“Spears” in Our Hearts…

February 21, 2007 at 1:24 am (Uncategorized)

From Democratic Underground:

The hell with Britney Spears

“Britney checks into rehab”

THIS is a headline? She shaved her head. Begging pardon, but so fucking what! Can she still walk on both legs? Did losing her hair, unlike shrapnel, cause brain damage? Her children still have a mother, (albeit children raised by nannies) and that mother still has a job. As per Nance Greggs’s post earlier, why have the priorities of American news gone down the drain? Who in their right mind can feel sympathy with this talented, albeit spoiled child-woman, when many others her age, and younger, face REAL problems? (i.e., limbs blown off, kids losing parents, parents losing their kids) Have raw statistics gone out of proportion? (300 million people mean that .001% dead in a war based on lies and obsfucation pale in importance to a pop star’s hair)

My only faith lies in the true American’s ability to ferret out the truth.


I’m in my “right mind”…

…and I feel sympathy for her.

Take it from someone who’s been there: A breakdown warranting rehab is most definitely a REAL problem. And fuck you for suggesting that it’s not!

My compassion for Britney Spears in no way lessens my compassion for the wounded troops, the starving, the motherless, and so forth. There’s plenty for all who are in need.

To claim someone is unworthy or undeserving of compassion is to reduce the humanity of that person–AND YOUR OWN. Don’t do it. It’s the first step towards becoming capable of killing.

It’s a tragedy when anyone suffers.


I have never been impressed with Britney Spears. Never even heard one of her songs. When one of her antics came to my knowledge, my eyes would roll in “Oh brother”-type disgust.

But I was compelled to respond to that post on DU the way I did because, years ago, when the supermarket magazine headlines were abuzz with Britney’s first pregnancy, I thought, “Oh shit…” I knew it then; I felt it. Too much, too soon: She’s going to crash. And crash she did.

This past weekend, for the very first time, I actually devoted conversation-time with people about Britney Spears. Because I feel for her.

She’s 25 years old. She hit super-stardom as a kid. She’s doesn’t know how to be an adult. She needed guidance and structure during her teen years but instead was thrust into pop-stardom–and thus denied the chance to properly develop the maturity necessary for a successful adult life. Her life has been overwhelming…and her life has barely begun! Too much, too soon; there was no way she was going to avoid crashing at some point.

It’s high-time show biz execs stop plucking teenagers from their homes and stunting their psychological development with big-business contracts. And it’s high-time parents get the brakes put on them when it comes to shoving their kids in the spotlight. Children do not exist to serve our narcissistic needs; rather, parents exist to meet the needs of their children. And children–and teenagers–need good parenting. They need adults who will guide them, teach them, and help them stay on track, not adults who will exploit them, market them, and make money off of them. A child is not a service-provider, and a teenager cannot make adult decisions. And no Human Being’s psyche can hold up against what Britney Spears has been put through…the gossip, the non-stop photos and scrutiny, the high-intensity, high-drama lifestyle.

I hope rehab has the positive life-changing impact for Britney Spears as it did for me. The process is Hell…

May G-d grant her rafuah shlemah–a complete healing. I wish her well.


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