Menu Foods Retains Crawford and Company

April 1, 2007 at 5:33 pm (Uncategorized)

From Howl911:

In a phone call from Menu Foods, one bereaved pet parent was advised of the following:

Menu Foods has retained Crawford & Company. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Crawford & Company is the world’s largest independent provider of claims management solutions to insurance companies and self-insured entities, with a global network of more than 700 offices in 63 countries. Major service lines include:

Property and casualty claims management
Integrated claims and medical management for
workers’ compensation
Legal settlement administration, including class
action and warranty inspections
Risk management information services

Representatives of the company are placing calls to prospective claimants against Menu Foods and asking pet owners for pertinent information regarding the types of pets, foods purchased, dates, medical information and expenses incurred. The company provides the pet owner with a claim number and is notifying them to expect a claims package in the mail. It is not clear how or where Crawford and Company is obtaining the names of potential claimants.

Editor’s note: Pet parents who have joined in a class action suit or who have retained independent legal counsel are strongly advised to first consult your attorney before volunteering any information or physical materials to Crawford & Company.


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