Veterinarians Caught Completely Off-Guard by Recall

March 23, 2007 at 1:03 am (Uncategorized)

Vets on the Ground Get No Special Treatment in Pet Food Recall

From “Dolittler“, a veterinary blog (BlackCat Note: Emphasis Added):

It’s already been said on this blog and now I, too, will join the growing chorus of vets: Where was the heads up? Where was the newsflash warning us of the impending storm?

Where were the emails and faxes from the pet food companies? Why was no information provided to the distributors? Why were so many vets (busy reading their Journals instead of the newspaper all weekend) blasted on Monday morning without so much as a warning? Why could I not get through on the vet-dedicated lines?

As one vet I know said, “I felt so stupid coming in to work on Monday after a blissful weekend of yoga and family time knowing absolutely zero about the recall. My clients probably thought I was a horrible vet.” More at above link…


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