood dishonor the real Christine Collins…

  258. Nicole said,

    In response to someone named Hagen Miller, (03/02/09 @ 7:03pm): First of all, the LAPD is very corrupt. (For example: Rodney King and former Police Chief, Daryl Gates.) Numerous police departments all over the entire USA, are very corrupt and we hear about this, all the time.

    In addition, I am the ex~wife of a police officer. I know just how corrupt the police can be, trust me. I had a restraining order on my ex husband for domestic violence and filed for divorce. I was arrested the next day, after trying to file a complaint against other cops on the department, for harassment. (Please look at Or please look up “Diane Wetendorf” ~ who is a domestic violence advocate. She lectures at police departments across the country, on police officers who batter their wives. (Which has become a growing problem, in the USA.)

    I know my comment has nothing to do with the movie. I’m just saying that the police family, is like a gang in itself. I work in law enforcement. I have seen first- hand, just how corrupt and twisted they can be, with their lies and cover~ups, etc. In many states, police officers can lock people up in mental institutions, without any probable cause. (And I’ve seen it happen, just because someone wanted to file a complaint of misconduct against a police officer.) This is 2009 ~ not 1928!!

    Many of the things portrayed in ‘The Changeling” may not have been accurate, because it was a movie, not a documentary. (And no one ever gets every aspect of the story straight, anyway.) And AJ’s looks, have nothing to do with anything. I felt she portrayed Christina Collins’ character, as accurately and as haunting, as she could. (And her bright red lips, the hat she was wearing, her hairstyle ~ all depicted that time era.) I thought this movie was very sad, thought-provoking and amazing! Everyone should see this movie! Look how many people have written on this blog…It has certainly left an impression on most of us.

  259. Naty,, said,

    aller justamentee vi la peliculaa y me causoo mucho dolorr,, peroo a la vez mucho orgullo de esta madre q paso por lugares, orriblees, y lucho contra la policiaa ,
    sabes q nunca encontroo a su hijo, y no sabes como anda, donde, y porq se lo llevaron deve ser una angustia tteriblee,, para esta madre soltera,, espero q este chico este bien , pero estaria mejor con su madre, de lla cual la separaron, bueno solo esoo,
    espero, q allan muchas madres asii,, caundo pierden a sus hijoss! besos
    aahh y hermosaa la peliculaa muy buenaa,,,!!

  260. Jasmine Langdon said,

    I just saw Changling and am not distracted by AJ’s looks because her performance is so good. I can be a bit of a feminist but I also know it was harder for women back in the 20’s and it seems to me that Christine Collins was very independant and doing well for herself.

  261. Nikki said,

    I think, this story is very interesting and scary of course. Could you please tell me where did you found those photo’s?


  262. Stuart Bennett said,

    I’ve just watched Challenging, and yes, i decided to do some research into the story that it is based on. Can i just say what an amazing film it was, Thank you Clint. I also thought that Angelina Jolie was brilliant too and potrayed the caracter very well and completely disagree with your comment that Clint and Angelina have potrrayed her in a different way… Were we watching the same film. Any way enough bickering,,,


  263. Patrick said,

    I just watched this movie. I really had only two problems with it. First, was that repetitve and unenhancing score. It did not, for the most part, seem to fit with the movie and they kept on playing the intro towards the beginning until it became tiresome. Second, was their referencing the term “serial killer.” I don’t believe that this phrase was even born until the 1970s. I could say that the sequence of events seemed awfully convenient, too, but I know they do this in most historical dramas to add to the flow of the movie and its watchability.

    On the other hand, the acting was great, and I liked Angelina Jolie’s portrayal of the Collins lady. She is not always one of my favorite actresses, but this time she really knocked it out of the park.

  264. Linda W said,

    Just watched the film. It was OK. I thought Malcovitch was great, as usual. The guy who played the murderer put on a scene-stealing performance – quirky, oddly charasmatic, creepy.
    The cops, though apparently true to the actual story, were two dimensional. Jolie was fine, but how can you not focus on those lips. It’s irrelevant whether she was born with them – they are huge and hard to ignore. I would rather have read a book about this case than watched this movie.

  265. Jackie said,

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Linda, that was THE best comment ever contributed to this blog! I agree with you 110% in every respect!!!!!!!!

    • Alexandre Moreno said,

      I watched the movie last night (yes, 2013) and did some research. Sad story, very well directed movie by Clint Eastwood and very well portrayed by Angelina Jolie of whom I’m not a big fan. I did not get distracted by her lips maybe because the story was too compelling for that to matter at all.

  266. mary sackey said,

    no i just researched about that… christine collins did not find his son and no one knows whether he survived the night the 3 boys escaped. she died i think in 1954. the boy was 9 years old

  267. Jerri said,

    I thought the movie was well done. Sad to think that the officer continued to be in police work. His character displays the sad thinking of many men of his day. They just explained it away as female hysterics. This was a sad story for Christine.

  268. Rebekah said,

    i came across this blog in my research into the true story of, not only Christine & Walter Collins, but the Northcott murders, as well. A testament to the compelling nature of this film. One point that i found disturbing was the deletion of Northcott’s mother from the people involved. This being primarily because it was she who confessed to and described the killing of Walter Collins. Walter Collins’s remains were never found, or identified. Northcott himself never directly confessed to his murder. Hence, Ms. Collins continued her search for him, & the nourished the agonizing hope of his living return, for the rest of her life. So states the film, at any rate. If it is true that Mrs. Northcott confessed to Walter’s killing, as i have read, why would Ms. Collin’s continue searching for her son? I am aware that in many cases where a child is gone missing, the parent/s continue to harbor a hope of life in the absence of a body or proof of death. However, the scenes in this movie regarding the telegram that Northcott sends to Ms. Collins & their subsequent conversation in prison, would have made a little more sense had the mother been shown to be involved.
    I see that this was a hard story to convey on film. There are really several different stories here, which perhaps explains the lack of timing for Mrs. Northcott’s person. And, dramatically, I think that it would have shown the far more sinister truth had Eastwood chosen to show that young Arthur actually confessed to his pretense 10 days before Ms. Collins was released from the mental institution. Definetely before her public fight against the LAPD.
    As a single Mother of an only son, i can well imagine the anguish & terror experienced by this woman. Regarding Ms. Jolie’s portrayal of her, while i felt that she did a stellar job, i felt that she was TOO restrained. She bowed down too much to an obvious insanity. i am also aware that it is because of women like her that i now have the freedom to think so. That from a 21st century perspective, i would have torn heads off had the police dared to do such a mad act. How sad, that i would probably face a similar fate, so many “evolved” years later. i appreciate that she repeatedly states throughout the film that none of any of what is going on is relevant to her, only that the focus is not on finding her son. That is a true mother’s response.
    As to Ms. Jolie, and her lips…seriously? You all found her lips distracting. Hhm. Well, i was looking where one should be looking when an actress is conveying deep emotion~her eyes. If ever any of you see this movie again, try looking there. For it is in her eyes that that you see the focused, varied emotions that she so wonderfully gives. But, like i said, i would have been tearing shit up if the cops gave me a new son to “try out” while my own was still missing.
    Finally, as to the casting of Ms. Jolie, noted not because of all of the preceding derogatory comments, but only on having seen the pictures of the real Christine Collins. While i feel that she did an amazing job as far as acting goes, considering what the real woman looked like, a more homely appearance by Ms. Jolie or a more homely actress would have been more true to life and honorable. But, this IS hollywood, right?

  269. Rebekah said,

    p.s. i must agree with Mr. Patrick above regarding the score. It was trite & boring & affected the whole tone of the film. Considering the nature of the story, something simple yet poignant would have been good. A little Philip Glass?

  270. Lisa said,

    I just watched the movie as well, and I think they did a great job. However it’s horrible that she lost her son and how sick people can be. I think alot of corruption still goes on today and it’s up to us all to question things, not just be like some of those people were an just go along with what the police say or doctors say. Because as you see they were all corrupt. I hope where ever Christina and Walter are their at peace an with each other :)…..An yes A.J is very beautiful an her lips are distracting.

  271. Eileen said,

    The one thing that really amazes me about this whole story is that it took such a long time for it to be told in our present day and age. I know that it has only been 80 yrs since Walter Collins went missing and was murdered but I also believe that she was tormented by not knowing if he actually did die on that fateful night or not. I wonder how many bodies or sets or bones were actually recovered from that farm. I don’t think that everyperson or body was completely identified though. I also wonder if she ever had any other children before she died. Probably not but if she did there would be descendents left to try and preserve Chrisitine and Walters memories. I am sure that she finally accepted it at one point late in her life that he son had not survived out on that ranch. I also had a really tough time watching the movie the first time and even the second time. It was just really tough to see her being subject to such awful treatment when she clearly just wanted to find her son like any other mother would wish to do. The cops only treated her the way that they did because she was on her own. Had she had a husband to stand by her side things probably would have been entirely different. The other couple that got thier son back at the end of the film were very fortunate and didn’t have to go thru nowhere near the type of trauma added on top of trauma that she did. I just hope that she was able to get some sort of closure before she died.

  272. Eileen said,

    I am sure that if there wasn’t a book before now that there will be one some time in the future. I would just like to know more about her and how the rest of her life unfolded. I also wonder what happened with her husband?? Did he ever finish doing the time that he was made to do and were they ever together again? It never even mentions him in the movie so it is a total voided subject. I would like to have known how his father felt about his son dying and what he dealt with. I am sure that he had his own feelings about the whole thing as well and it would just be interesting to know what that was.

  273. Robin said,

    Just watched the movie and thought it was fantastic! I am still in shock at how this could be true by what Christine went through. I did some research and would have also liked to have seen Northcott’s mother. That would have cleared up some gaps for me because I just couldn’t see only Northcott and Sanford living at that ranch. Also mention of abuse would have made it make more sense. Before I knew of the abuse, I kept wondering why would Northcott abduct boys just to ax them to death. I was hoping for closure regarding Walter and had the utmost sympathy for Christine. Through research, I did find that Sanford served 23 months and then lived a very productive life. I was glad to get closure on him because that was another hole.
    I think Clint Eastwood did a wonderful job bringing this to the screen and I thought Angelina portrayed her role excellently. I was not distracted by her lips or anything else just what was going on in the movie.

  274. katie said,


  275. katie said,


  276. amazie said,

    Greetings. I can understand why you picture Christine Collins, played by Angelina Jolie, in Changeling, as a screaming, hysterical woman. It’s your opinion, and I respect it. Though I can’t help but disagree with it. I believe that Angelina Jolie played Christine Collins, maybe not as a Saint or perfect woman, but still as a strong, determined woman. She can sometimes be somewhat irrational, but I don’t think she was portrayed as hysterical or screaming. I saw the trailer of the movie, I understand how you can picture Christine Collins as a screaming woman, but, believe me when I say she is played with fierce passion. The real Christine Collins can rest in peace…. May God bless her soul.

  277. Kai said,

    I just watched this movie for the first time. The story is so touching I found myself on the net researching the real life Mrs. Collins! I believe the movie was done very tastefully! In my opinion, AJ did a wonderful job!! I felt her strong emotions of being a mother desperately searching for the truth about her son whereabouts! I never noticed that she had on “too much eye shadow”!! The acting was so awesome, the smaller things were unseen by my eyes. KUDOS to all invlove with this film. I just found it unfortunate that she never found the truth out about her son!

  278. pat said,


  279. William Mason said,

    This is a great movie.

    Clint Eastwood is a genius. Ms. Jolie is a treasure.
    Yes her beauty is a distraction but she is so good in the role it doesn’t matter.

    What strikes me is how little things have changed since 1928.

    We still have the pedophiles who are inexplicitly allowed back into society after they are jailed all to briefly—like the character Gordon.

    Most police agencies are honest and hardworking at a very dangerous job—but their are still many incidents of bullying and ineptness, as portrayed in the film—the police worrying more about how they are portrayed than finding truth and justice.

    The newspaper and internet headlines yesterday made reference to a man convicted of murder and rape , where DNA now proved his innocence.
    He did 26 terrible years in prison. He claims the police beat him into a confession when he was an adolescent.

    Many residents of the LA area claim that the local police and government haven’t changed a bit since the time of the “chicken coop” murders this movie was based on.

    I hope that’s not true.

    I’m sure we can do better.

    I can only be enormously impressed with the real life Christine Collins.

    If only we could all have her stregnth and perseverance!

  280. Pat said,

    Not only was this movie about a very brave, determined woman, it was about the corruption that was rampid in the LAPD during that decade and the next. The movie “L.A. Confidential” dealt with further LAPD corruption. I remember as a kid in the 1940’s and 50’s, newspaper articles about just this situation.

    My Dad also related stories he’d heard from his cousin who was in the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department about this corruption during that era. But, I’m now 70 and can’t remember precisely what I was told, just that I recall it occurred.

    I saw Christine Collins’ portrayal in the movie as a very determined woman. I didn’t see her being a whimp at all. Based on this protrayal, I’m not sure I’d hold up as well if I had similar circumstances. I’m not a big fan of Jolie, but thought this was one of her better performances.

    Having been born in the late 1930’s, I can attest that the attire in the film is pretty accurate for the working middle class.

    I’d seen the movie on TV; however, today I bought the DVD wanting to see the “extra info” contained on the disc.

  281. Dee-Dee said,

    I recently watched this film and found the character protrayed by Angelina Jolie to be extremely brave in that she faced a very corrupt Police force and did not back down. She, meaning Mrs. Christine Collins stood by her belief that the boy returned to her was not her son and that her son Walter was still out there waiting to be found. However, I disagree with your point in that the film did not make her seem like a hysterial crying woman, it made her seem strong in her convictions and beliefs. It exposed the corruption of the police force and it’s leadership. Furthermore, if the depression started in 1929 and her son went missing in 1928, she did suffer through the depression, maybe not as some did but she nonetheless lived through the depression.
    All in all I thought is was a good film and protrayed Mrs. Collins in a positive light in exposing and bringing about change for the better.

  282. Rachel said,

    I thought Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie did a great job in portraying this woman’s story. Some of the scenes, where she yells and cries out could have been something added in just to show what Christine Collins was feeling. While she was taking care of that boy the police brought her, there weren’t people in her house looking at her while she was going through what she was going through. They could be like ‘behind the scenes’ moments. In the public, she had to be strong. She couldn’t have broken down and cried in front of the press and the public while she was trying to get her point across. If I was in Christine Collins place, I would probably have acted that way in my house. That doesn’t change anything about her brave persona. I’d say with everything going on (Her son missing, the L.A.P.D mistreating her, the depression) that her yelling and crying is completely understandable.

    After everything that happened to her, it’s amazing that she was able to stay that strong. A few break downs don’t change anything.

    When I saw the movie, I thought Angelina Jolie’s performance was very powerful. In my opinion, when she cried out, yelling, it just showed me how determined she was in finding her son. I really didn’t see it as being weak. Showing your emotions does not make you weak. She had to fight so much and that can be hard on anyone.

    What happened to those boys is truly terrible..
    How could people have become THAT screwed up in the head. I mean, they were only children.

  283. Rachel said,

    After I posted, I went and read something about the case. Apparently, before Mrs.Collins was released from the Psychiatric Ward, the boy, Arthur Hutchins, who pretended to be Walter Collins, confessed that he wasn’t her son. Afterwards she was released from the Ward. In the movie, he confessed after she was released. That changes a big part of the movie version of the story, because that would have been the part that proved she wasn’t crazy.

    I can’t say truthfully that this is true, because you can’t believe everything you read online. But the site I read this from seemed reliable.

  284. Rachel said,

    And, there was also the fact that the killer’s mother was apparently involved with the murders as well.

  285. april said,

    sorry… i just read that…
    correction: the awards were in 1935, but it was a 1934 movie…

  286. Michael Verzeilberg said,

    When i heard about this movie i wanted to see it directly
    because i heard that its a movie was about the 1920’s 30’s!!
    with AJ inspiring i was amazed how good she was in this movie
    she is a perfect actress with al the emotions skills in her
    i needed to cry in this movie i find it a very strong movie with a
    very good sentence and i have a deep respect
    for Christine Collins !! AJ played her perfectly
    and she not over done it !! i think miss Collins
    wasn’t made out of stone!! she was a human
    that was very strong intelligent and ”accept it” also
    broken with pain and FEELINGS

    i find this a very good movie and i shall recommend it to all!!.

  287. steve said,

    thats is a incredible history, is so sad all the suffering of that woman

  288. Mary said,

    I just watched this move on Cinemax. It is superb. I cried, especially during the scene where Christine is in her son’s room. She sits on his bed and holds his teddy bear and then breaks down. Only someone who has lost a child can fully understand that scene.

    I lost a child, a daughter 21-years ago. I once went into her room and held her baby doll and cried the exact words “I want my daughter back.” I then collapsed on the floor sobbing. I remember that to this day. It is something a mother never forgets. For that moment when I was watching the move, the character of Christine Collins was me. It is something you never get over no matter how many years go by and no matter what the circumstances of the loss are and were.

    Christine Collins was strong and she was also human. Just because she may not have put on a public display of grief, etc. doesn’t mean she didn’t hurt and cry when alone.

    • Stephanie said,

      I got a lump in my throat when I read this comment. I can see how you would have related so deeply to this movie, and I agree completely that just because she didn’t publicly show her grief, doesn’t mean she didn’t hold much of it in.

  289. Sam said,

    wow…..i saw the complete opposite….i watched the movie without never hearing of this case and i saw Christine as a pretty strong and brave women… me they never made her seem weak in any way.

  290. Stephanie said,

    I have this movie and love it. I am doing a paper on it in my theory class but have yet to decide exactly what the focus will be. I would like to focus on the gender roles in the story, and society’s bounds on women during that period. The psychopathic ward scenes are especially relevant for this. I haven’t coined my theorist that I will be using yet, but am hoping a meeting with the professor will clear things up a bit.

    In any case this is a fabulous movie- I cried the first time I saw it. I am a fan of Angelina and think this is one of her best works. She is fantastic in it and I don’t think for a minute she came off as a “hysterical, screaming drama queen.” I too, like many of the rest of you spent a lot of time staring at AJ’s lips, but I don’t think it retracted from the story at all. And anyway, how can you not stare at her? She has a classic beauty about her, and if anything I think it added to her portrayal, regardless of what the real Christine Collins looked like. I was totally absorbed into the character, and kudos to Clint Eastwood and Angie for making this movie, since without it, I don’t think I ever would have heard of Christine and Walter Collins or the Chicken Coop Murders. It’s nice when a film comes along that reminds us of events that have sort of fallen off the radar.

    Bottom Line: Fabulous movie. It could of won an Oscar but our Kate Winslet was long overdue for that honor.

  291. Sam said,

    I prefer movies based on fact & knew this one would be good bc of CE. I was not disappointed! I chose to focus on the story, not AJ or other distractions. As a mom, I would’ve been hysterical at trying to find my child. The police were so bent on MAKING Ms. Collins take that child for their own self-righteous reasons, that she felt helpless. There was no real closure for her, even tho (in reality) the killer’s mother admitted killing little Walter. Did they hang her too? Should have! She was no different than others like Ma Barker, etc. Too bad they don’t hang killers now too. Prisons are too easy on these scumbags.

  292. tee said,

    I am not a Jolie fan, but felt compelled to see the film because of the historic content. The review read by this blogger was, to be frank, a review from which the reviewer was wearing blinders during the film. what struck me most about the film was how easy it seemed in 1928 for women to be dismissed. someone posted earlier that a woman would certainly know her own child after six months… I tell you, any mother worth her salt would know their own child six YEARS later! Great movie… very sad story… may God see to it that nothing like that ever happens again.

  293. Bonnie Ann Baker said,

    I finally got to watch the movie last night. Among other things, I was impressed by the computer graphics utilized to depict Los Angeles in the 1920’s. I grew up in LA and the movie brough back memories of travel on the Red Line. Unfortunately, it was subsequently dismantled due to the dictates of the oil companies, an ongoing political problem which still exists today. I thought Angelina Jolie was wonderful. I can’t believe anyone would complain about her lips being distracting, such trivia. Angelia is a wonderful person, with great acting skills and it’s not her fault she was born with beautiful lips.

  294. Bob A. Booey said,

    Fantastic movie. Very interesting story and subject.

    What a fine job Eastwood did with this film.

  295. smile said,

    “Changeling” this is one of the best movie of 2008!
    it was chilling! i’ve actually did a research after watching the film and found out Christine collins did not find her son, ever (like most ppl here found out). i can’t believed the LAPD really treated WOMEN sternly back then. it’s outrageous. I’m just pondering how in the world would i ever survive if i was living in that period (1928).
    It’s horrifying to think the authorities can be so unjustify. Thanks to the supreme/civil courts and juries who convicted those pedophiles!

  296. Tina said,

    I saw the movie last night, and thought Jolie did a fantastic job. She portrayed Christine Collins as a professional woman who was well spoken and intelligent. I don’t think she portrayed anything else. She acted as any Mother would act if their child went missing. I think the movie was directed well, and portrayed most of the facts. It was fantastic & kept my attention, which is hard at 10pm. 🙂

  297. Diane said,

    This movie has sent me to google, looking for any and all information. Everything I read, there are new twists and turns in this story. Also, there are so many conflicting facts, such as, the mother of Gorden, the monster, was his grandmother. Also, I seem to remember that Christine, in the movie referred to a husband, but I have read that he was in Folsom prison when this took place. So, really, I think the facts were sorted out to make sense in the time that the movie runs. BUT, AJ’s lips kept me watching as one would watch a big wart on a witch’s nose. Sorry, but it was so distracting, although her acting was better then i thought it would be in this setting.

  298. Terra said,

    It also says on wikipedia that Sanfrod’s mom, Sarah, was the actual one who killed Walter Collins, she admitted to it. And was sentence to life in prison, but after 12 years she was released on parole and died in 1944. Also Gordon Northcott, had fled with PERMISSION from Sanford’s mom to leave Canada, and bring him to America, Gordon was already a U.S. citizen. Gordon and Sanford’s mom, together, kidnapped all some boys, and Gordon sexually molested them, and also sexually molested and beat Sanford. Sarah and Gordon Northcott had admitted to murdering Lewis and Nelson Winslow, Walter Collins, and an unidentified mexican boy, known as the “headless mexican”. Only some parts of the murdered Winslows were found, but no trace of Walter Collins was ever found, or the mexican boy.

  299. Candice said,

    I’ve seen “the changling” several times and there were very few senes where Jolie looses herself, and most of those senes where her in her own home. She was well spoken and dignafied when she spoke with the ‘men of authority’. Nothing about Jolie’s performance or Terntino’s work was in anyway demeaning or shameful of Christine Collins. They told her story and the story of the LAPD beautifully. The time period was not misrepresented at all. In the movie they say several time the exact day that Walter Collins went missing. I also don’t understand why you think they represented her class in society. They show her working her job and advancing and living in a middle class home. A magnificant job was done by all in the making of this movie. Kudos to all involved.

  300. Kisaledev said,

    I saw the Changeling and thought Christine Collins was very brave and strong, as depicted by Angelina Jolie.

    In the film Christine wore very nice clothes and I wondered how she was ble to afford such.

    The movie was great! I was curious to find out more about the Collins case and Christine. She is a pioneer!

  301. James said,

    I saw this movie on cable last night – my second viewing of it. I very much enjoy ‘period’ movies and paid special attention to clothing, set decoration, automobiles, etc during this viewing. I thought it was amazing how accurate everything looked. AJ is one of those actresses that, when dressed in the garb of the 1920’s, looks amazingly autentic. (Another actress that comes to mind is Maggie Gylenhall). I don’t think just any actress can pull this look off. The kitchen and other parts of her house were very interesting to me as I lived in a home built in 1928. (Although the kitchen was updated, the original doors and hardware were left intact.)
    I also liked the ties, suits, hats that the men were wearing. I noticed at the end of the movie when she was going to the police station (1935), her clothing and hat had changed styles (since 1928) somewhat, just as it should have. The phone company was very interesting as well – the rollerskating was something I didn’t expect!
    Guess this all explains why I like Mad Men for the same reasons.

  302. Mom said,

    After watching the movie “The Changeling,” I see very few discrepancies in what you have written and what was portrayed in the film. Even the calmest, most grounded and guarded human would surely display some emotion and distress under the circumstances of Ms. Collins ordeal.

  303. Rachel said,

    I cant believe that anyone was distracted by her lips!!!! HAHA They did a great job of making her look plain!!! Her lips were red but they didnt look overly big like they usually do! The red looks old fashion as they wer suppose to! Her body with all those clothes looked like a board with clothes hung on it! I think they did a great job making Angelina look like Christine Collins!!!!

  304. Cindy said,

    I’ve seen changeling and I must say that I think it’s a really good movie. Angelina did a good job portraying a mother who’s son went missing. I understand that you think of Christine Collins as a strong and brave woman, and I think she is too. But I also think that Angelina looked brave and strong in the movie. I’m pretty sure the real Christine Collins would have screamed and cried after knowing that her sun went missing and also when the police tried to force a different boy litterly down her throat. Any mother, any strong standing female, would break down in tears when something horrible as that happens to you.
    I think the movie is really good, and I would recommend it to everyone.

  305. Eve said,

    I just got done watching this movie for a 2nd time. Wonderful movie. Great acting. Very Moving & Heartbreaking Story. I found myself wishing & praying this movie wasn’t based on a true story. tho I love movies based on a true story. those are my favorite kinds of movies…to say the least. Now I find out that this movie was a true story. the first time I saw this movie, when it first came out…I don’t remember the date anymore, but it’s not important., I don’t remember if it was stated as being based on a true event or not. I just watched the DVD i got from Netflix…and after watching it, & watching the Bonus parts on the dvid, I realize it is. It’s very Heartbreaking to think this kind of thing Really Happened. L.A.’s Finest Were NOT L.A.’s Finest when this happened. NO they were Just as Corrupt as the man who stole Christines son & murdered him. All those of you who can’t get past AJ’s lips or her beauty, and can’t see the movie for what it really is, have a serious problem. AJ did a Fantastic job in this role. I could actually picture her fighting for Her children the Same Way that Christine fought for her son. ANY Mother Would Know Her Own Child, & to be Forced to Believe that a child that is Not your child, as to being your child…is WRONG! Any Parent would Know Their Child For God’s Sake! I Do Not think Mrs. Collins acted Hysterical, Crazy or Anything out of the Ordinary. If that was me, I’d have reacted the Same Way. No Parent who loves their child would stand for that kind of Abuse. I think AJ did a Fantastic job of portrying Mrs. Collins Heartbreaking story. That B@stard Northcott was not remorseful in his crimes, & He had the Nerve to cry & plead & beg for the police to “Don’t Make Me Walk So Fast, Please!” when they forced him up the stairs to be hung til death? I was like OMG, STFU You S.O.B.! then he asked someone to say a prayer for him? No Way, He Didn’t Deserve a Prayer! He deserves to Rot in Hell! I Praise Christine Collins for being So Brave & So Strong. I can’t picture Anyone playin that part Any better than AJ did. Kudos to you Angelina! I give this movie & her rold in this movie a Zillion Stars! Kudos to you also Mr. Eastwood. Great Job on this Very Sad tale of years past. I Pray if Walter was indeed murdered, that Christine was able to find some closure & some peace. this movie makes me cry everytime I watch it. my heart & soul hurt tremendously for this woman. I would’t wish this kind of pain on Anyone. I pray I never have to endure this kind of pain. 😦

  306. Heather said,

    I have only recently seen the film and I think it was pretty spot on.
    I don’t at all think that Jolie portrayed Christine Collins as weak at all.
    I think Clint and Angelina and all others involved in the making of the film have done a fantastic job.

  307. Sissy said,

    I dont believe the person who wrote tthis blog seen the same movie apparently we all did. This is one of the most heart-felt, heart-breaking I have seen. it is pretty sad that there are people like this “Gordon” and his mother still here on this earth. It sure makes you want to be with your children every SECOND of everyday just to keep them safe from EVIL people like these. I can believe the officers in that time were like this, they are still among us today. What bothers me most though is that these officers are the ones we trust in and to know that they have a COLD HEART is seriously saddening, Its scary. Are world is scary, knowing these individules could be our neihbors….. PLEASE teach your children about trust, because it’s sad to say but even trusting their uncles, or aunts could have its devastating efects. Hope I haven’t offended anyone it’s not my intention its just the way the world has as become, sometimes you can only trust your instincts, thats why God gave them to us, and as human beings we all need to realize that. God Bless our children.

  308. kim said,

    Ok, where are the answers to the important questions…. like did she ever find him for 1, 2 did they ever do DNA testing on what remains they had to familys that were missing children? I know they did not have it back then, but what about now? what about today? I understand that many of the remains are probably unuseable at this point but if even a couple of them could be identified that would be great! If they alreeady tried some new age approaches then where can I read up on them?

  309. Lucélio Garcia said,

    The film Changeling, reveals a constant sorrow by Czar with Christine Collins in 1928, events that occur unfortunately, with many people around the world. The film’s music is smooth and sublime, in contrast to the dramatic theme and the actors involved. A sad story, well told, regardless of the veracity of the events which were transcribed from court files at the time. It also shows that the maternal figure makes every effort to achieve justice. This is a great movie, divinely directed by Clint Esteawood and interpreted in a masterly way by Angelina Jolie.

  310. CARA said,


  311. Emily said,

    great movie Angelina is my favorite actress she was awsome my mom looks like her

  312. Emily said,

    i’m really upset about what happend sad and great movie

  313. Samantha said,

    ALSO! Amazing movie. Amazing actors. AMAZING director! Had this movie not been made, this would have probably been forgotten.

  314. Lynne said,

    I have just watched the Changeling, and I am amazed at the comments of the main blogger, so negative. The film is great the acting is great. Such a fantastic movie

  315. DEE said,

    Who would have thought, this going on in Los Angeles in March of 1928.. I know I would never research this story at all, if not been for Clint Eastwood efforts to get the story out there. This crew did a magnificant job of a (TRUE STORY) that maybe right now still in the archives of the newspaper. I appreciate that fact that Mr. Eastwood brought it to the public’s eye. Thank you Mr. Eastwood a fine job….

  316. Christopher said,

    I watched the movie for the first time yesterday. I have spent most of my free time today devouring everything I could find on the actual events. There is little doubt that Walter was murdered. If he had escaped he would have almost certainly found his way back to his mother. This is a fascinating case.

  317. german said,

    But as a former little son, I understand this movie something different. Walter was btw. not run away the first time. And shown to no other boy sat in the car of the murderer. The women are emancipated usually just before the Depression, we will certainly do again soon. Especially for these thoughts:

    workholic mothers
    hide all men hate
    lost her sons born
    for always to late

    good time for all … 😉

  318. phil said,

    I thought I’d seen every Eastwood film (since ‘Unforgiven’ at least) but I missed this one – perhaps his greatest. This episode of American history ranks as one of the most horrific – along with the Salem witch hunts and Mcarthyism. As a hater of bureaucracy I was both appalled and enthralled at the lengths to which the authorities went to silence this remarkable woman and to polish their tawdry public image. If this had not been based on fact I would never have believed it. Eastwood has done his country, and humanity, a service in bringing this story to the fore and in treating it with reverence. Every aspect of the film was of the highest calibre and the performances were tremendous. How stupid were the LAPD to foist a child onto a mother who would not only know every hair of his head but fight to the end to get her own child back?

  319. Lise Neuenswander at Mineral MakeUp Ideas said,

    Not sure I agree with all of the comments on this site, but interesting blog post none the less. It’s been a while since I’ve visited, but great stuff as always. Do you freelance and/or write guest posts for other blogs?

  320. jhayr said,

    the story of this movie is so good so inspirational for those people who
    are like catherine that she are willing to give all of her
    to find her only son
    love the story…

  321. Megan said,

    that just makes me cry

  322. Danii said,

    OMG . . dis story is a tearfull . story when i watched it . i feel sorry for da mother . n r.i.p too her son . .

  323. Melinda said,

    Wow! Haha! I am amazed that your original post is not only still read, but still getting such a response since it dates back to Oct 2008… The one reply above mine, oh my! The previous post is basically saying you shouldn’t state your opinion when posting a blog related to your opinion of a review which again is an opinion of someone else….umm, ok and that person is embarrassed for you???

    I’m not sure people realize how much better this movie could of been, sure its not a documentary, but it is fact based…and they left a whole lot of facts out! It seems rushed and all over the place, is the movie about Mrs. Collins, her son Walter’s kidnapping/murder, the Northcotts, the LAPD? The focus should of been left on Mrs Collins, Walter and the LAPD. The court scenes are ridiculous, Gordon Northcott was never tried in the murder of Walter Collins, it was his mother who was convicted of that. Mrs. Collins sued the LAPD and Capt JJ Jones, she won a settlement that as far as I can tell was never paid. She was instrumental in changing the way women who stuck up for themselves were treated by police back then…these things were not portrayed in the movie. Furthermore, no…this movie is not a documentery, but it is fact based, the names, dates and events are real and unchanged, therefore, they should of stuck to the truths in this womans story.

    • Amber Durnez said,

      You forget that they only have at most three, read that, 3 hours to give you the general idea of the story. They hit on the most important things; the people and places involved in Ms. Collin’s story as well as the story of a state historically changed by a women and her struggle to get back the most important thing in her life! I think that they did an incredible job of putting the story out there for people like us to see and then look further into! Isn’t that all that matters? More people now know her story, as well as the story of all the corruption and change that needed and did take place in the course of her loss!

  324. FAZI said,

    I am surprised to read the original blog about the movie. The movie is remarkable and the personality of Christine Collins depicted by Angelina Jolie is quite the same as shown in the pictures above, strong personality and professional attitude. Both Clint Eastwoods directions and Angelina Jolie’s acting have done the justice to this real life story.

  325. Bailey Mcbride said,

    Well I Just Recently Saw The Movie and i, myself think that they made Angelina Jolie the same as what Christine Collins was. They made her look like a strong and detrmined woman. So i dont really know why you are so “discusted” by the movie because i thought it was great, and even though it might not have been the exact same as the real case but it still got the concept: A mother going to remarkable hieghts to prove that her son is missing.

  326. Carolyn said,

    Well-done movie, but Angelina Jolie was so bony, her appearance was somewhat distracting as great as she looked. (Did she serve Walter “frosted” cornflakes at the beginning of the movie ? And I don’t think the expression “serial killer” was used that early.) Credit should be given to Rev. G. for not backing down. I was afraid he was going to become “missing” because of the utter ruthlessness of the LAPD. Harner did a good job as Northcott. The criminal treatment of the police-connected women sent to the mental institution for speaking up was a crucial part of the move because so much injustice has been done over the years by illegal incarcertion, just to get rid of an unwanted person. Also that once evil spreads, it is like a cancer, and it takes a few people of courage who are determined that the truth be known to root it out. Good movie, esp. as it was based on a true story.

  327. kristopher said,

    the movie made me think wat if that was me in that position the movie made me sad how a little innoncent boy got killed for no reason and the mom was tryin so hard to d=get him back she was a true mom cause my mom would have done it to

  328. Yve Glasshagen said,

    Has anyone else seen the California’s Gold segment featuring the now closed former General Hospital? Because of the very unusual underground tunnels, there was significant attention placed on it’s usage and purposes. The most eerie fact about this though, was that at its center most point, the farthest away from the light of the rest of the world, was the way to the Psychopathic Ward. Even before learning about Christine Collins though, I’d shuddered to imagine how it must have been back then to be committed amongst others treated as insane maniacs and shelved away in some underground wharehouse at the end of a long endless tunnel! I doubt very much that any such people ever had nice window views of the Hospital lawns or even the sight of any exit or door to the outside world as it appeared in Changeling! I’m sure it was far worse than was depicted in the movie. Although we’ve come a long way and such places are shut down to be left as museums, it shouldn’t be assumed that we are completely evolved beyond such attitudes. It is certain there are very wrong things still going on unquestioned and openly that persist simply because too many people refuse to want to believe that anyone could be so vulnerable yet. What’s important is to not be complacent. Freedom is not guaranteed and has to be defended anytime you witness it first hand being violated, abuse or exploited.

  329. suzanne said,

    I have seen this film a few times and I really liked it
    AJ was smashing

    but as far as the real story-if they made it *** you would all puke!

    this was dowgraded and did not really show what happened to those kids that were killed
    google the real story and read for yourself
    it was a miracle anyone survivied that madman and his WIFE for God’s Sake
    over all it is my opinion Clint Eastwood placed a flashlight on the correct people
    ( LA corruption and the worthless PD)
    as for Miss Collins-may she rest in Peace and find peace and her son in the next world

  330. Daniel said,

    There are only a handful of scenes where Christine really loses it, the rest of the time she’s steely and determined and not hysterical.
    Definetely! It was a great movie and she appears as the great woman she was.

  331. Rose said,

    I think Angelina Jolie did a good job by representing Christine Collins is this movie. She was not hysterical as you portrait what happen in that movie. I think from Angelina’s representation I could really feel the pain and the despair that Miss Christine had when she lost her boy. I am just sad that she never found him. I wish that wherever she is now she is happy with her son. It was a great story and yet shocking for what the Police did to her and to the other families as well, just for election and I am pretty sure that somewhere in this Country it still happens. Great Movie and great story and for me the author of the movie tried their best to show exactly Mss Collins was an educated, hardworking, loving and patient mother and person. I did not think in a moment that she looked hysterical on that movie, but on the other hand if were her I would be way out of control and she had it all that time.

  332. chai said,

    what is the real story behind walter collins? is he really murdered by gordon?
    and what is the real cause of cristine collins death?
    i am so confused, cant even find the anwers in the internet.

    • Joan said,

      This whole story was real, and I for one am moved by Christine Collins. Many women of our generation do not even realize that we have more opportunities now because of many females who went against everything for what they believe in. Clint Eastwood did a fa nominal job and i think we all need to be reminded of the people who got us where we are now.

  333. vanessa hernandez said,

    omg… i saw d movie…. it really caught my attention… a brave woman and her big love for her son…. then i searched for them online and found their real pictures…. and it made me cry more…. how can someone kill angels like them…. 😦

  334. Led Spots said,

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  335. Jessica said,

    I’m a universtiy student who has taken many women studies classes, so I’m all about what you’re saying about her being a “strong and brave” woman as you say. I realize women are portrayed as weak and hysterical in movies all the time. Honestly though, after loosing her son of course she’s going to be a tad hysterical. What kind of mother wouldn’t be? I don’t have children yet but I can only imagine that something like that could destroy a person, no matter how strong the person is. She truly loved her son and of course she must have been devestated. As for his murderer, I hope he is in hell, anyone who could possibly do the things he did to children is sick and he does not deserve mercy.

  336. Sheet Plastic said,

    there are many new movies to watch this month, i would be going to the cinema and video rental store again ‘”-

  337. CSK said,

    While I enjoyed the movie, the only big bone to pick with it is that it it does not depict an accurate representation of Walter Collins’ fate.

    By Sanford Clark’s account, Walter was murdered because he had a prior acquaintance with Gordon Northcutt — Northcutt worked at a grocery store that Christine and Walter shopped at — and could testify against him. Sanford Clark was present and took (unwilling) part in Walter Collins’ homicide. When Northcutt realized that the police were on to him, he exhumed Collins and the two other victims’ bodies and disposed of them elsewhere.

    The only fact is that Christine Collins — despite partial evidence that her son’s remains had been buried on Northcutt’s property — continued to believe that her son was alive. Where the film goes wrong (because films are made for artistic metaphor and for profit, not to strictly present facts) is that it provides the potential for a happy ending, when in reality a strong minded, sensible, courageous woman who had been treated terribly by several members of the LAPD held to the untenable belief that her murdered son was alive somewhere. There are many cases of similar behavior from the families of missing (and presumed deceased) people — the Johnny Gosch case is a tragic parallel.

  338. Kitkat said,

    I went to see this film at the cinema when it came out and I have just watched it for a second time over a year later and OMG it is still amazing. AJ portrayed the part very well. Like others have said, I would love to know “the truth” as to Walter’s ending and would hope that some day forensic testing can be done.
    It has been stated on here that Christine has passed, and I hope that she can now rest in peace, with her heroic son (assuming he has also passed).

  339. Belinda said,

    AJ is strong in the movie. I admired her. That’s why I’ve looked the real CC up – because of the good performance. Disappointed to see it all described as badly directed hysteria.

  340. Jerusha said,

    I am watching the movie as I write, and I must say this is probably one of AJ’s best performance as an actress. I actually feel like I am experiencing art! It is true that not every fact is completely correct, but that’s never a movie’s primary purpose. The story is a heart-breaking one.

  341. heba said,

    really i am crying now from the movie because its a true story

  342. jaala said,

    i think this story is so dramatic and i came to admire Christine Collins..

  343. maria said,

    I just watched the movie and it was exciting and I just read seems to make sense because as a woman could face even more with the police that era could only be strong in all directions.
    only met her story because of the movie and it was very helpful. We must understand that violence occurs now and very dramatically, but also occurred at that time but the people did not know because they only took the press to publish what was your interest!

  344. Graham said,

    I watched the DVD last night, and I thought it was well directed by Eastwood. Jolie played the part very well, certainly not a “hysterical and screaming” woman.

  345. mel said,

    Hello. I have just seen the film tonight; I read your report on the real story – and have not read all the comments, as there are too many – but if you had not seen the film when you researched this and were relying on reviews, the irony is that everything you cite in your report is reflected very well in the film – and not what you say the reviews observe or may have picked up from short clips. I found the film exceptional. I also appreciated your blog and photos – thank you.

    p.s. Another anachronism discovered on imdb is that electric shock therapy was not invented for humans until 1937.

  346. Julie Youngman said,

    I have just for the very first time watched “Changeling” on DVD after viewing the movie itself and the “extras” my first point of call was my search engine in order to discover more about the woman herself. One of the first things I have come across is your blog and it’s critique of the movie in question.

    I do feel that your points were not valid – particularly it’s period setting and the mindset/personality of Christine Collins herself.

    In the movie it is abundantly clear that the events which set up the whole thing take place in 1928 later we do arrive in the depression era but not until very very late within the movie. So, the film-makers/screen writer are not disputing the timeline of events.

    Furthermore you seem to criticise Ms Jolie’s portrayal of Mrs Collins, right off the bat. My impressions of this woman that was communicated to me via Jolie’s performance (for want of a better word) were of a Mother who desperately adored her child and longed for his safe return, who fought so damn hard against the powers that be, she would never give up, even whilst “trapped” by a corrupt police force. At no time did I ever view Jolie’s portrayal as “hysterical” she was embracing the role of a Mother brutally seperated from her child. I see no reason to criticise the way she acted at all.

    Mrs Collin’s story is powerful, in turn so is the cinematic portrayal to.I do wonder if you have ever yet watched this movie? If not then please do.

  347. Naama Yavor said,

    The movie portrays Mrs. Collins as a woman of great dignity, and, in fact, just how you descibe her to have been in reality.

  348. Peter said,

    Thanks for the blog opportunity on a great movie. Some interesting liberties were taken in the name of efficient movie making. Some things were also omitted which make the story even more compelling. EG:

    1. Christine was not a single mother. Her husband was in jail for armed robbery at the time, which may go someway to explaining why the police were so antagonistic towards her. At first it was believed by them that Walter was abducted by criminals associated with his father. This was not mentioned in the movie.

    2. Gordon Northcott’s mother, Sarah, was arrested at the same time as her son and was convicted of the murder of Walter Collins. Gordon Northcott was never charged with his murder. Did Christine Collins ever go the see Sarah Northcott in regards to what happened to her son? It is a pity that Sarah was totally omitted from the movie.

    3. Police had ample forensic evidence that Walter had been murdered at the Chicken Coop and most of his remains dissolved in lime. Gordon Northcott had dug up removed several bodies when he realized the police were onto him but still left parts of at the ranch. Christine chose not to accept this evidence as proof of her son’s death.

    4. Captain JJ Jones got Arthur Hutchings to confess that he was impersonating Walter while Christine was interred at the asylum. She was released 10 days later. Arthur impersonated Walter in order to go to California to see Tom Mix as mentioned in the movie. Christine Collins was a civil law suit against Jones and was awarded $10,000. He never paid her the money.

  349. Bill said,

    I enjoyed the movie; it brought to light a little-known hero, sans -“ine.” I find it interesting that in defending the real person, it is assumed that she never became emotional, or could – should – prevent tears of rage. I interpreted the movie character as an extremely strong and determined woman, hell-bent on not allowing herself to be emotionally manipulated, but stalwartly fighting against irrepressible authority figures, those acting unconstitutionally under the auspices of an ill-informed citizenry.

    To assume that she never screamed or cried is to assume that all written accounts are accurate, and discounts reporters’ taboos of the era. To further assume that screaming and crying are related to weakness and dramatics, rather than rage and frustration, is to make the same sexist associations of 1928, largely responsible for the injustices suffered by Ms. Collins in her quest for truth. When this woman stood her ground against those in power, she was forging new implements of control; this intelligent and strong person likely resorted to any means available, to find her child.

    To assume that when the movie depicts a lesser confrontation than would be shown in the 21st century, when she is being presented with the wrong child, or to assume she never had moments questioning her judgement while not accepting the loss of her child, is weakness, is to attempt to remove her from her reality of the times, and from humanity. I believe her emotional strength was to overcome those challenges, and not in an existence of self-denial.

    I thank all those who contributed to the making of this film, in telling the story so well.

  350. Holger said,

    I just saw the movie and can only say,
    great respect for this movie.
    From Germany

  351. LB said,

    I watched this movie and found it very disturbing that a police force could be so corrupt I can’t imagine how Christine Collins dealt with the trauma of losing her son and the police telling her she should be grateful when they returned her “son” to her.
    I think it would have been a better film if Gordon Northcott’s mother Sarah Northcott had been portrayed in the film as I feel from what I have read so far that she played a large part in what happened on the farm and she was convicted of the murder of Walter Collins even though his body was never found
    Angelina Jolie was perfect in the role as Christine I found her performance was from the heart and exactly how a mother would feel about the loss of her child AJ did not portray her as a “hysterical, screaming and crying drama-queen” as you state maybe you should watch the whole movie instead of clips and you will see the determination not to be put in her place really shone through and Clint Eastwood’s direction was superb, like others who responded to this blog I wanted to find out more about the case and whether Christine was reunited with her son as the film left that part of the story up in the air but maybe that’s just me wishing

  352. Diana rodriguez said,

    This story is the saddest one ive heard these whole19 years ibe been alive:( i cannot believe this,hes out there somewhere! May GOD be with you little walter:’m(

  353. Michael Kubli said,

    That may be true, but you must remember that its a film and films tend to always go over the top to keep the public attracted, and are rarely realistic or by the book..

  354. Tom (Tommy) said,

    I appreciate your analysis, but I don’t know what you’re arguing against. The portrayal of Christine Collins in the film Changling was sympathetic, dignified and above all human. Of course she was destroyed by the disappearance and subsequent murder of her son. I’m sure if Collins was alive today she would agree with how she was portrayed.

  355. M.L. Saavedra said,

    I just watched the movie tonight, it was heart-breaking as it was heart-warming. I believe Clint Eastwood and specially Angelina Jolie did a perfect job. I’m a mother with 1 son, strong and professional at that, the portrayal of Angie was as real as it can be.

  356. Natasha said,

    was Walter Collins ever found? Or does anyone know what happend to him in later year?

  357. Prggy Cassidy said,

    i never saw the movie, yer tghe author of this Siute says someting like “How dare Clint eastwood portray her to be—etc that is what is called ARTISTIC LICENSE. To make a movie interesting, make it so people want to go, they’ll do that. A lot of directors do that. usually a movie will say that it is loosely based on a Story.

  358. Walt Stickel said,

    In summary of the above comments, I think the movie was done in VERY superb manner. Your review is not what I seen in the movie. The movie was a compliment to Christine Collins. She was a Very courageous Lady and I feel the movie brought this out.

  359. Yolanda said,

    Well u guys hav said it all “how xtreamly heartfelt d storry was,what a great movie z made” n so on bt like most of u i cudnt help bt add my opinion aswell,m a single mother n i dont thnk i wud hav bin able 2 b d way Mrs Collins was if i had 2 loose my son,she trully was an incredibly strong women n way d good soul n Walters rest in peace as 4 d LAPD dat wronged her n d Gorden’s soul rot in hell bt God thank u 4 d little boy who told d truth in d end,may d Lord hav mercy on him.***Rudie babe***

  360. said,

    this film was a bit much for me found it hard to watch…then to no it was true made it worse! great film an was done well just upsetting at times!

  361. catsndogz said,

    I’m not sure what movie you watched but it wasn’t the same as mine. Mrs Collins was portrayed with dignity and strength. She was in shock, kept her composure and fought back at all appropriate times. You are picking lint when you argue about the year… 1928 is just before the Depression therefore it is in Depression times. This was a well written, well directed and well acted film. Difficult to watch because of the subject matter, especially if you are a mother but it was well done. I feel that Mrs Collins was portrayed with honor.

  362. joe pelikan said,

    I would like to add to the author that the story is not a biographically detailed movie ……a biographical movie would be detailed on all events in the life and history concerning the movie…..but as the movie clearly states at the end….It is “BASED” upon true events. that doesn’t imply that everything will be completely factual……it just implies that the story is based upon the the story line. Only a true biographical movie would state “ALL EVENTS THAT OCCURRED IN THIS MOVIE ARE TRUE”……but the movie didn’t say it…which means…the movie is not held to the whole truth concerning all the events. there is some factual information they do give at the end about her still looking for her child….and the firing of the captain and so on. but not everything in the movie required everything to be fact.

  363. M N Momen said,

    Changeling true story movie of America gives me a true picture of old days in America, which made me surprised other hand didn’t upset me much, because all over the world not in a day civilized the country.

    Now my main point of view that what I watched in this movie 84 years ago, how American police (either LAPD or what) were corrupt? After 84 years today of American police can’t think of it. But I am speaking from Bangladesh same or 180 degree more our police corrupt, so where we stand on the earth in these days of civilization. Though lastly I would say, our police could round about turn from this corruption if the govt. really want it, but they don’t!!!! Rather people suffering and influentials beneficiary even he is guilty like Northcott or whatever.

    For last 20 (since 1991) 2 women are our Prime Minister, everyday 2,3,4-5 womens are killing by her husband, nothing prevention or protection.

    We are really ill fated in this days we couldn’t going thru real democracy or real freedom.

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  366. Tf said,

    Very interesting and well written. I also have been wondering, with all the strides in DNA nowdays, why havent tests been done on the remains to prove once and for all if any of the remains were Walter’s and the twin boys. I read the Wikipedia version and LA Times and while I know there are many rumors and theories they all state that Walter was murdered by Northcott even though they had no evidence (tested that is). It leads me to wonder if they just didnt want to have to deal with it because o the gruesomness, or if they found more evidence that they didnt want to share. According to the Reports they found items belonging to the twins but not sure about others. I agree with one poster who asked why they never asked Sanford about Walter and if there were any boys that escaped and were brought back to the farm, instead the only thing they asked him was if his grandmother (Northcotts mother) should be paroled or not. I have to think that perhaps that never happened and it was only for dramatic effect and leaving the moviegoer guessing which I think stinks. Sure Walter was most likely murdered by Northcott, but it could also be a coincidence and he wandered away and fell down a well and nobody would know how or where to find him. Poor Christine, she deserved better than to be treated the way she was but I cant blame her for keeping her hope alive. I would probably do the same thing.

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  372. P31 Woman said,

    Just finished watching The Changeling and was hoping that Christine’s prayer had been answered, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. The acting was portrayed in a simple and basic way without losing itself in too much emotionalism.
    I just hope Christine is now at peace!

  373. Blah blah blah said,

    Who cares lol get a life

  374. Lottie webb said,

    I’ve watched this movie many times and I must say, I can in no way see how anyone can say she was portrayed in this film as a hysterical,screaming and crying drama-queen by anyone including Angelina Jolie. To dishonor her (Christine’s) memory would have to never read her story or made the move. She was brave no doubt however any mother with a missing child regardless of how strong one may think she is will be human and collapse under stress. I don’t get why you are thinking she has been portrayed as weak, or a drama queen. These statements are way off base, the movie was well done!

  375. Geralddari said,

    Жесть! давненько такого прогона не слышал

  376. shing sp said,

    Any idea y Walter n other kids were killed by Louisa n nordon??

  377. art lesson said,

    The movie never covered the involvement of Nothcott’s mother.

  378. mj said,

    I just saw the movie again because on one of my internet wonderings i ended reading all about Gordon Northcott crimes. First of all, it shocked me his age, just 22 when all those “acts” happened.
    On the film:
    a) It was a director decission to make AJ look like AJ, it makes the movie sell better (love her in this role btw)

    b) they probably didnt put the part of Gordons mother because it was too horrible (SHE was the ONE with the idea of KILLING the kids, because she didnt want her pedophille son to go to jail as they could recognize him)

    c)Unfornately by the time Arthur (the impostor child/runaway) arrived to L.A. Gordon had already been killed by the Northcotts 😦 his remains were never found (his mother kept looking for him till her dead in 1961)

  379. kyle said,

    from everything you stated, the movie represented her very accurately. Have you seen the film?

  380. jordan frazier said,

    personally i think angelina jolie portrayed a great job of Mrs.collins i mean common sense would cause any person in that state of mind to have a few breakdowns in a situation like that im sure youd have way more than 2 if you were her. and being put in a psychiatric institution most definitely caused an even more run on the emotional physical and without a doubt mental outlook on her overall mindset being she was there for almost 7months straight!

    “3) At the time of Walter’s disappearance, Ms. Collins’ ex-husband was in jail for his involvement in running a speak-easy.”

    all of your claims are inevident because not only does the movie infact state them and you’re just stating your own opinion against it. but also if you did more research you’d know this “fact” is actually false. much research has confirmed she DID NOT divorce her husband so not ex (plus back during this time anyways divorce was more than uncommon but highly unlikely like LESS than a 20% chance). Plus her passing in 1935 confirms her husband was still married to her when the search for there son was also amongst the prisoners of the state prison that said it was no surprise her HUSBAND thought one of the inmates had to do with his sons unidentified murder being that he had many enemies there for being a person to state the inmates infractures and cause himself to get in trouble for his mouth basically. and her husband was in not for a running speakeasy BUT FOR ROBBERY.

  381. Angela said,

    OK I’m just saying, but how would you know for a fact how Christine really acted in real life when her son went missing? You were not there so how can you say what Clint Eastwood and Angie dishonored this woman? She very well could have reacted that way in real life nobody knows but the people who were around her not talking about the cops either!!! Her son was kidnapped and you don’t think she cried at all? I’m sure she did doesn’t matter how strong the woman was it was her son, I don’t know of any mother who would cry and do what Angie did in the movie if there son was kidnapped and killed!!! You see Angie acting like a drama queen in the movie I see a mother who demands her son back and is not putting up with the police department at that time!!! Even the strongest women in the world would react almost the same way!!! Clint Eastwood told her story and Angie did a great job, but you can’t say what they did was in any way wrong cause you don’t know how she truly acted or if she cried talking about her son to the cops and so on!!! Put yourself in Christines shoes wouldn’t you cry I would and what if she really did act like that in the movie? Who really knows!!! Nice you found pics of the real Christine and her son, but nobody truly knows how she was acting can’t believe everything you read in the archives just saying!!!

  382. Lyn said,

    I am watching the movie, “Changeling”. It is a compelling movie depicting the trials of a woman whose son was allegedly kidnapped and murdered. Her battle with the LAPD was shown well. Women in that era, even the strong ones, were still considered to be lesser beings. As for a strong, professional woman with a persona of “non affect”, it can clearly be stated that if she did not act like with “hysteria and confusion” upon facing the ordeal of a missing child and a returned child that wasn’t hers…she would not have been human. Even animal mothers protect their young with any measure possible. The movie is darkly filmed and costarring actors who have definite political views regarding certain issues. I think they did quite well, even though it is a long, drawn out movie (but then again, it must have been long and drawn out by Mrs. Collins…waiting to find out what happened to her son).

  383. real ass person said,


  384. lilly walters said,

    Maybe you should try watching the movie, its quite good and Angelina Jolie plays the part beautifully. The part calls for a bit of screaming and crying thats how a normal human reacts to losing her child, thats realistic, if she was calm and cool the whole time it wouldn’t be believable. Have you even read about the fact that she was unjustly put into a mental hospital? Im sure she didn’t stay collected the whole time, so please learn what your talking about before you say how unrealistic and stupid something is, thanks and good day

  385. TQnation said,

    Did you even watch the movie? Things you are stating about the movie are not accurate. For instance, it was the police that said the boy was starving and changed. She said he was 3″ shorter, circumsized and even had dental records and the teacher write statements. Also, just because of you reading about Christine Collins being professional at her job does not mean the woman never cried. You never met her. She lost her son for God’s sake! Many men cry when they lose a child. I do not think Angelina overdid it. She actually remained calm most of the time, especially when dealing with the police. I think your article is blasting a movie that is based on a true story and did a great job!!! I left the movie thinking Christine was an amazing woman. I am sorry you didn’t.

  386. Nina said,

    I think that you should carefully watch the movie instead of listening to “reviews” before you write a review of your own (with all due respect). Angelina Jolie did a fantastic job at portraying Christine Collins, and no where in the movie did she appear weak, nor did she let the police convince her about anything. Throughout the entire film she fiercely fights her case and refuses to let the police pass of the new boy as her son. She is in no way a damsel in distress in the film. The film also never portrays itself to be depression Era. On the contrary, it clearly states the correct years of the incidents in the film,starting with 1928. Christine Collins is also shown to have her own home, good clothes, and a good position in her job (manager I believe from what I saw), so she clearly wasn’t shown as simply “working class” in the movie, but rather she appeared to be doing well on her own. The only thing that I noticed they portrayed wrong in the film was that in the film Walter’s father is said to have left as soon as he found out Christine was pregnant and disappeared, whereas in real life his father was actually in jail. I honestly believe that you wrote this without actually watching the film first, because then you wouldn’t have put these things in your article. Please watch it and make a new review.

    • Nina said,

      To add one more thing, Angelina Jolie did not act like a drama queen. She acted like a woman who lost her son and went through hell trying to get him back. How would you react if you lost a child and got absolutely no help from the police department, and then got wronged by the very people that were supposed to help you?

  387. O'Snap said,

    First time reading this blog. And the last. Only a moron would judge an entire movie solely by its trailer, and then spout hysterical opinions based on those false assumptions. As many others have readily proven here, the blogger’s indignation is completely misplaced and all points made are incorrect. That’s a special kind of stupid. Moving on…

  388. VINOD KUMAR JAIN said,

    Hi All thanks to Client Eastwood and his team to show the real world what a Mother Hood, i really appreciation the world understands the power of Mother / Women. i am able to see this Movie – Mrs. Collins at in the Middle of Night 3am in Bangalore, India, I am really Missing my Mom. Once Thank You all for showing it in a BIG SCREEN why MOM’s are the Greatest people on this Beautiful Earth.

  389. Jennifer Shallow said,

    Just watched changeling for the second time Angelina Jolie is the most amazing actress and woman . She played the part of cristine Collins so believable again l cried all the way through . Clint Eastwood amazing actor and director takes us back in time to see how corrupt the police force was. My only wish was cristine would find her son.

  390. Kay said,

    This is the most absolute shit “article” about a film, ever. Inaccurate on all counts. The film followed true to sorry, and facts that were available. The acting was spot on, perfect. Amazingly directed. Why do you even write about films you clearly have yet to even see? You should have deleted this garbage and saved yourself the embarrassment.

    • Rhonda Smith said,

      I totally disagree with your interpretation of the film. I think Angelina was shown as a strong woman who was understandable emotional at the loss of her son.

  391. No said,

    Just because she was a “strong woman” doesn’t mean anything. Her SON was missing. It doesn’t matter what kind of woman you are, if you have a son who one day disappears, you’re going to be hysterical. Clearly you haven’t put that into thought. She did come through as strong multiple times, and personally I think Clint Eastwood did a wonderful job depicting this.

  392. antibioticsUniox said,

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  393. Mary-Anne Renée said,

    I can’t agree to the webmaster’s commentary about Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie, she made a perfect performance not at all displaying a hysterical woman. What do you think, a mother who looses her son would act without any emotional reaction? Sorry on which planet do you live on Vulkan from Star Treck or what?
    And showing the pictures of the real Christine Collins does not say anything about her emotionality: In those days all pictures looked very sober! I have seen hundreds of photos from my ancestors in the same time line – and all look very unemotionally! That was the way how pictures were made in those days.

    A wonderful piece of performance and not at all worthy of your devastating critic.

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