Hill’s Science Diet: Keep the Faith

March 24, 2007 at 12:17 am (Uncategorized)

As a veterinary technician who has worked with many different veterinarians at different times over the past 23 years, I can say with certainty that Science Diet is an excellent brand of pet food (canine/feline). As stated on their website, the recall “…involves less than one half of one percent of Hill’s total product line.”

Recall information concerning Hill’s/Science Diet products

All prescription diets (c/d, i/d, r/d, w/d, etc) are safe; NONE have been affected by the recall.

All Science Diet dry foods are safe; Menu Foods does not manufacture dry food

Science Diet foods are formulated and high-quality, and provide balanced nutrition for pets. It is important at this difficult time to keep things in perspective, hard as it may be. Cooking food for one’s pet, or spending astronomical amounts of time and/or money on unfamiliar brands of pet food is not necessary. As far as I can remember, every veterinarian I have worked for has fed his or her pets Science Diet, and their pets have thrived. My two black cats have been raised on Science Diet and Iams, and have thrived for 13 years; it is only because one of my cats had some Iams wet food in recent months that he is scheduled to go to the vet on Monday.

I have absolutely no vested interests in the pet food industry, nor any reseller of Hill’s products. I have written this exclusively in the interest of pet health and nutrition and to help ease the minds of distressed owners. Some brands are indeed worth standing by, and Science Diet is one of them.

Wishing everyone wellness and good mews…please continue to spread the word!



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