A Message “From the Heart…”

January 23, 2007 at 5:33 am (Uncategorized)

So I’m on a date with a beautiful man whose last name means “from the heart of the Magi” in Persian, and he urges me to start a blog…

I study (and “do”) Tarot, using the Thoth deck; the Magus (singular of Magi) is number 1 of the Trumps suit, or Major Arcana. Angeles Arrien writes that the Magus “…represents the universal principle of communication”, and according to Gerd Ziegler, the Magus “…bears clarifying light into the darkness of ignorance and misunderstanding.” In the Thoth deck, the Magus is represented by the Greek god Mercury, the Messenger, and symbolizes “…the Will, Wisdom and the Word through which the world was created.”

I’d always felt that blogging was somewhat narcissistic…I mean, posting my thoughts and reflections on the Internet as though they had any importance seems so egotistical. Keep them to myself; share them with people who have already shown interest in me and what I have to say. He then says that there’s another way to look at it, that perhaps I have a responsibility to make my thoughts, ideas, and opinions available to others. Oh…well, in THAT case…

The mathematician Blaise Pascal once said “It is the heart which perceives God and not the reason”; I think it wise to listen to (and heed) the heart of the Magi. God is trying to tell me something: It’s time to take responsibility.

Welcome to my blog…


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