Famous People with Epilepsy

February 24, 2007 at 9:40 pm (Uncategorized)

Wow–I’m definitely “post-happy” tonight, it seems…

After six hours of on-and-off seizures last night (clusters), plus about two hours more this afternoon, I thought I’d post a list of famous people whose lives were affected by recurrent seizures–people who, no doubt, were also somewhat high-maintenance and occasionally needed the extra support, tolerance, and patience of someone at inconvenient times (such as in the middle of the night).

(Some) Famous People with Epilepsy:

Blaise Pascal
Sir Isaac Newton
Alfred Nobel
Vincent van Gogh
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Abraham Lincoln
Charles Dickens
Lewis Carroll
Edgar Allen Poe
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Alexander the Great
Julius Caesar
Napoleon Bonaparte
James Madison
Harriet Tubman
Joan of Arc
Saint Paul
Soren Kierkegaard
George Frederick Handel
Peter Tchaikovsky
Ludwig van Beethoven
Niccolo Paganini
Jonathan Swift
Edward Lear
Lord Byron
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Leo Tolstoy
Gustave Flaubert
Agatha Christie
Phillip K. Dick


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